Marry a millionaire

Nowa­days, the phrase “I want to mar­ry a mil­lion­aire” sounds about the same as once “I want to mar­ry a prince.” This is not sur­pris­ing: every­one wants a rich hus­band who will allow you to bathe in lux­u­ry with lit­tle to no effort: the mon­ey is earned, the dif­fi­cult times when every­thing was just begin­ning, and the life of the cur­rent rich man was at risk, have also passed, and now, all that remains is — enjoy life with­out deny­ing your­self any­thing.

This arti­cle is based on facts from the life and expe­ri­ence of women who are cur­rent or for­mer spous­es of mil­lion­aires.

How and where to find a millionaire?

It’s like a busi­ness — you can’t get mon­ey with­out invest­ing a cer­tain amount in some­thing. There­fore, those beau­ties who “tar­get” to be the wives of mil­lion­aires should be pre­pared for the fact that they will have to say good­bye to con­sid­er­able amounts that must first be earned and then spent on their devel­op­ment.

First, let’s dis­pel a few myths:

  1. The “ugly duck­ling” becomes a “swan” before meet­ing the mil­lion­aire.
  2. Love at first sight is very rare and may not always per­suade a prag­mat­ic man to take a seri­ous step in the form of a close rela­tion­ship with a stranger.
  3. The wives of mil­lion­aires are ordi­nary women, with­out out­stand­ing knowl­edge and skills for which you can get a Nobel Prize, they are those who have suc­cess­ful­ly devel­oped cir­cum­stances.

Find­ing a mil­lion­aire hus­band is not an easy task, and it becomes more dif­fi­cult the more your social lev­el dif­fers. Rich men tend to cre­ate rela­tion­ships with the same rich ladies who have a decent dowry and half of their rel­a­tives are pub­lic peo­ple. But, nev­er­the­less, there are excep­tions when poor girls, due to hap­py cir­cum­stances, met with mil­lion­aires, and they took them under their gold­en wing.

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How to meet a mil­lion­aire?

To meet a mil­lion­aire, you need to be born suc­cess­ful­ly. Girls from pros­per­ous fam­i­lies are much more like­ly to meet a rich man and leave a more than pleas­ant impres­sion of them­selves, because they have the nec­es­sary bud­get and can spend mon­ey to improve their appear­ance, devel­op and attend expen­sive events in appro­pri­ate attire. At the time of the meet­ing, the girl should express her­self bright­ly and extra­or­di­nary, exclu­sive­ly on the pos­i­tive side.

Where can you meet a mil­lion­aire?

  • at an expen­sive resort;
  • in the bank;
  • at the hip­po­drome;
  • in a polit­i­cal forum;
  • in an elite restau­rant;
  • next to pres­ti­gious set­tle­ments (Rubly­ov­ka or Kapu in Jur­mala).

How to meet a millionaire?

Let’s say you saw a mil­lion­aire. Acquain­tance with him is the most cru­cial moment on which it depends whether your dream will come true, or it will remain a naive illu­sion. When meet­ing, you need to take into account all the cir­cum­stances (and the day before it would be nice to read a cou­ple of books about the psy­chol­o­gy of peo­ple’s behav­ior): if a man is in a hur­ry, then you don’t need to direct­ly impose your can­di­da­cy, play “acci­dent” — inad­ver­tent­ly “drop” a ring or lip­stick, phone, if stand next to him. A real gen­tle­man will not let the lady bend over and give the thing: this will buy you time to think about how it is more appro­pri­ate to intro­duce your­self and thank you. You can imme­di­ate­ly note his nobil­i­ty and hint that men like him are prob­a­bly busy. Depend­ing on the answer, the con­ver­sa­tion will either con­tin­ue or not.

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If it so hap­pened that you dine in one restau­rant, write your phone num­ber on a nap­kin, and, leav­ing the insti­tu­tion, go to his table, smile charm­ing­ly and put the nap­kin down.

The main thing is to add orig­i­nal­i­ty to the first meet­ing so that he remem­bers you.

How to marry a millionaire?

If you still man­aged to find him, get to know him, and start a rela­tion­ship, then you can pro­ceed to the last point — mar­riage.

Many fail to “mar­ry them­selves” and a sim­ple lock­smith, not like a mil­lion­aire. All men love free­dom, so give it to the cho­sen one. how to meet a millionaireThere is no need to psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly “pres­sure” on him with the reg­istry office, invent fables about preg­nan­cy and gen­er­al­ly lie. The best tac­tic is wait­ing. If you have been wait­ing for the cher­ished words for more than 5 years, you can admit that you want to get mar­ried.

The most impor­tant thing is to remem­ber that he is an ordi­nary man, whom it is impos­si­ble to sur­prise with mate­r­i­al goods, so work on your per­son­al­i­ty, show kind­ness, under­stand­ing, and, of course, love.

Clue: Dur­ing the “hunt” for a mil­lion­aire, some­times look around, maybe you will see, though not a rich man, but some­one who is able to make you hap­py and spend your whole life with you.