marriage proposal original

“And they lived hap­pi­ly ever after …” — prob­a­bly every cou­ple in love dreams of such an inspir­ing end­ing. Fam­i­ly life, of course, is not only hon­ey, there is enough hot pep­per there. How­ev­er, there­in lies its charm. When every­thing is going smooth­ly in a rela­tion­ship, every­thing is good — it’s even some­how wrong. Such a cir­cum­stance of affairs can soon get bored and the soul will require changes, you will want a shake-up. So throw­ing dish­es, believe me, is some­times use­ful.

But the right to such “throw­ing” must be earned, legit­imized, so to speak. There­fore, let men make mar­riage pro­pos­als to us, and we will sug­gest orig­i­nal ways to do this.

We work accord­ing to the script

The hack­neyed plot of a roman­tic melo­dra­ma, by its exam­ple, encour­ages men to make an offer in a cozy restau­rant, at din­ner, to the melod­ic sounds of live music. You can get down on one knee, say a cou­ple of touch­ing words and present a mir­a­cle box. Anoth­er option is to ask the wait­er to “serve” the ring along with the dessert, or even in it (and this often hap­pens in films). All this is very sweet and touch­ing, but for some men it is a con­tra­dic­tion of their prin­ci­ples and behav­ior. Some con­sid­er it too banal, for anoth­er it looks ridicu­lous, but still oth­ers want to make a mar­riage pro­pos­al in an orig­i­nal and unusu­al way. Well, dear men, your way out …

“Big Bal­loon”

Invite the bride-to-be to fly. Air frigate rental is very pop­u­lar, in almost any city you can use this ser­vice. Fly­ing on a bal­loon will seem both extreme and very roman­tic at the same time. Incom­pa­ra­ble sen­sa­tions, vivid impres­sions and the oppor­tu­ni­ty to make an orig­i­nal mar­riage pro­pos­al at a bird’s eye view are a wor­thy option for a pleas­ant sur­prise.

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“Fam­i­ly Nest”

Invit­ing your beloved to an unfin­ished apart­ment, which she doesn’t even know about yet, which has been emp­ty for a long time and in which you see the hap­pi­ness of your future fam­i­ly, is a great rea­son to pro­pose. You can set the table in advance, arrange can­dles. If there is no table in the apart­ment, you can arrange a sym­bol­ic “table” right on the floor, sur­round­ed by soft pil­lows. The main thing is to be warm and clean. In addi­tion to a mar­riage pro­pos­al, your cho­sen one will be pleased to hear from you some­thing like: “Here we will live and raise our chil­dren ..”. Orig­i­nal, isn’t it?

“Two in an Ele­va­tor”

Until your girl­friend agrees to your mar­riage pro­pos­al, do not ask the dis­patch­er to resume the oper­a­tion of the ele­va­tor. This is a joke, of course. But in every joke, as you know, there is some truth. The main thing is to play believ­able so that the ele­va­tor stop real­ly turns out to be unex­pect­ed for both her and you. And when the ele­va­tor opens, let the dis­patch­er meet you with cham­pagne and bal­loons … Of course, do not for­get to thank him for the assis­tance pro­vid­ed.

“Learn­ing to write”

A sim­ple and at the same time very orig­i­nal way to make an offer is to leave a mes­sage, for exam­ple, on the refrig­er­a­tor: “Dar­ling, good morn­ing! Mar­ry me!” and next to it is a ring, glued on with adhe­sive tape …

An inter­est­ing mar­riage pro­pos­al can be made any­where — in a shop­ping cen­ter, in a cin­e­ma or the­ater, on the street, in trans­port, at work. All these options are unit­ed by one orig­i­nal approach — attract­ing strangers, extras, so to speak. Of course, it is bet­ter to nego­ti­ate with peo­ple in advance. For a girl, your offer will be unex­pect­ed, how­ev­er, like passers-by walk­ing towards her with signs in their hands, and on them, for exam­ple, such inscrip­tions: “Get ready!”, “After he …”, “will help you choose a dress” , “for my sister’s birth­day”, “he will invite you”, “to a cafe”, “for a cup of tea. And there…”, “he will ask”, and then the guy says the cher­ished words: “Will you mar­ry me?”. Of course, the effect will be sim­ply stun­ning. The main thing is that peo­ple clear­ly go to you original marriage proposaltowards, did not mix up the order of their “exit”, they should look like com­plete­ly ordi­nary peo­ple, not show­ing any spe­cial emo­tions.

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The orig­i­nal pro­pos­al can be answered no less orig­i­nal. The only dif­fi­cul­ty is that a mar­riage pro­pos­al, for the most part, is unex­pect­ed, and there is not much time to pre­pare an answer. You can, of course, say what you think. In this case, you will have a day or two to fig­ure out how to respond to the offer in an orig­i­nal way.

In gen­er­al, what is there to think? Just wast­ing time. The man tried so hard, wor­ried, pre­pared, and the best reward for his work will be your excit­ed and con­fi­dent: “I agree!”. Be hap­py and hap­pi­ness will always be with you.