How to propose to a man

No, no, it’s not the right place! How to pro­pose mar­riage to a man or a guy … I have already begun to have a ner­vous itch. I can’t imag­ine a girl propos­ing to a guy. Or that a woman pro­pos­es to a man. A woman can pro­pose to a man in one sin­gle case, name­ly: when she is absolute­ly sure that he him­self does not talk to her about mar­riage just because he is afraid to hear a cat­e­gor­i­cal “No” from her.

To pro­pose or not to pro­pose?

Cute girl! Yes, yes, you! Who decid­ed to pro­pose to her beloved man. Here and now. Final­ly and with­out fur­ther ado. Has it ever occurred to you at all that this man (who, as I under­stand it, is much old­er than you) has not waved at you until now for one sin­gle rea­son? Name­ly — because you have nev­er even peeped about how des­per­ate­ly you want him to pro­pose to you? When a man real­ly has the inten­tion of mar­ry­ing a girl who is much younger than him, he does not hes­i­tate too long. And the pro­pos­al of his hand, and at the same time the heart, the young lady receives from this man very, very quick­ly.

The same sit­u­a­tion is with a woman. Since a man does not pro­pose to her, it means that he is not at all going to legit­imize his rela­tion­ship with her — at least in this seg­ment of his life. So sim­ple. How else? Or does some­one seri­ous­ly believe that exces­sive shy­ness pre­vents a man from mak­ing a mar­riage pro­pos­al?

Love­ly girls in love — women com­rades — ladies! Instead of per­plex­ing your­self with the ques­tion of how to pro­pose to your beloved man, it is bet­ter to think about some­thing else at your leisure. Name­ly: how to pro­voke this man him­self to pro­pose to you? I repeat. If a man does not talk to you about the wed­ding, this means one of three things: either he is not sure that you love him, or he is not think­ing about fam­i­ly life yet, or he is not going to mar­ry you at all. And what to do? In any case, do not make him an offer of mar­riage your­self!

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A man, as a rule, always needs a lit­tle push, and your dec­la­ra­tion (or semi-con­fes­sion) of love can per­fect­ly become such a push. “I am glad that we are togeth­er”, “I would not want us to ever part” … Say such neu­tral phras­es as if by the way. Be sure: a man will hear them very well, and will under­stand very well what exact­ly you are try­ing to tell him. Well, then — just watch his reac­tion. Per­haps a man will make an offer of mar­riage to you instant­ly (as it was with me). He may need some time to more clear­ly define his feel­ings for you. But per­haps — and you need to pre­pare your­self for this — he will soon end your rela­tion­ship. The most impor­tant thing here is to remain hon­est with your­self, and clear­ly deter­mine for your­self in advance how many months or years of your life you are ready to throw away wait­ing.

Be that as it may, a woman can­not offer a man to mar­ry her­self, this is not accept­ed. And it is not accept­ed, first of all, in the world of men them­selves. A man pro­pos­es to mar­ry! And a woman (girl) accepts it (or does not accept it) — this is how she decides to dis­pose of her Des­tiny.

What if you real­ly want to?

Do you dis­agree with what I’m say­ing? Are you still patient­ly wait­ing for an answer to the ques­tion, how best can you pro­pose to your man? Are you more than ever sure that a woman can make a mar­riage pro­pos­al — and a man can decide whether to give this woman the hon­or of accept­ing her pro­pos­al? Well, a posi­tion that is com­plete­ly alien to me (I con­fess!), Which, nev­er­the­less, “has quite the right to exist” (so, it seems, they usu­al­ly say?) And what, in fact, is the dif­fi­cul­ty? “I love you very much. Would you like to be my hus­band?” Girl proposes to boyfriendThat’s all. The offer has been made. And whether you get the hand and heart of your man in return — that’s as he wants.

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Well, for that girl who is not going to pro­pose to her boyfriend to mar­ry her, as well as for that woman who will nev­er make the same pro­pos­al to her man, I will repeat myself. As soon as a man decides to pro­pose to you, he will make it. Even if he, a man, lives on the oth­er side of the plan­et. Even if he does­n’t know a word of your lan­guage. The same applies to the guy. Just allow your­self the lux­u­ry of being proud—and wait for that moment.