how to put your husband in his place

Both part­ners in a rela­tion­ship to a greater or less­er extent show their dis­con­tent and char­ac­ter. Many ladies com­plain that the hus­band often argues, behaves inap­pro­pri­ate­ly, is rude, and in some cas­es even rais­es his hand. In order not to lose your­self, it is impor­tant to know how to put your hus­band in his place and restore nor­mal rela­tion­ships. To begin with, it is impor­tant to talk in a calm atmos­phere, but it is bet­ter to write down all the claims against the part­ner. Then you need to think about which short­com­ings, in prin­ci­ple, you can skip, and which ones are worth fight­ing for.

How to put your husband in his place — advice from a psychologist

It is impor­tant to under­stand that scan­dals can­not solve any­thing and scream­ing with claims will only exac­er­bate the prob­lem, and words help extreme­ly rarely and the best solu­tion is to act. Let’s look at an exam­ple of sev­er­al ways to solve the prob­lem:

  1. If the hus­band does not do some­thing around the house, for exam­ple, does not take out the trash or does not clean up scat­tered things. The first option is to do noth­ing your­self and when the part­ner stops find­ing his things in a huge pile, he will have to recon­sid­er his posi­tions.
  2. Effec­tive advice on how to put a tyrant hus­band in his place is to answer him with a word. Quite often, women feel fear and silent­ly endure every­thing, but this is the wrong deci­sion. The next time your part­ner shows aggres­sion, yell at him, and if it does­n’t help, then give him a slap in the face. Such a reac­tion should bring the hus­band to his sens­es. If this does not lead to the desired results, then the only solu­tion is to leave.
  3. It is impor­tant to know how to put a boor hus­band in his place so that the rela­tion­ship does not dete­ri­o­rate com­plete­ly. In some cas­es, rec­i­p­ro­cal rude­ness helps, then the part­ner remem­bers that he is being car­ried away, and the rela­tion­ship should be changed. Anoth­er effec­tive method is humor, which will come as a sur­prise to a rude per­son. You can com­plete­ly ignore your spouse when he starts to be rude, if there is no reac­tion, you don’t want to con­tin­ue being rude.
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