autumn wedding

Autumn has long been con­sid­ered the best sea­son for wed­dings. And it’s not all about all sorts of signs. It’s just that the har­vest sea­son usu­al­ly end­ed by Sep­tem­ber, and the abun­dance of food and the avail­abil­i­ty of free time played a role.

But such a cel­e­bra­tion has its advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages. Although the lat­ter are still more cor­rect­ly attrib­uted to the fea­tures of wed­dings in the fall. The main such fea­ture is con­sid­ered to be change­able autumn weath­er. And here at once some nuances. First­ly, start­ing prepa­ra­tions for the wed­ding, it is impos­si­ble to pre­dict what the weath­er will be like that day. Well, with the excep­tion that it will almost cer­tain­ly be warm until Sep­tem­ber 15, and from Novem­ber 1 it will almost cer­tain­ly be cold. But autumn is such a time when you can­not be sure what the weath­er will be like even in the next 2–3 hours. There­fore, autumn brides should fore­see all pos­si­ble weath­er sit­u­a­tions, as well as their solu­tion. And we, in turn, will give some advice on orga­niz­ing a wed­ding in the fall.

Fall Wed­ding Ideas

In fact, there can be a lot of ideas, and it is sim­ply impos­si­ble to list them all. We will only try to tell you about the most pop­u­lar and inter­est­ing ideas for a fall wed­ding in our opin­ion.

Quite often, Sep­tem­ber (rarely Octo­ber) wed­dings are pre­ferred to be held out­doors. But hold­ing a wed­ding in the fall in nature, Fall Wedding Ideasalbeit orig­i­nal, but quite a risky under­tak­ing. It may rain, get cold­er, etc. There­fore, if you decide to take such a step, then you should take care of the avail­abil­i­ty of shel­ter, in case of force majeure. Those who do not want to take such risks should con­sid­er in advance a place where they can cel­e­brate a wed­ding in the fall. As one of the options, you can hold an out­door cer­e­mo­ny in nature, but it is still bet­ter to hold a ban­quet indoors.

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In addi­tion to the venue, you can dis­tin­guish your­self with an orig­i­nal theme for the wed­ding. In this case, autumn suits per­fect­ly — you can use all kinds of cos­tumes with­out wor­ry­ing that they will be hot.

Sep­a­rate­ly, I would like to note the autumn pho­to shoot. Pho­tos are espe­cial­ly beau­ti­ful dur­ing the gold­en autumn. Such a riot of col­ors as at this time does not hap­pen either in sum­mer or in spring. It can be inter­est­ing to beat scenes with an open­work umbrel­la, a fur cape, rain, leaf fall and many oth­er attrib­ut­es of autumn pho­to shoots. If the weath­er is favor­able, you can take pic­tures by the pond dur­ing the wed­ding walk. The autumn sky reflect­ed in it will give the pho­tos a spe­cial, autumn-like warm tint.

But even in case of bad weath­er, do not despair. You can play with con­trast. Brides in snow-white dress­es look very beau­ti­ful against the back­drop of a gray cityscape and wet paved roads. And no one has yet can­celed spe­cial­ized pho­to stu­dios.

wedding in autumn in nature

Autumn wed­ding menu

There should­n’t be any prob­lems here at all. Because on the shelves of stores there is every­thing your soul desires. And when com­pil­ing a wed­ding menu, you just need to fol­low these rules:

  • if you think that the weath­er will already be cool, then there should be more warm and hot dish­es on the table. But ice cream for dessert is bet­ter to refuse;
  • don’t skimp on alco­hol. It will still not be sum­mer any­more, and guests will “warm up” more often, and the risk that they will be blown away from the heat is still min­i­mal;
  • veg­eta­bles and fruits are your trump card. At this time, they are cheap, juicy and more rel­e­vant than ever. Use egg­plant, and zuc­chi­ni, and sweet pep­pers, and all oth­er nat­ur­al prod­ucts on the table — and you, hav­ing spent a min­i­mum of mon­ey, diver­si­fy the fes­tive table to the max­i­mum.
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What to wear to a fall wed­ding?

The style of an autumn dress for a wed­ding depends on the weath­er and your taste. A white long dress is always rel­e­vant. But if you want some­thing unusu­al, then all the warm shades are at your dis­pos­al — cream, cham­pagne, red, yel­low, etc.

It is bet­ter to take shoes with a closed toe and heel. And if the wed­ding is in Novem­ber, then maybe you should think about boots.

And just in case, you need to buy a cape on the shoul­ders. If you do not need it dur­ing the day, then in the evening it will be very use­ful.

Fall Wedding Ideas