The first­dance of the new­ly­weds is an inte­gral tra­di­tion of the­cel­e­bra­tion. It is very impor­tant that the music for the first­dance be cho­sen by the heroes of the occa­sion and bring them plea­sure. When choos­ing a com­po­si­tion, it is very impor­tant to rely on your feel­ings and emo­tions.

It is worth think­ing about stag­ing the first­dance in advance, and it is bet­ter to start rehearsals a few months before your reg­is­tra­tion. You can find videos with inter­est­ing dances or pay for the ser­vices of a chore­o­g­ra­ph­er so that the dance is chore­o­graphed pro­fes­sion­al­ly.

Waltzes for the first­dance are very pop­u­lar among new­ly-mar­ried spous­es. It looks solemn, noble and ele­gant. A waltz would be espe­cial­ly appro­pri­ate at a clas­sic wed­ding, tak­ing into account all tra­di­tions. A bride in a mag­nif­i­cent dress with a beau­ti­ful veil, a groom in a strict suit, burn­ing can­dles placed around the new­ly­weds — just imag­ine how touch­ing and excit­ing it will look.

If youris styl­is­tic, then you can show your cre­ativ­i­ty in dance — it can com­bine sev­er­al melodies, dif­fer­ent direc­tions, dif­fer­ent rhythms. You can beat him in some inter­est­ing way, per­haps your dance will become an unusu­al stag­ing with a spe­cif­ic plot.

The firstdance of the young

In order for the guests not to be dis­tract­ed by the words of the song dur­ing your dance, it is bet­ter to choose music with­out words, or it may be a song by for­eign per­form­ers. We bring to your atten­tion a list of songs that are ide­al for the first­dance of the young:

  1. Nick­el­back — Lul­la­by.
  2. Christi­na Per­ri
  3. Tay­lor Swift
  4. Adele — Make You Feel My Love.
  5. Rox­ette
  6. Adri­ano Celen­tano and Mon­i­ca Bel­luc­ci — Ti amo.
  7. Chris­De­Burgh — Lady­InRed.
  8. Eros Ramaz­zot­ti Feat. Cher — PiuCheP­uoi.
  9. Lara Fabi­an — Je Suis­Malade.
  10. Natalia Oreiro
  11. Whit­ney Hous­ton­feat. Mari­ah Carey — When You Believe.
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waltz for the firstdance

If you still decide to stop at a song per­formed in Russ­ian, then be sure to lis­ten to the com­po­si­tions below:

  1. A. Kort­nev, Acci­dent — If it weren’t for you.
  2. Nepara — Dear.
  3. Mikhail Boyarsky — Lan­fren-Lan­fra.
  4. Yuri Antonov — 20 years lat­er.
  5. Mint — You under­stand my words.
  6. Pair of Nor­mals — Let me fig­ure you out.
  7. Alla Pugache­va — Love, like a dream.