how to teach a husband a lesson for disrespect advice from psychologists

Every per­son dreams of being under­stood, accept­ed as he is, sup­port­ed and helped in dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tions. These wish­es espe­cial­ly con­cern fam­i­ly rela­tions. That is why it is so unpleas­ant when fam­i­ly mem­bers begin to show hos­til­i­ty and dis­re­spect to each oth­er.

Due to their phys­i­o­log­i­cal and psy­cho­log­i­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics, men are more like­ly than women to show dis­re­spect for their part­ners. The fair sex can endure for a long time, but then they begin to seek the advice of a psy­chol­o­gist on how to teach their hus­band a les­son for dis­re­spect.

Psychologists’ advice on how to teach a man a lesson for disrespect

Before you fight with your husband’s dis­re­spect, you should think about whether he does it on pur­pose or because of some habit that has been stretch­ing since child­hood. If dis­re­spect and rude­ness are drawn from his past, then patience is need­ed for a man to real­ize his wrong behav­ior.

Things are worse if a man shows dis­re­spect delib­er­ate­ly, show­ing that he is the boss in the house and has the right to do as he wants. If a woman is think­ing about how to take revenge on her hus­band for dis­re­spect, she can use the fol­low­ing tips:

  1. Announce a boy­cott. Quite often, it is the “play­ing silent” that helps a man under­stand that some­thing is going wrong.
  2. Do not go to bed with him. Usu­al­ly a few nights are enough for the hus­band to become more accom­mo­dat­ing.
  3. Do as he does, fol­low­ing the prin­ci­ple of “an eye for an eye.” If the hus­band did not return from work, hav­ing gone for a walk with friends, you can repeat his behav­ior the next day, leav­ing a note with the words: “Dar­ling, I also decid­ed to take a walk with my friends …”
  4. The great­est pun­ish­ment is the depri­va­tion of the most beloved. For exam­ple, if a man likes to spend the evening togeth­er, leave the house. If he likes a deli­cious din­ner, don’t cook it. There is a very inter­est­ing point here: the more pleas­ant joint moments a wife and hus­band have, how to deal with a disrespectful husbandthe more options for how you can pun­ish a hus­band for dis­re­spect for his wife.
  5. Stop wash­ing and iron­ing clothes. Soon­er or lat­er it will become clear to him that you are very angry.
  6. Leave the chil­dren to her hus­band and go on busi­ness, on a busi­ness trip. A few days alone with chil­dren can sober up any man.
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How­ev­er, the best option for deal­ing with dis­re­spect in the fam­i­ly is to demon­strate the right behav­ior, patience, con­ver­sa­tions, expla­na­tions and com­pro­mis­es. The most impor­tant thing in a fam­i­ly is to main­tain a benev­o­lent envi­ron­ment. Time will pass, and the hus­band will become soft­er and kinder, because the pos­i­tive influ­ence of his wife will cer­tain­ly soft­en the rough male heart.