How to marry a daughter

A moth­er who decides to give her daugh­ter in mar­riage has a hard time: now is not the time when parental desire is the main motive for an ear­ly wed­ding. How­ev­er, this is no rea­son to retreat. If you are increas­ing­ly think­ing about how to quick­ly mar­ry your daugh­ter, let’s try to fig­ure out what pre­vents your desire to become a moth­er-in-law and, in the future, a grand­moth­er.

Prob­lem num­ber 1. Daugh­ter does not want to get mar­ried, although, in your opin­ion, it is high time

To hints that yes­ter­day’s grad­u­ates are already step­ping on their heels with their com­pet­i­tive­ness, that after 30 it will be much more dif­fi­cult to find a hus­band, that it is pos­si­ble to give birth late not in our coun­try, the daugh­ter does not react in any way, or even snaps at all.


  • ana­lyze the sit­u­a­tion in your fam­i­ly. Does your rela­tion­ship with your spouse serve as the very exam­ple for your daugh­ter that she would want to aspire to? Per­haps she is not attract­ed by the prospect that she sees in the face of your fam­i­ly. And then you should start by improv­ing your mar­i­tal “cli­mate”. As a rule, chil­dren who grew up in strong and friend­ly fam­i­lies do not put a career or the desire to “work up” in the first place;
  • if you and your hus­band are soon cel­e­brat­ing a gold­en anniver­sary, and the daugh­ter, who has always been proud of your fam­i­ly, is in no hur­ry to cre­ate her own, per­haps she is tor­ment­ed by an unsuc­cess­ful romance or falling in love with a mar­ried man. Then every reminder of your mar­riage hurts her. Talk heart to heart with your child to find out the true rea­son for the image of a bach­e­lorette.
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Prob­lem num­ber 2. Daugh­ters are cat­e­gor­i­cal­ly unlucky with men

How to mar­ry a daugh­ter if every­one with whom she has an affair leaves her beloved child in the midst of pas­sions?


  • find “rake”. As much as you would like to sum­ma­rize the cur­rent sit­u­a­tion with the favorite diag­no­sis “all men are goats,” refrain: a per­son who attracts the same prob­lem is him­self the cul­prit of repeat­ed fail­ures. The rea­son may be that the daugh­ter is des­per­ate to “give” her­self in mar­riage, and her behav­ior fright­ens poten­tial suit­ors. It is impor­tant that you sup­port your daugh­ter, but at the same time do not make a sec­ond pair of eyes, glow­ing with hope and despair, at the sight of every man on the hori­zon;
  • per­haps the daugh­ter should vis­it a psy­chol­o­gist or par­tic­i­pate in a the­mat­ic train­ing that will allow her to make the right accents;
  • sign up for an image mak­er con­sul­ta­tion. Few things give con­fi­dence like a suc­cess­ful change of image;
  • zeal­ous careerists can scare a man away, but an inter­est­ing hob­by attracts. Ball­room danc­ing, eques­tri­an sports, play­ing golf — such hob­bies will give any girl self-con­fi­dence, and they will also help keep a good shape.

Now that you know how to help your daugh­ter get mar­ried (if she real­ly needs help), it’s impor­tant to turn the search for a hus­band into an excit­ing process and stop being ner­vous, because men choose not only a wife, but also a moth­er-in-law. Some­times, it is enough to replace the thought with “how to mar­ry a daugh­ter” to “how to become a good moth­er-in-law”, and now you no longer believe your eyes: the daugh­ter is get­ting mar­ried …

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