I want to get married what to do

If you have time to guess at a shoot­ing star: “I want to mar­ry suc­cess­ful­ly for love” (and even add “and urgent­ly”), and on a star­less night you repeat these words like a mantra — it is like­ly that the desire that is so nat­ur­al for every girl is you time to…let go. But there is good news — this is the last step described in this arti­cle. It is pre­ced­ed by the cor­rect for­mu­la­tion of desire, and spe­cif­ic steps that give con­fi­dence that mar­riage is not a dis­tant dream, but a very tan­gi­ble real­i­ty. So, dear future brides, let’s find out how to increase your chances of start­ing a fam­i­ly.

Step 1. Form­ing the right desire

First, think about why girls want to get mar­ried. Because “behind” their hus­band, they feel ful­filled, like women, pro­tect­ed, loved (at least in the eyes of oth­ers), need­ed.

On the oth­er hand, it often hap­pens that a girl wants and hur­ries to get mar­ried, because “it is nec­es­sary.” Think: your “I real­ly want to get mar­ried” what is the rea­son? If the rea­son is that pub­lic opin­ion is rush­ing you, then you should wait for a change in pri­or­i­ties.

Now ask your­self: what kind of man do you want to find. “Just what” is the wrong answer. He says that you do not val­ue your­self, and prop­er self-esteem is an impor­tant step towards mar­riage. Remem­ber: you are not alone, you are a free woman. Wed­ding dress, flow­ers and con­grat­u­la­tions are your future.

Step 2. Believe in your­self

Psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly, this can be dif­fi­cult, espe­cial­ly if you recent­ly had a painful breakup. How­ev­er, there are quite effec­tive meth­ods that help to sig­nif­i­cant­ly raise wom­en’s self-esteem:

  • book a con­sul­ta­tion with a styl­ist. Be pre­pared for a rad­i­cal change in image: a good spe­cial­ist should not pick up an ana­logue of the things already in your wardrobe. Do not for­get to com­mu­ni­cate your inten­tions to the image mak­er so that the wardrobe meets your goal;
  • pam­per your­self. A woman in love with her­self exudes vibes that attract men. If there is no way to indulge “on a grand scale”, drink tea from an expen­sive set “for spe­cial occa­sions”, put on beau­ti­ful under­wear, buy your­self new per­fumes or flow­ers.
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Step 3. Some Witch­craft Tricks

There are a lot of rit­u­als and even love spells that promise a speedy set­tle­ment in your house of a man. But con­spir­a­cies are a dan­ger­ous busi­ness. We sug­gest using “harm­less” meth­ods:

  • take a piece of paper and describe your future hus­band in great detail;
  • a well-known advice for a girl who wants to get mar­ried: buy men’s slip­pers. You can not lim­it your­self to shoes: let the cho­sen one be wait­ing in the house for a bathrobe and, for exam­ple, a tooth­brush;
  • feng shui secrets will also help to attract a cou­ple to the house. The bed­room and the south­west­ern part of the house are the love zone. Crys­tals, embroi­dered paint­ings, paired fish fig­ures — these items tra­di­tion­al­ly serve to ful­fill the female “I want to get mar­ried.”

Step 4. Go out into the world

To get mar­ried, you need to be where there are men. And not just to be in the male stream, it is impor­tant that some of the men meet with you reg­u­lar­ly. So some of them are lat­er con­vert­ed into boyfriends. A woman who is sur­round­ed by atten­tion becomes a mag­net for men.

Tip: imme­di­ate­ly weed out mar­ried men and invet­er­ate wom­an­iz­ers (no mat­ter how great the temp­ta­tion is to re-edu­cate them).I really want to get married

Step 5. Release your desire

So that the desire to get mar­ried does not trans­form into para­noia, it is impor­tant to let it go. This does not mean giv­ing up on what you have planned, just relax and have fun. The run­ning line “take me” can still attract a man, but “mar­ry me” is unlike­ly.

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A lone­ly woman often makes a man run away, a free woman gives rise to a desire to con­quer. So, if you start a rela­tion­ship, you will enjoy the com­pa­ny of your beloved, and not the obses­sive thought: “I want to get mar­ried, what should I do.”