Crystal- how many years of marriage and what is customary to give?

Since ancient times, every year for the date of the­came up with its own name. The 15-year mile­stone of liv­ing togeth­er is called the “crys­tal wed­ding”, and this choice is not acci­den­tal. Crys­tal was con­sid­ered a tal­is­man against the evil eye, a sym­bol of beau­ti­ful, pure rela­tion­ships between lov­ing peo­ple. It is dif­fi­cult to break it, so this stone is also called the key to strong rela­tion­ships.


The first ques­tion that a cou­ple of friends ask is: a crys­tal- how many years of mar­riage? A lot, as many as 15, it is not in vain that if a cou­ple has lived for so many years in har­mo­ny, then their rela­tion­ship is as strong as this semi-pre­cious stone. A crys­tal­is a very impor­tant mile­stone in fam­i­ly life, it is also called a glass wed­ding. It is believed that the tra­di­tion of namin­gan­niver­saries orig­i­nat­ed in Ger­many, where the 15th anniver­sary is called a pur­ple wed­ding. In some coun­tries, this date is called a rag wed­ding, but the “crys­tal wed­ding” is more sym­bol­ic.

How to celebrate a crystal wedding?

The peo­ple have pre­served the cus­tom of cel­e­brat­ing this hol­i­day with a large num­ber of guests. Astrologers, on the oth­er hand, rec­om­mend gath­er­ing only with the fam­i­ly cir­cle, since Sat­urn is respon­si­ble for this date, which does not like it very much when his per­son­al space is vio­lat­ed. It is not for­bid­den to call friends, it is oblig­a­tory — those who were present at the wed­ding.

Crys­tal­tra­di­tions have more ancient ones:

  • You need to break the old mir­rors to get rid of the neg­a­tiv­i­ty that this glass has absorbed over the years.
  • Guests should put only crys­tal glass­es and glass­ware on the table.
  • Young anniver­saries should break their wine glass­es at the end of the hol­i­day in order to destroy all mis­un­der­stand­ings and prob­lems with them, and the new rela­tion­ship was clean as glass.
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What do they give for a crystal wedding?

The name of thede­ter­mines the choice of gift, it has already become a tra­di­tion to give objects made of glass or crys­tal. Par­ents are advised to buy wine glass­es, glass­ware, a crys­tal vase with a bou­quet of orchids will be a good gift, these flow­ers sym­bol­ize ten­der­ness. It is easy to apply engrav­ing on glass, which will make a gift for a crys­talo­rig­i­nal. Suit­able for this:

  • ser­vices;
  • glass­es;
  • amulets;
  • dec­o­ra­tions;
  • balls;
  • glass fig­urines;
  • pic­tures with glass screen.

What to give your husband for a crystal wedding?

Spous­es should also observe tra­di­tions and exchange gifts made of crys­tal or glass. If the hus­band dreamed of some thing, you can give it by putting it in a vase. If the spouse smokes, an orig­i­nal ash­tray or cig­a­rette case inter­spersed with crys­tal will be a good gift. Choos­ing what to give your hus­band for a crys­ta­lan­niver­sary, if he is a non-smok­er, will also not be a prob­lem. Any prod­uct that includes glass is suit­able:

  • beau­ti­ful can­dle­sticks with can­dles for a roman­tic evening;
  • pic­ture under glass;
  • a bot­tle with a boat or a car inside;
  • clocks, both wrist and wall;
  • glass­es for beer, if the hus­band is a con­nois­seur of this drink.

What to give a wife for a crystal wedding?

Choos­ing a gift for a woman is much eas­i­er; you can present beau­ti­ful glass­ware or jew­el­ry. A per­fect gift would be a ring with a trans­par­ent stone: cubic zir­co­nia or a dia­mond. Orig­i­nal bou­quets have become a styl­ish mod­ern nov­el­ty, there should be 15 of them, 15 flow­ers each. If there is a prob­lem with pros­per­i­ty, it is worth focus­ing on a dif­fer­ent price qual­i­fi­ca­tion.

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What do they give a wife for a crys­tal­in this case?

  • glass box;
  • crys­tal fig­urines of lovers;
  • glass fig­urine for rings;
  • a phone stand in the shape of a glass shoe;
  • a bou­quet of flow­ers made of crys­tal;
  • per­fume in orig­i­nal bot­tle.
glass crystal wedding

What to give friends for a crystal wedding?

Before buy­ing a gift, friends should def­i­nite­ly con­sult so as not to buy the same thing. For the same rea­son, it will not be super­flu­ous to inquire about the gift of the par­ents. What do they give friends for a crys­tal wed­ding?

  • ser­vices;
  • orig­i­nal coast­ers;
  • vas­es;
  • fig­urines;
  • mir­rors.

An orig­i­nal gift will be a glass award in the shape of a heart, on which you can engrave the ini­tials of the anniver­saries, a salt lamp or a ther­mome­ter of love. You can still unite and buy a more expen­sive gift: a cof­fee table with a glass cov­er, a refrig­er­a­tor or a TV, to which you can attach a glass or crys­tal key­chain.

Crystal- signs

The most ancient belief that a glass crys­tal­has pre­served is that guests must leave if one of the guests breaks a piece of uten­sil. There are some signs for a young cou­ple:

  1. All chipped or cracked dish­es should be thrown away, and a new one should be bought on the day of the anniver­sary.
  2. On the day of the 15thanniversary, you need to make a large pur­chase of glass or crys­tal. If funds do not allow, you can buy a small but sym­bol­ic thing.
  3. Wash­ing togeth­er in the morn­ing, this rit­u­al of cleans­ing the fam­i­ly will keep the cou­ple for years to come.

In recent years, the tra­di­tion of hand­ing over the hearth to a crys­tal­has become pop­u­lar. The moth­ers of a young cou­ple bring their lit can­dles to the anniver­saries, as a sym­bol of the uni­ty of two fam­i­lies, the spous­es light their can­dle from them. The cer­e­mo­ny is accom­pa­nied by beau­ti­ful music and the wish­es of the par­ents. It is best for a cou­ple to buy a can­dle­stick in the form of a house for this pur­pose, the light burn­ing in the win­dows will look beau­ti­ful and sym­bol­ic. The can­dle is not blown out until the guests leave, the fam­i­ly should keep it as a sym­bol of love. Then they light it for anniver­saries, birth­days.

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