Copper- what to give a husband and wife for a copper wedding?

Accord­ing to a long tra­di­tion, the sev­en-year anniver­sary of a joint fam­i­ly life is called a “cop­per wed­ding” and this name is not with­out rea­son, because cop­per is con­sid­ered a valu­able met­al, although not noble. This is a hint that the spous­es have every chance to “grow up” before the “gold­en” wed­ding. This met­al can also be melt­ed down, as well as rela­tion­ships — changed for the bet­ter.


Cop­per- how many years did the cou­ple live togeth­er? Tra­di­tions include the num­ber “7” — a lucky num­ber. They called it cop­per because this met­al is a sym­bol of a reli­able mar­riage. The sec­ond name of the anniver­saryis woolen. After all, this is the soft­est mate­r­i­al, like the rela­tion­ship between lov­ing spous­es. And cop­per con­ducts heat well, such a trait can also be con­sid­ered a wish that com­fort and mutu­al under­stand­ing always reigned in the house.

Copper- how to celebrate?

Has a cop­per­tra­di­tion that many cou­ples fol­low. It has long been believed that their obser­vance will save the mar­riage in years to come. Since Uranus, the plan­et of sur­pris­es, patron­izes the sev­en, it is nec­es­sary to cel­e­brate this date in an unusu­al way:

  • a cou­ple who loves soli­tude — to gath­er friends and rel­a­tives;
  • home­bod­ies — get out on an inter­est­ing jour­ney;
  • con­nois­seurs of the clas­sics — vis­it a cir­cus or a pop­u­lar rock con­cert;
  • pre­pare pleas­ant sur­pris­es for each oth­er;
  • take care of a treat in the style of some non-stan­dard cui­sine.

Old­er tra­di­tions ordered spous­es to dec­o­rate their clothes with cop­per items on the day when the cop­peris cel­e­brat­ed. The man put cold weapons on his belt, and the woman sewed nick­els on her dress and tried on all kinds of jew­el­ry made of this met­al. The more ring­ing the cou­ple made, the bet­ter the fur­ther life togeth­er should have been, since it was believed that the sup­pos­ed­ly mag­i­cal chime fright­ened away all adver­si­ty.

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What to give for a copperanniversary?

The name of the­is the best rec­om­men­da­tion for choos­ing a gift, and it is extreme­ly large. What to give for a cop­per wed­ding? Tra­di­tion­al­ly, guests choose:

  • can­dle­sticks and can­dles made of cop­per, there should be 7 pieces;
  • a cop­per vase for fruits or flow­ers;
  • a box with a cop­per key;
  • cop­per samovar;
  • wool things.

Recent­ly, cou­ples pre­fer more mod­ern presents. Experts con­sid­er suit­able for such an anniver­sary:

  • orig­i­nal flash dri­ves — each of the spous­es;
  • tea or cof­fee ser­vice;
  • aquar­i­um;
  • home foun­tain;
  • pic­nic set.

What to give your wife for a copper wedding?

The hus­band must per­son­al­ly choose a gift for his wife for a cop­per wed­ding, so you should heed the advice of experts who rec­om­mend such pur­chas­es:

  • monis­to;
  • ear­rings;
  • hair­pins;
  • bracelets.

For those who would like to keep the tra­di­tion, astrologers advise choos­ing mala­chite jew­el­ry, since this gem con­tains a lot of cop­per. It is very beau­ti­ful and is often found in:

  • rings;
  • pen­dants;
  • fig­urines;
  • box­es.
what to give for a copper wedding

What to give your husband for a copper wedding?

What can be pre­sent­ed to a hus­band for a cop­peris not an easy ques­tion. After all, many men do not wear jew­el­ry. Here the sec­ond name of the sev­en-yearcomes to the res­cue — woolen. A scarf or sweater bought or per­son­al­ly knit­ted will become not only a reminder of the cel­e­brat­ed date, but also a sym­bol of fam­i­ly warmth. Wives who pre­fer the first ver­sion of the name of the anniver­sary date can choose a gift for their hus­band for a cop­per­from the fol­low­ing list:

  • orig­i­nal belt with cop­per buck­le;
  • mala­chite ash­tray or sou­venirs;
  • cop­per pot;
  • hel­met with fun­ny engrav­ing;
  • cop­per cof­fee pot.
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What do spouses give for a copper wedding?

It is also use­ful to know what is giv­en to friends for a cop­per wed­ding. With the cur­rent abun­dance of goods, it is easy to choose a gift for a cop­per wed­ding. And if you also take into account that thisan­niver­sary has two names, then it is easy to nav­i­gate by choos­ing accord­ing to your wal­let:

  • sev­en-can­dle­sticks;
  • vas­es;
  • cop­per pans;
  • ancient coins;
  • cas­kets;
  • blan­kets, scarves and sweaters.

Copper- signs

When a cop­per­knocks on the door, it is bet­ter to pre­pare in advance in order to observe all the signs. Astrologers believe that cop­per is a con­nect­ing met­al between ele­ments such as fire and water, a sym­bol of peace and har­mo­ny. This mate­r­i­al can also oxi­dize and lose its prop­er­ties, so tears on an anniver­sary, even joy­ful ones, are a bad omen and it is bet­ter to refrain from such a man­i­fes­ta­tion of emo­tions. There are two more signs that you must def­i­nite­ly adhere to on this day:

  1. Hus­band and wife should exchange cop­per rings or coins so that hap­pi­ness is ring­ing.
  2. Togeth­er, spous­es can hang a cop­per horse­shoe over the entrance as a fam­i­ly tal­is­man.

A horse­shoe is allowed to choose a dec­o­ra­tive or wood­en one. It was believed that this sym­bol takes away the neg­a­tive from every­one who cross­es the thresh­old, and leaves pros­per­i­ty in the house. It is con­sid­ered a good omen to cel­e­brate this date in an unusu­al way, so that both spous­es and guests will remem­ber it. All sorts of eccen­tric­i­ties and pleas­ant sur­pris­es are wel­come, even a mas­quer­ade with dress­ing up! The main thing is that the hol­i­day turned out to be bright and impres­sive.

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