How to get married quickly

Wom­en’s beau­ty, like every­thing else in the world, is short-lived. One day, even the most head­strong and free­dom-lov­ing lady comes up with the idea that it’s time to get mar­ried. Moms leisure­ly strolling with strollers on the street no longer seem like those who waste their youth, and on the con­trary, become the object of envy, and­cars with bells and rib­bons honk­ing all over the avenue no longer annoy, and cause only a drea­ry feel­ing of depri­va­tion.

Well, if you real­ly real­ly want to get mar­ried, then you need to quick­ly find a hus­band. How to do this is far from the first ques­tion, first you need to decide exact­ly why to speed up this process: is time “run­ning out” or is it just a whim?

Why get married quickly?

It is very impor­tant to answer this ques­tion for your­self. The fact is that haste in mak­ing seri­ous deci­sions is not always ben­e­fi­cial, there­fore, a hasty choice of a hus­band and a “light­ning-fast” reg­is­tra­tion in the reg­istry office can turn into the same quick divorce. Eval­u­ate the sub­jec­tive and objec­tive rea­sons, and if they are, in fact, very sig­nif­i­cant, and the risk of start­ing a fam­i­ly with a stranger does not both­er you, then read the fol­low­ing para­graphs to get mar­ried faster.

How to get married quickly and successfully?

It is not easy to achieve suc­cess in this field: there are too many fac­tors that can­not be tak­en into account: no one knows what the cho­sen one will be like in 10 years, and it is also dif­fi­cult to pre­dict your future pref­er­ences. There­fore, the main cri­te­ri­on by which you need to choose a spouse is whether he suits you now. If there are small “minus­es” — it’s not scary, every­one has them. But if you notice behind him a pen­chant for alco­holic bev­er­ages, slot machines, drug addic­tion or a con­temp­tu­ous atti­tude towards the female sex, run away from him.

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What is your hero?

To suc­cess­ful­ly mar­ry, pay atten­tion to such men:

  • smart and resource­ful (good for a career);
  • loves ani­mals (not a cru­el per­son);
  • gen­er­ous (there will be no prob­lems, such as “earn a new fur coat your­self”);
  • respon­si­ble (will not build cas­tles in the air and promise what he can­not do — there will be few­er decep­tions);
  • hard­work­ing (after 5 years of mar­riage, you will not have the feel­ing that you are mar­ried to a “shoe cil­i­ate” — a sim­ple organ­ism with a monot­o­nous life and all the ensu­ing con­se­quences).

If you met a man with at least the first three qual­i­ties, then this is an occa­sion to think about mar­riage with him.

How to quickly find a husband?

Peo­ple are like wine, they age with time. There­fore, be care­ful with a hasty deci­sion.

Since life is unpre­dictable, and, in fact, you can meet your future hus­band any­where, then make your life more active: go to cafes, build eyes (beau­ti­ful appear­ance 24 hours a day has not been can­celed), go on excur­sions, exhi­bi­tions, roller­dromes, cin­e­mas and oth­er pub­lic places, in a word, increase the like­li­hood of meet­ing the right man.

Clue: 21% of cou­ples find their future spouse at work, 27% of cou­ples in pub­lic places, and 16% of cou­ples with mutu­al acquain­tances. Hence the con­clu­sion: we com­mu­ni­cate more, more often we make “for­ays into the world” and look close­ly at our col­leagues.

How to get married faster?

When a man is found, ver­i­fied, and meets the min­i­mum require­ments, then he must be per­suad­ed to mar­ry. Here are some tips on how to get mar­ried faster:

  • Find out the ide­al of his wife (not an ephemer­al under­stand­ing of the ide­al woman, but the wife with whom he is ready to spend his whole life).
  • Even if his ideas about his wife do not match yours, pre­tend: then you will redo it “in your own way.”
  • Make him hap­py and don’t impose too much: no mat­ter how much you want to get mar­ried, you can’t allow too much in the first days of com­mu­ni­ca­tion.
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What and who can help you get married quickly?

A few things that will speed up mar­riage:

  • expen­sive and pleas­ant per­fumery;
  • self-cooked culi­nary mas­ter­pieces;
  • How to get married quickly and successfully
  • clean and com­fort­able apart­ment / room in which you live: let him know that you are a won­der­ful host­ess and know how to make a cozy nest even from a “dilap­i­dat­ed ken­nel”, where you want to stay for­ev­er.

Peo­ple who will help you get mar­ried faster:

  • par­ents: they must show that they are hap­py with your cho­sen one and already love the “future son-in-law”;
  • friends: these peo­ple should make it clear that they can be inter­est­ing to spend time togeth­er.

Mas­ter­ing the art of “quick mar­riage” is not so easy, but by fol­low­ing these tips, you will great­ly speed up your search and be able to make your dream come true.