How to marry a man

She can’t under­stand why pre­tend that they are a fam­i­ly, instead of offi­cial­ly reg­is­ter­ing their rela­tion­ship? It seems to him that they have a fam­i­ly, and there is no need to do any­thing else, because they are already togeth­er. And then the girl thinks about how to mar­ry him to her­self, how to make this man final­ly pro­pose and present the ring?

Step one: check

Men are essen­tial­ly hunters, and their prey are women. And who are you: anoth­er tro­phy in a series of vic­to­ries or the only one for his boyfriend, whom he will allow to mar­ry him to him­self — how impor­tant it is for us to know! After all, girls are so eas­i­ly amenable to male charm! There­fore, ask your­self 7 ques­tions and find out whether it is worth mar­ry­ing this man before you com­plete­ly lose your head, caught in his net­work:

  1. Tak­ing your phone num­ber, he did not call back in the next day or did he call right away?
  2. Does he show up late when meet­ing you, or is he always on time?
  3. Does he tell dirty jokes, only inter­est­ed in hav­ing sex with you, or does he seek to under­stand your wants and needs, your val­ues ​​and goals?
  4. Does he ignore your demands or is ready to obey them if this is impor­tant to you?
  5. Does he hide you from his fam­i­ly, friends, col­leagues, or has he already intro­duced you to loved ones?
  6. Does he refuse to go to your com­pa­ny or your par­ents, or does he agree to meet them?
  7. Does he con­sid­er talk­ing about chil­dren pre­ma­ture, or is he seri­ous­ly think­ing about a future fam­i­ly?
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If your cho­sen one is help­ful and atten­tive, respects you and con­sid­ers your require­ments, accom­pa­nies you to infor­mal meet­ings and fam­i­ly cel­e­bra­tions and does not hide your rela­tion­ship, you should make an effort to mar­ry this guy, as he val­ues ​​​​you and does not want to lose you. .

Step two: clar­i­fy the sit­u­a­tion

Many women can­not under­stand in any way: why do they have to wait so long, why is there no ini­tia­tive from a loved one and she her­self needs to think about how to mar­ry him to her­self? There are only 3 pos­si­ble answers to these ques­tions:

  1. Your man is already mar­ried to some­one.
  2. You are not the woman he is look­ing for and would like to mar­ry.
  3. You did­n’t tell him you want­ed aor demand that he mar­ry you.

It is not easy for women to accept any of these answers. They are afraid to find out that they have a rival, they are afraid to find out the truth, which will be too painful for them, and final­ly, they are stopped by the fear of being reject­ed and left alone. How­ev­er, for the device of a pros­per­ous per­son­al life, it is impor­tant to know every­thing about your rela­tion­ship.

And if you are sure that he loves you and there are no obsta­cles to the wed­ding, take the third step to mar­ry your beloved man, because he him­self is unlike­ly to decide on this.

Step Three: Request

All men know that mar­riage and fam­i­ly are stress­ful. And they also know that soon­er or lat­er it will hap­pen to them. But for many of them, it makes no sense to rush, espe­cial­ly if their beloved woman is silent and does not say any­thing about the wed­ding. There­fore, you need to decide what you want — to see a lover or a hus­band next to you; mar­ry him to your­self, as he is wait­ing for the ini­tia­tive from you, or wait until he decides and does it him­self? How much longer will you wait? A year, two, or maybe ten? More? Isn’t it bet­ter to tell your man:

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“I love you so much, every­thing is so good with you that I didn’t even dream about it. And now I real­ly want to mar­ry you. I want you to think about it and set a date for our wed­ding. Until we get mar­ried, I can’t feel tru­ly hap­py.”

How to marry your loved oneLove is stronger than fear

Of course, it is not easy to decide on such a con­ver­sa­tion first, since it is not cus­tom­ary for girls to tell men that they want to mar­ry them to them­selves. But is it real­ly easy to live with a man, give birth to chil­dren from him, and then be left alone, because he had no inten­tion of start­ing a fam­i­ly? Why waste years on some­thing you don’t like? It is bet­ter to demand now that he act like a man, and let him know — you will mar­ry him to your­self or let him go, because he does not love you and is not suit­able for you.

Don’t be afraid to lose it. If he refus­es, this is not your man. If he real­ly loves you, he will give in to you.