why no one loves me

You look great and feel great. You have a lot of tal­ents, a won­der­ful and beloved job. Every­thing in your life is good, and it seems that life has tak­en place. But there is one BUT. You are alone, and only one thought fluc­tu­ates in your head as a leit­mo­tif — why no one likes me, no one under­stands me, no one is inter­est­ed in me? A whole set of com­plaints about life and no clear­ance and no way out of the sit­u­a­tion. Mil­lions of peo­ple face sim­i­lar mis­for­tune today. What hap­pens to mod­ern peo­ple and what mis­takes do they make, doom­ing them­selves to lone­li­ness?

Why doesn’t anyone understand me?

In almost any com­pa­ny, be it friends or col­leagues, there will def­i­nite­ly be a lon­er who, com­pared to the rest, has not mar­ried, has not found a mate, and if this is a girl, then she is not mar­ried, etc. To all ques­tions why this is hap­pen­ing, such peo­ple are used to answer­ing with on-duty phras­es like: “No one will love me” or “No one likes me.” But they them­selves hard­ly real­ize the real rea­sons that they are still alone. Psy­chol­o­gists see patients like this every day. “No one com­mu­ni­cates with me, no one gets involved. No one notices me. Doc­tor, why does­n’t any­one need me?” They com­plain. And the doc­tor smiles sad­ly and asks each of the lone­ly peo­ple to turn to their child­hood. It is from there that the legs of this prob­lem grow. Fear of love, an exam­ple of a dif­fi­cult parental rela­tion­ship, child­hood resent­ment, iso­la­tion, etc. — all this leaves an imprint on the per­son­al­i­ty, which can some­times become a real stig­ma of lone­li­ness. Ask one of the suc­cess­ful and rich peo­ple why they are lone­ly. And many of them hon­est­ly admit: “No one has ever loved me.” And the point here is not in oth­ers, but in the per­son him­self. And he is quite capa­ble of solv­ing this prob­lem. Some tips will help dot the I and under­stand your­self:

  1. Ask­ing the ques­tion “why no one loves me” it is impor­tant to first of all turn to your­self and ask “Who do I actu­al­ly love?”. Is there a per­son in your life whom you love for some­thing or just because he is. If you are not afraid of love and deny it, then it will return to you in return. The main thing is to believe that you can love.
  2. Very often peo­ple close in their small inner world because they are haunt­ed by the fear of being aban­doned, for­got­ten or betrayed. For this rea­son, we often fail to notice that some­one is giv­ing us signs of atten­tion.
  3. Anoth­er com­mon cause of fail­ure in a rela­tion­ship is an over­es­ti­mat­ed lev­el of claims to a part­ner and ide­al­iza­tion. For this rea­son, by the way, most mod­ern mar­riages fail. The lev­el of expec­ta­tions of part­ners from each oth­er does not cor­re­spond to real­i­ty. And when the blind­ers of falling in love in the process of liv­ing togeth­er begin to sub­side, then real rela­tion­ships with those that a per­son would like prac­ti­cal­ly do not coin­cide. To get rid of this prob­lem, you need to stop ide­al­iz­ing your rela­tion­ship and “go down to Earth.” In oth­er words, get used to the idea that the ide­al per­son that you have imag­ined will nev­er meet you, because he does not exist.
  4. And final­ly, the last rea­son why peo­ple can­not find their oth­er half is self-doubt. How can you expect love from a stranger nobody understands me if you don’t feel this way about your­self? As the say­ing goes: “If you want to change the world, start with your­self.” Find a hob­by, take walks and change of scenery more often, change your image, go in for sports. There are a lot of options on how to stir your­self up and get rid of depres­sion today. Your main task is to love your­self, the world around you and all its phe­nom­e­na.
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Radi­at­ing joy and con­fi­dence, you are sure to attract new and inter­est­ing peo­ple into your life. And along with them, a cher­ished feel­ing will come to you.