Should I take out a loan for a wed­ding? What wed­ding tra­di­tions can be for­got­ten with­out fear? Is it even worth hav­ing a wed­ding? With­out taboos and unnec­es­sary mod­esty Chan­fash­ion will answer ques­tions about the wed­ding that new­ly­weds are some­times afraid to ask.

Maybe we should take a vacation?

The most impor­tant ques­tion to ask before div­ing into wed­ding plan­ning is: “Do we even want a wed­ding?” This is a rather labor-inten­sive event that will require a lot of orga­ni­za­tion­al efforts and finances, so your desire must be unshak­able 🙂

Even if a large part of the new­ly­weds decides to aban­don the wed­ding in favor of trav­el­ing, buy­ing a car or repair­ing it, we still advise you not to neglect this event. You will have many more joint trips, because you have a whole life ahead of you togeth­er. But to gath­er the clos­est peo­ple, pro­nounce cher­ished oaths and cel­e­brate the begin­ning of fam­i­ly life, you can only once, hav­ing received a lot of unique mem­o­ries.

Without a wedding planner anywhere?

The com­plex­i­ty of orga­niz­ing a wed­ding can­not be under­es­ti­mat­ed, espe­cial­ly if you are plan­ning a large-scale cel­e­bra­tion for 50 or more guests. A pro­fes­sion­al wed­ding plan­ner can help with many ques­tions, but if you want to super­vise the prepa­ra­tion process from A to Z on your own, Chan­fash­ion will not leave you with­out help!

Espe­cial­ly for inde­pen­dent brides, we have cre­at­ed the most con­ve­nient online plan­ner for prepar­ing for the wed­ding. Wait­ing for you Bride’s to-do listwhere the process of orga­niz­ing a wed­ding is described step by step with all the pit­falls and nuances. Bud­get Plan­ner help keep finances under con­trol, and inter­ac­tive Guest List will not let you miss any impor­tant notes about the guests and will great­ly sim­pli­fy the cal­cu­la­tions. Every­thing for you and your per­fect wed­ding!

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Are bride price and other controversial traditions unavoidable?

Over the cen­turies, a lot of wed­ding tra­di­tions and signs have gath­ered, the expla­na­tions for which have long been for­got­ten. Either the groom can’t see the bride before the cer­e­mo­ny, then you need to put coins in your shoes for a rich life, and don’t for­get to honk in the city — this should scare away evil spir­its. Yes, some super­sti­tions look com­plete­ly absurd 🙂

If you are embar­rassed or annoyed by some wed­ding tra­di­tions, then aban­don them with­out much thought, even despite the dis­sat­is­fac­tion of some rel­a­tives. But if doing some rit­u­als helps to calm down a lit­tle or just feels right and nec­es­sary, then why not observe them on your wed­ding day?

Wedding on credit — is it embarrassing?

Some­times you have to turn to banks for sup­port to make big pur­chas­es, and a wed­ding is no excep­tion. If you don’t feel like bor­row­ing from friends or accept­ing finan­cial assis­tance from your par­ents, then a loan becomes a log­i­cal option for expand­ing your wed­ding bud­get.

There is noth­ing shame­ful in this, but it is worth think­ing care­ful­ly about what exact­ly you want to spend the loan mon­ey on and whether you can pay off the debt with­out dif­fi­cul­ty and delays.

How can we save money on organizing a wedding?

Some cou­ples feel embar­rassed because of the lack of bud­get or the desire to orga­nize a wed­ding cheap­er. How­ev­er, there is no need to be ashamed of the oppor­tu­ni­ty to save mon­ey, because the ratio­nal use of the bud­get will help you orga­nize a mem­o­rable hol­i­day even with small invest­ments.

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First of all, deter­mine your pri­or­i­ties. What is more impor­tant for your cou­ple — a chic design­er dress and groom’s suit or, for exam­ple, a rich­ly set table at a ban­quet? When allo­cat­ing your bud­get, pri­or­i­tize your pri­or­i­ties and skimp on items that are not as impor­tant to you per­son­al­ly.

Also don’t for­get to read our selec­tion of “30 tips to save mon­ey on wed­ding plan­ning”!

Do we need to invite everyone we know?

I want to share the hap­py moments of cre­at­ing a fam­i­ly with the clos­est and loved ones. But do they include dis­tant rel­a­tives with whom com­mu­ni­ca­tion is lim­it­ed, God for­bid, to rare con­grat­u­la­tions on the phone, col­leagues from work, long-for­got­ten class­mates and oth­er dis­tant acquain­tances? Remem­ber that each guest is an addi­tion­al bur­den on the bud­get, and some­times also a chance for neg­a­tive emo­tions on the wed­ding day. There­fore, we advise you to take the list of guests seri­ous­ly and think care­ful­ly about who you will real­ly be glad to see on your wed­ding day.

Is it possible to do without…

A lim­ou­sine, a ban­quet, the mourn­ful speech­es of the reg­is­trar from the reg­istry office — at your wed­ding, you can refuse any­thing if you feel that some of the “manda­to­ry attrib­ut­es” are not about you. Singer Jer­ry Hale even refused the groom, orga­niz­ing the wed­ding accord­ing to all the canons, but bring­ing wed­ding vows to her­self 🙂

We do not agi­tate you to go to such extremes, but you can safe­ly ques­tion all the oth­er wed­ding “so it should be”. The main thing is that you like the con­cept of the wed­ding and each of its com­po­nents, no mat­ter how many tra­di­tions you have to break because of this.

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