Wooden- how to celebrate and what to give for a wooden wedding?

The name “wood­en wed­ding” was giv­en to the 5‑year anniver­sary of the cou­ple’s life togeth­er, the first sol­id peri­od that the cou­ple lived, over­com­ing dif­fi­cul­ties and rejoic­ing in mutu­al under­stand­ing. It is cus­tom­ary to cel­e­brate it with friends and rel­a­tives who wit­nessed the mar­riage, if there are chil­dren, they can also play a major role in solemn and fun cer­e­monies.

What does woodenmean?

What kind ofis wood­en, and why is it called that? The name of the 5th anniver­sary is asso­ci­at­ed with a tree that sym­bol­izes life and fer­til­i­ty. In ancient times, the cou­ple already had more than one child, but the first-born — it cer­tain­ly was, it was believed that the hus­band and wife, like trees, are inter­twined with branch­es on which their child sleeps. And the spous­es have already man­aged to build their own house in 5 years, fur­nish­ing it with new fur­ni­ture, which should be replen­ished or even updat­ed for guests who like a wood­en wed­ding.

The sym­bol of this date — a tree — means:

  • sta­bil­i­ty;
  • reli­a­bil­i­ty;
  • a hint of a stronger rela­tion­ship that will be on the cop­per or sil­ver­an­niver­sary.
what to give for a wooden wedding

How to celebrate a wooden wedding?

To make the event mem­o­rable for every­one, it is worth con­sid­er­ing in advance the sce­nario for hold­ing a wood­en wed­ding. It is opti­mal to invite guests to a pic­nic or to a restau­rant where the halls are dec­o­rat­ed with wood. A bath­house is also suit­able for a cheer­ful youth com­pa­ny, but then it is worth mov­ing so that there is a place for fun activ­i­ties. There are sev­er­al mem­o­rable rites that have played the role of a sym­bol and amulet since ancient times:

  1. Choose the most beau­ti­ful tree in the gar­den and dec­o­rate it with rib­bons. On them, guests should attach notes with wish­es. If the spous­es live in an apart­ment, a house­plant will do, you can even give it as a gift for an anniver­sary.
  2. Hus­band and wife plant a tree togeth­er, for this pur­pose it is best suit­ed:
  • oak — a sym­bol of longevi­ty;
  • birch — puri­ty and light;
  • lin­den — fam­i­ly hap­pi­ness.
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You can plant sev­er­al dif­fer­ent seedlings. Accord­ing to ancient cus­tom, a cou­ple should go around the tree 5 times, say­ing: “Like a tree is strong, so a tree is flow­ery, like a tree is flex­i­ble, so a tree is reli­able. May our fam­i­ly be like this for­ev­er and ever.”

  1. Anoth­er long-stand­ing tra­di­tion is the tying of five rib­bons by the spous­es on trees that they espe­cial­ly liked.
  2. The hus­band must make a thing out of wood, and the wife must paint it. Guests will eval­u­ate the cre­ativ­i­ty of the cou­ple, so it is bet­ter to prac­tice in such work in advance. The craft will be a sym­bol of uni­ty for the com­ing years.

There are oth­er more mod­ern or fun options for those look­ing for a wood­engift:

  • bring a small log, which the spous­es must cut;
  • orga­nize a horse ride in the park;
  • invite the hus­band and wife to assem­ble a wood­en puz­zle on which clues are burned — dates from the fam­i­ly life of the spous­es.

What to give for a wooden wedding?

What do you give for a wood­en wed­ding? Since the tree is con­sid­ered a tal­is­man against adver­si­ty and mis­for­tune, it is cus­tom­ary to give prod­ucts made from this mate­r­i­al on the 5thanniversary. You can choose anoth­er gift by pack­ing it in a wood­en box. And the choice of pre­sen­ta­tions is very wide:

  • frames for pho­tographs or paint­ings;
  • inte­ri­or dec­o­ra­tions;
  • beau­ti­ful box­es;
  • cut­ting boards;
  • dish­es, vas­es made of wood;
  • brush­wood paint­ings.

What to give your husband for a wooden wedding?

The wife should choose a gift for her hus­band for a wood­en­with humor and fic­tion, tak­ing into account his tastes and pref­er­ences. The most suc­cess­ful options:

  • for a smok­er — a smok­ing pipe with a fun­ny engrav­ing;
  • for a pas­sion­ate fish­er­man — a box of vines with fish­ing acces­sories;
  • for a bath lover — a wood­en buck­et or slip­pers, a bath broom.
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If the hus­band does not have obvi­ous habits, you can focus on a set of wood­en prod­ucts that any man will like:

  • mas­sager;
  • beer mug;
  • oak bar­rel with cognac;
  • pic­nic items;
  • car wraps made of wood­en beads;
  • carved gear knob

What to give your wife for a wooden wedding?

It is dif­fi­cult for many men to decide what gift to give to their wife for a wood­en wed­ding. First you need to decide which series it should be from. We offer two series: for beau­ty and for use­ful­ness, items must be made of wood. For ben­e­fit:

  • bread bins;
  • flower stands;
  • can­dle­sticks;
  • trays.

For beau­ty:

  • cas­kets;
  • bracelets, beads;
  • fig­urines;
  • table to serve break­fast in bed.

What to give children for a wooden wedding?

If a cou­ple has chil­dren, then they should not be deprived of gifts either, because the present for the baby will be pleas­ant for par­ents. What can be pre­sent­ed for a wood­en­to chil­dren? It is best to first clar­i­fy what the son or daugh­ter of the anniver­saries are fond of so that the toy is a joy. The choice of fun from the tree is large, most of all the kids love:

  • musi­cal instru­ments;
  • Yulu, cubes;
  • pyra­mids, knock­ers;
  • puz­zles and puz­zles.