in purple

A pur­plewill look incred­i­bly ele­gant and sophis­ti­cat­ed. If you want yourcel­e­bra­tion to be dec­o­rat­ed in unusu­al col­ors, then look at the dif­fer­ent shades of pur­ple. Laven­der, lilac, black­ber­ry, amethyst, indi­go are all shades of such a com­plex, but very rich col­or. Pur­ple is con­sid­ered the col­or of har­mo­ny and wealth. If you plan to have ain the sum­mer, use light tones of this col­or, and in cold weath­er, pay atten­tion to dark ones.


You can use pur­ple as the main col­or, or sim­ply make accents on it in the over­all design of your cel­e­bra­tion. We offer sev­er­al col­or solu­tions using this col­or. Try to com­bine it with sil­ver — this will give yournobil­i­ty and lux­u­ry; a com­bi­na­tion of pur­ple with beige or with a hint of cham­pagne will soft­en the inten­si­ty of the first. Com­bi­na­tions of pur­ple with bright yel­low, green or blue can lead to an unex­pect­ed, but inter­est­ing effect.

Pur­ple flow­ers look very impres­sive at a wed­ding: laven­der, iris, vio­lets, dahlias, tulips, asters, chrysan­the­mums or lilacs. You can arrange flo­ral arrange­ments of these flow­ers on the fes­tive table or dec­o­rate the hall with them. By the way, a bride’s bou­quet of these flow­ers will cer­tain­ly be unusu­al and eye-catch­ing. If you don’t want a bou­quet con­sist­ing only of pur­ple flow­ers, dilute them with clas­sic white ros­es.

In the design ofin­vi­ta­tions, you can also use pur­ple col­ors and dec­o­rate them with satin rib­bons or beads, feath­ers, rhine­stones — it all depends on your taste and desires.


And why don’t you dream up with the choice of a dress if your­will be held in pur­ple col­ors? But when choos­ing cos­tumes, remem­ber that pur­ple is not an easy col­or. If you have dark skin, you can choose bright shades, but if you have fair skin, choose del­i­cate shades of this col­or. In a pur­ple dress, you will look ele­gant and sophis­ti­cat­ed.

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You do not dare to devi­ate from tra­di­tions and opt­ed for a snow-white dress? Try to match it with acces­sories in pur­ple, but do not over­do it with accents. Try on your dress with pur­ple gloves, belt or veil. You can choose beau­ti­ful shoes in this col­or. Weave pur­ple flow­ers into your hair. Make­up should be select­ed in accor­dance with the select­ed acces­sories — use lilac shad­ows.