how to punish your husband

Fam­i­ly life is a lit­tle like a fairy tale, there are quar­rels and dis­ap­point­ments in it. Some­times, instead of look­ing for new recipes for din­ner, we think about how to pun­ish our hus­band for hurt­ing us. Of course, there can be many options, but the dif­fi­cul­ty is that the pun­ish­ment does not lead to a seri­ous quar­rel.

How to punish a husband for an insult?

There are a lot of things that can upset, but not all of them are worth for­giv­ing. For exam­ple, you should not think about how to pun­ish your hus­band for beat­ings, imme­di­ate­ly plan a break with him. A per­son who allows him­self this will def­i­nite­ly hit again, do not risk your health.

Also, wives often make mis­takes when think­ing about how to pun­ish their hus­band for drink­ing. First, a clear dis­tinc­tion must be made between an iso­lat­ed inci­dent and a habit. In case of addic­tion, treat­ment is nec­es­sary, and any pun­ish­ment will only bring harm. Sec­ond­ly, the pun­ish­ment for alco­holic excess­es does not make sense — each per­son can afford to relax or relax with friends. You should explain to your hus­band that you are offend­ed by him not because of his desire to relax after hard work, but because of his behav­ior. to which alco­holic liba­tions led. Say that he let you down by break­ing an agree­ment you had, fright­ened the kids with his drunk appear­ance, or sim­ply act­ed rude­ly, and this prompt­ed you to take action. In prin­ci­ple, the pun­ish­ment for any offense must be explained, oth­er­wise the hus­band will decide that you find fault with him for noth­ing, since often men do not see their mis­deeds and do not under­stand our hints.

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So what can be done? Try to put your hus­band in the same posi­tion as he puts you. For exam­ple, he didn’t warn that he was going to a bar with friends in the evening, didn’t answer calls, came in the morn­ing and didn’t even think to apol­o­gize for it? The next day, make an appoint­ment with your friends or just stay overnight with one of them, also turn­ing off the phone. Does­n’t appre­ci­ate your efforts to cre­ate com­fort at home? Just for one day, for­get about your duties, say that you are tired and your hus­band will have to cope with every­day affairs on his own. Does not hear and does not want to lis­ten to you, no mat­ter what you say? Give him the desired rest, be silent all day, let him com­mu­ni­cate with the TV or the cat.

Some cou­ples nego­ti­ate a pun­ish­ment sys­tem in advance. For an offense on the part of the hus­band, this may be a shop­ping trip, the more mis­con­duct, the longer the shop­ping time. If there is no agree­ment, but you want to “annoy” your loved one, approach the mat­ter with imag­i­na­tion. Do his man­i­cure, paint his nails in dif­fer­ent col­ors while he sleeps, and hide the nail pol­ish remover, let him walk to the near­est store in this form. Change the ringer on his phone, put some­thing not entire­ly decent for him — the famous Bieber com­po­si­tion or the most vul­gar hit of the nation­al stage, Ramm­stein’s catchy track or spicy lady’s sighs. Delete from your hard dri­ve or sim­ply move his movie col­lec­tion to anoth­er loca­tion or delete your favorite game, rein­stall it how to punish a husband for an offenseIt won’t be a prob­lem, but it will take some time.

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If you are look­ing for a way to pun­ish your hus­band for cheat­ing, which you sin­cere­ly con­sid­er betray­al, then you should think more than once whether you are going to for­give the trai­tor. If not, then you shouldn’t waste your ener­gy on revenge, but if you are going to save your fam­i­ly, you can try to be offend­ed, make scan­dals and threat­en your mis­tress. But you can also try the method of pun­ish­ment by love. You will need to sur­round the unfaith­ful hus­band with care so that he under­stands what trea­sure he want­ed to exchange for a strange woman who can­not even give a tenth of the love that he receives in the fam­i­ly.