Prepar­ing for a wed­ding can seem like an excit­ing and irre­sistible activ­i­ty: choos­ing the right dress, think­ing through decor and writ­ing vows — it’s all so roman­tic! But when it comes to seri­ous and painstak­ing items, enthu­si­asm can fade. Chan­fash­ion is in a hur­ry to help you: in this arti­cle we have col­lect­ed tips, thanks to which you can eas­i­ly cope with the most dif­fi­cult wed­ding chores.

Budgeting the wedding

Finan­cial mat­ters are always dif­fi­cult, espe­cial­ly when it comes to such an impor­tant event. After all, when orga­niz­ing a wed­ding, you real­ly want to real­ize all your dreams and the most dar­ing ideas! In order to arrange a dream wed­ding and at the same time not face finan­cial trou­bles, it is very impor­tant to cor­rect­ly plan the wed­ding bud­get at the very start. Deter­mine the amount you can spend on orga­niz­ing the cel­e­bra­tion, as well as ways to expand the bud­get in case of unex­pect­ed expens­es and ris­es in price: this can be help from par­ents, bor­row­ing from friends, using sav­ings or a bank loan. But be care­ful! In a fit of pre-wed­ding shopa­holism, sober­ly weigh how much addi­tion­al spend­ing you need and whether you can eas­i­ly pay off your debts.

An impor­tant step in cre­at­ing a wed­ding bud­get is also to deter­mine your pri­or­i­ties. It is not nec­es­sary to choose all the most expen­sive, because not all expense items are actu­al­ly so impor­tant to you per­son­al­ly. For exam­ple, if you have been dream­ing of a Vera Wang wed­ding dress all your life and can­not imag­ine your X day with­out it, then for the sake of your image you can save on things that are less impor­tant to you — for exam­ple, on wed­ding print­ing or decor.

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But the most impor­tant thing in prop­er man­age­ment of the wed­ding bud­get is the abil­i­ty to keep all expens­es under con­trol and clear­ly see where exact­ly the mon­ey goes. This will help you Bud­get Plan­ner by Chan­fash­ion! With it, you can divide expens­es into cat­e­gories, enter each pay­ment into the table and quick­ly find out how much free mon­ey you have left and which of the con­trac­tors you need to trans­fer the fee.

Search for a wedding team

The key to a great wed­ding is peo­ple. First of all, of course, we are talk­ing about you and your fiancé and your guests. But do not for­get about wed­ding con­trac­tors who will help you make your dream come true 🙂 You will need a rather big team: a pho­tog­ra­ph­er, video­g­ra­ph­er, pre­sen­ter, dec­o­ra­tors and styl­ists, tech­ni­cal staff, restau­rant team and many oth­er spe­cial­ists. How to find them all quick­ly and effi­cient­ly?

Chan­fash­ion offers you two options. The first — search for wed­ding spe­cial­ists in our cat­a­log. Choose the cat­e­go­ry you need and your city and start choos­ing: in the pro­file of each spe­cial­ist you will find a port­fo­lio with exam­ples of work, prices for ser­vices and the nec­es­sary con­tact infor­ma­tion. Choose the ones you like and con­tact them for more details.

The sec­ond way for those who want to save their time is Ten­ders by Chan­fash­ion. Every­thing is much faster here: spend 3 min­utes fill­ing out an appli­ca­tion with the wed­ding date, approx­i­mate bud­get and wish­es, and then have a cup of cof­fee read­ing our use­ful arti­cles on wed­ding prepa­ra­tion 🙂 At this time, spe­cial­ists who suit your date and con­di­tions will respond to ten­der and send you their offers. So you will save a lot of time on clar­i­fy­ing the details and sim­pli­fy your search.

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Drawing up a seating plan

Some­times draw­ing up a seat­ing plan for guests at a wed­ding ban­quet can resem­ble a chil­dren’s rid­dle where you need to trans­fer cab­bage, goat and wolf from one bank to anoth­er 🙂 The task only becomes more com­pli­cat­ed if there are old con­flicts and oth­er dif­fi­cul­ties in the fam­i­ly or social cir­cle, but it does not become eas­i­er with few­er guests. Treat this as an excit­ing puz­zle and be sure to use the groom’s help: togeth­er draw or print out the lay­out of the tables in the ban­quet hall, arm your­self guest list and go! The tips from our arti­cle will help you to observe all the sub­tleties. “Seat­ing guests: how to cre­ate the per­fect atmos­phere” The main thing — do not load your­self with an extra bur­den of respon­si­bil­i­ty for mis­takes: any­way, after a while, the guests will dis­perse around the dance floor and, in which case, they will be able to change places.

Wedding menu calculation

You won’t be full of love alone, you will have to feed the guests well at the wed­ding 🙂 Draw­ing up a menu for a wed­ding and cal­cu­lat­ing grams can be con­fus­ing. On the one hand, small por­tions and lack of food can look mean, but on the oth­er hand, a bunch of left­overs at a ban­quet can hit the bud­get. To sim­pli­fy your task, we have pre­pared a selec­tion of tips and detailed instruc­tions with exam­ples. how to make a wed­ding menu. There you will also find the answer to a no less burn­ing ques­tion: how to cal­cu­late the amount of drinks and alco­hol at a wed­ding? 🙂

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wedding day timing

A com­pe­tent wed­ding day sched­ule is a guar­an­tee of peace of mind and a reduc­tion in the num­ber of force majeure 🙂 Togeth­er with your wed­ding team, draw up a detailed dai­ly sched­ule and do not for­get about small time gaps between items. First­ly, such “win­dows” will help you not to go astray from the plan, even if there are any delays. Sec­ond­ly, remem­ber that this is still a hol­i­day that you and your fiancé should enjoy, and not turn it into a race for a tight sched­ule.

To make tim­ing more con­ve­nient, use the tool “Wed­ding Day Plan” by Chan­fash­ion and our tips from the arti­cle “Wed­ding Day in Detail”.

In order not to for­get a sin­gle impor­tant detail in the wed­ding prepa­ra­tion, use our Bride’s to-do list. We have cre­at­ed a step-by-step plan that will help you orga­nize the wed­ding of your dreams on your own. Detailed instruc­tions, user-friend­ly inter­face and impor­tant tips from experts — every­thing to make your wed­ding prepa­ra­tion eas­i­er 🙂