impatient to get married

“It’s unbear­able to get mar­ried” is a fun­ny school rule or a reflec­tion of the fem­i­nine essence. After all, it is gen­er­al­ly accept­ed that any girl wants to get mar­ried, this is lit­er­al­ly the pur­pose of her exis­tence.

Why do women want to get married?

The ques­tion of why girls want to get mar­ried is as old as the world, so a lot of research has been done on this top­ic. The lat­ter showed the fol­low­ing results.

  1. In the first place (30% of respon­dents) was the desire of women to have sup­port and con­fi­dence in the future. This is eas­i­ly explained by phys­i­ol­o­gy — the nat­ur­al des­tiny of a woman is to give birth to a child, but at the time of preg­nan­cy and after it, a woman needs the sup­port of a man. That is why the ladies, who have real­ized the need for the appear­ance of a child in their lives, so want to offi­cial­ly seal their rela­tion­ship.
  2. A woman who says “I real­ly want to get mar­ried” is most like­ly look­ing for love in mar­riage. In any case, this is the sec­ond most pop­u­lar (22%) answer to the ques­tion about the desire to tie the knot. Of course, you can object that you can love with­out mar­riage. But this option is more often cho­sen by ladies who want to mar­ry a “prince”, they don’t have a spe­cif­ic per­son in mind. Well, those who main­tain a per­ma­nent rela­tion­ship believe that it is more reli­able to love in mar­riage.
  3. Why do women want to get mar­ried? Because soci­ety dic­tates it to them. Moms, grand­moth­ers, sis­ters of a friend — every­one begins to sin­cere­ly sym­pa­thize with a girl who is not mar­ried, even if she says that she wants to enjoy free­dom for now. Even all fairy tales and ladies’ nov­els end with princess­es find­ing their princes. There­fore, there is a stereo­type in the ladies’ head — one must strive for mar­riage with all his might. This opin­ion is shared by 19% of the respon­dents.
  4. Why are girls so unbear­able to get mar­ried? And here social rea­sons are to blame, 18% of the respon­dents said that they believe that they can ful­ly real­ize them­selves only in mar­riage. Some are afraid of pub­lic opin­ion — unmar­ried with such plea­sure glue the label “los­er”.
  5. About 5% of respon­dents are afraid of lone­li­ness — sud­den­ly, in old age, there will be no one to give a glass of water.
  6. The remain­ing 6% hold rather pecu­liar opin­ions. Some girls want afor the sake of adress and a trip in a lim­ou­sine, some­one no longer wants to live with their par­ents, and some­one wants to show off a ring on their ring fin­ger to their girl­friends.
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It’s unbearable to get married, isn’t it too early?

Since pub­lic opin­ion is shap­ing our minds in this way, it would be nice to know what they think about the ide­al age for mar­riage.

Despite the desire to get mar­ried, many ladies believe that the ide­al time for mar­riage is 25–27 years. Soci­ety has a good atti­tude towards mar­riage at the age of 27–35, but peo­ple make claims against young brides and those who are going to get mar­ried for the first time after 35 years.

If a woman mar­ries late, then soci­ety will cer­tain­ly sus­pect her of infe­ri­or­i­ty — she would have been look­ing for a mate for so many more years, no one want­ed to mar­ry, but now she has prob­a­bly found some infe­ri­or.

When a girl says “I’m 18 years old, I want to get mar­ried,” she also can’t hide from judg­men­tal looks and gos­sip. Par­tic­u­lar­ly com­pas­sion­ate will tell sto­ries about them­selves or about a friend, how she unsuc­cess­ful­ly mar­ried ear­ly.

Sum­ma­riz­ing, we can say that by the time of mar­riage, a woman must receive edu­ca­tion, find a job, and have an estab­lished char­ac­ter. But it’s also not worth delay­ing mar­riage too much.

How to stop wanting to get married?

Some­times a woman wants to get mar­ried so much that it pre­vents her from build­ing nor­mal rela­tion­ships with men — who will not be scared off by the run­ning line on the lady’s fore­head “Take me to the reg­istry office”? How to be in this case?

urgently want to get married

It is nec­es­sary to under­stand your­self, to under­stand what exact­ly you mean by mar­riage — a beau­ti­ful cer­e­mo­ny, social sta­tus, the cre­ation of a hap­py fam­i­ly? It is nec­es­sary to answer this ques­tion so that a man does not feel your inten­tion to take away his free­dom, but your desire to be a car­ing and faith­ful wife, give birth to a bunch of kids, etc. If you want a hol­i­day, then you need to admit it to your­self. Believe me, you can only ful­fill your desire, find that man when you under­stand what exact­ly you need from life. Beware of falling under the pow­er of stereo­types, per­haps you are not suc­ceed­ing just because you real­ly do not want it, but are going to be led by your par­ents and girl­friends.

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