The morn­ing of the bride is a moment of sweet antic­i­pa­tion and a chance to recharge with a chic mood for the whole day. And in order to open up in a new way and feel like a real queen, do not miss the oppor­tu­ni­ty to arrange a boudoir pho­to ses­sion dur­ing the prepa­ra­tions. Chan­fash­ion I’ve put togeth­er a selec­tion of tips and sam­ple shots for you to inspire. Don’t wor­ry: no vul­gar­i­ty, only ele­gance and aes­thet­ics!

Look for inspiration

Prepa­ra­tion is the key to a suc­cess­ful pho­to shoot. Get inspired in advance by oth­er brides’ boudar pho­to shoots to get pos­es and inter­est­ing ideas, as well as decide which pho­to style res­onates with you.

Choose your mood

When plan­ning a boudoir pho­tog­ra­phy, answer the ques­tion: how do you want to see your­self in these pho­tos, what mood to con­vey? Bright sex­u­al­i­ty or gen­tle mod­esty, or maybe even exper­i­men­tal shoot­ing in an unusu­al envi­ron­ment — the most impor­tant thing is that you your­self feel as com­fort­able as pos­si­ble in your cho­sen incar­na­tion.

Don’t think about embarrassment

Throw away doubts and com­plex­es, because today you look espe­cial­ly charm­ing: hap­py lov­ing eyes adorn even bet­ter pro­fes­sion­al make­up and thought­ful image 🙂 Relax and enjoy shoot­ing — a pro­fes­sion­al wed­ding pho­tog­ra­ph­er will def­i­nite­ly make sure to empha­size all your advan­tages in the frame.

The perfect kit

To feel your best, you will need a lux­u­ri­ous set of under­wear. Choose what appeals to you more: an open or even provoca­tive set, an ele­gant lace body­suit, or maybe a men’s shirt on a naked body? By the way, for the wed­ding day itself, we rec­om­mend choos­ing a spare, more com­fort­able set of under­wear that will not cause you dis­com­fort.

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Add a cheek

Don’t for­get about acces­sories! They will help to make the image more com­plete and inter­est­ing, as well as diver­si­fy the shots. A belt, garters, a chok­er, stock­ings, a garter and, of course, your veil will come in very handy at a boudoir pho­to shoot. Also, your jew­el­ry, per­fume and shoes can serve as props for cre­at­ing atmos­pher­ic shots.

Modest boudoir photo session

If you don’t want to make pho­tos too frank and erot­ic, but you don’t want to refuse a boudoir pho­to­set, then here are some tips:

closed image

To look sexy, you don’t have to undress at all 🙂 Now bou­tiques offer many options for dress­ing gowns and capes espe­cial­ly for the bride’s morn­ing look. When choos­ing under­wear, you can also pay atten­tion to sets with­out provoca­tive details: instead of feath­ers and mesh bodices, choose tight lace, more closed styles. Instead of a belt, stock­ings and har­ness, you can choose some­thing more unob­tru­sive — for exam­ple, a white lace chok­er.

Emphasis on details

If you want to get ele­gant boudoir pho­tos, you don’t have to be too naked in the frame. Pho­tos with an empha­sis on cer­tain parts of the body look aes­thet­i­cal­ly pleas­ing: for exam­ple, col­lar­bones, open shoul­ders, ankles peek­ing out from under the hem of the dress, a bare back and thin wrists. So you do not have to be naked, but the pho­tos will empha­size your female sex­u­al­i­ty and sophis­ti­ca­tion.

Silhouette photo

An excel­lent solu­tion for mod­est brides will be sil­hou­ette pho­tos. With the right com­bi­na­tion of light and veil in the com­po­si­tion, you can cre­ate a seduc­tive shot that does­n’t look too reveal­ing or show too much.

Auxiliary props

Props will be a great help if you have lit­tle expe­ri­ence in pho­to shoots — it’s much eas­i­er to come up with pos­es by play­ing around with objects. Use what will help cre­ate an inno­cent image. For exam­ple, you can take a pho­to at break­fast with exquis­ite dish­es, use books, take a pho­to in flow­ers.

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