Why get married

Eman­ci­pa­tion in our time has reached such heights that many mod­ern women do not know why to get mar­ried. They can pro­vide for them­selves on their own, for sex you can have one or even sev­er­al lovers, in fact, you can use their ser­vices to con­ceive a child if you want to ful­ly real­ize your fem­i­nin­i­ty. And, prob­a­bly, there is noth­ing sur­pris­ing in the fact that such self-suf­fi­cient ladies not only do not think about get­ting mar­ried, but also won­der why a woman should get mar­ried, hand­ing her­self over to the bondage of house­hold chores? After all, many who hasti­ly played athen ask them­selves the ques­tion “why did I get mar­ried?”, Not real­iz­ing that they won by acquir­ing the sta­tus of a mar­ried woman. So why do girls get mar­ried and why are they pas­sion­ate about it?

Why get married: reasons

Why does the bride refuse to mar­ry? She is either not ripe for fam­i­ly life, or she does not see the head of the fam­i­ly in the groom, or for her the fol­low­ing motives are not suf­fi­cient for mar­riage.

  1. Often women do not even think about get­ting mar­ried because mar­riage is a guar­an­tee of hap­pi­ness for them. They were brought up like this — a hus­band, sev­er­al chil­dren, a well-kept house — Why get marriedThis is what true female hap­pi­ness is. All the rea­son­ing of inde­pen­dent, eman­ci­pat­ed ladies is wild­ness for them.
  2. Some women know exact­ly the answer to the ques­tion “why did I get mar­ried” — in order to feel secure, more self-con­fi­dent. Even the strongest women some­times need a man’s shoul­der, a vest that you can cry into, strong arms that will con­vince you again that every­thing will be fine.
  3. Some­times a fam­i­ly is per­ceived by a woman as an oppor­tu­ni­ty for self-real­iza­tion, to build their own life the way they want. Such women are akin to busi­ness women, but instead of busi­ness, they give their lives to their fam­i­lies.
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