retro wedding

A retro-stylewill help you and your guests go back in time, name­ly to the 20s and 30s. You can take dif­fer­ent direc­tions as a basis, for exam­ple, casi­no, vin­tage, cabaret, etc. In this case, the hol­i­day will be like a the­atri­cal pro­duc­tion, which will cer­tain­ly appeal to all par­tic­i­pants. Such wed­dings can be styl­ized. For exam­ple, a spe­cif­ic his­tor­i­cal event or geo­graph­i­cal loca­tion can be tak­en as the basis for such a cel­e­bra­tion.


To make the cel­e­bra­tion per­fect and go with a bang, you need to take into account all the lit­tle things:

  1. New­ly­weds out­fits. Almost any clas­sic dress can be tak­en as the basis for the image of the bride, since the main thing is the details. The veil should be as long as pos­si­ble or it can be a hat with a veil. Be sure to wear gloves and stock­ings with garters. As for shoes, here you can choose any pair. For the groom, you need to choose a clas­sic tuxe­do. It is also worth pick­ing up retro-style acces­sories for him — cuf­flinks, watch­es on a chain, a cig­a­rette case, etc.
  2. Retro stylein­vi­ta­tions. There is room for imag­i­na­tion here, the role of an invi­ta­tion can be played by ordi­nary post­cards depict­ing a beau­ti­ful city, a black and white pho­to­graph of the bride and groom, as well as an old cov­er or record. You can dec­o­rate them with beads and feath­ers. Also an impor­tant acces­so­ry for such aare name­plates that con­vey the spir­it of retro.
  3. Ban­quet­ing hall. Give your pref­er­ence to options with­out any accents and mod­ern details. To dec­o­rate tables, choose lace snow-white table­cloths, antique can­dle­sticks, beau­ti­ful nap­kins, etc. To give the hall an antique, use dif­fer­ent paint­ings, suit­cas­es, mir­rors, in gen­er­al, every­thing that is old in the house is allowed to be used. Try to find real chi­naware, or at least options that are made antique.
  4. Pho­to­shoot. It does not mat­ter at all which retro sty­ley­ou choose, it can be vin­tage or cabaret, the pho­tos will be unfor­get­table. For exam­ple, you can go boat­ing, while stock­ing up on open­work umbrel­las. You can get great pho­tos at the sta­tion, just pick up a beau­ti­ful back­ground in advance. For pic­tures in this style, old hous­es, steam loco­mo­tives, and, of course, a retro car, which is the basis of a wed­ding, are suit­able. Also make a mem­o­ry book. You can find an old Polaroid cam­era and take pic­tures right in front of the entrance. They need to be placed in the album, and near­by guests will be able to write wish­es and leave their impres­sions of the wed­ding.
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