Why do women want to get married

Recent­ly I real­ized that I absolute­ly do not want to get mar­ried, I do not want chil­dren. My friends are won­der­ing why this is hap­pen­ing, why I don’t want to get mar­ried, because all my friends are either already mar­ried or plan­ning ain the near future”, — these argu­ments are prob­a­bly famil­iar to many. Why do girls want to get mar­ried — do they see this as a chance to feel like a woman, or are they just afraid of being alone? Let’s see.

Why do women want to get married?

  1. A girl wants to get mar­ried when she real­izes that her time has come. It does not play any role her age and edu­ca­tion. At the same time, the desire to get mar­ried may be due to a trib­ute to tra­di­tions, a con­ces­sion to the wish­es of par­ents, or the desire to acquire a new social sta­tus.
  2. Fear of lone­li­ness, fear of grow­ing old alone, fear of dying not sur­round­ed by chil­dren and grand­chil­dren, but as a use­less decrepit old woman.
  3. Why do women want to get mar­ried? Because they are tired of being alone, they are tired of decid­ing every­thing in their life on their own and I want to know that you can rely not only on your­self. The fam­i­ly for such women becomes a real refuge from all trou­bles and trou­bles.
  4. Why do you think some girls want to get mar­ried? They think they can find a nice and gen­er­ous oli­garch who will pro­vide them with a com­fort­able life. Sim­ply put, the ulti­mate dream of such ladies is a mar­riage of con­ve­nience, the main rea­son for the con­clu­sion of which,why girls want to get married is a mate­r­i­al ben­e­fit.
  5. The instinct of repro­duc­tion, where with­out it? At some point, a woman real­izes that she pas­sion­ate­ly wants a child from a man walk­ing next to her through life. Well, almost every­one prefers to give birth, being legal­ly mar­ried. It gives the illu­sion of secu­ri­ty for a woman, many peo­ple regard the stamp in the pass­port as a guar­an­tee that the man will not dis­ap­pear any­where.
  6. For many girls, it is unac­cept­able to live with a man and give birth to chil­dren from him with­out mar­riage from a reli­gious and moral point of view.
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