Social net­works have firm­ly tak­en an impor­tant place in the lives of many of us, and there is no point in argu­ing with this. But in addi­tion to great ben­e­fits, they can bring a lot of neg­a­tiv­i­ty. In this arti­cle Chan­fash­ion share tips on how to pre­vent social media from com­pli­cat­ing your­prepa­ra­tions and ruin­ing your­ex­pe­ri­ence.

Communicate important news in person

Final­ly, you received the cher­ished offer and every­thing was like in a fairy tale: gen­tle, roman­tic and so unfor­get­table. Of course, I want to imme­di­ate­ly tell the whole world about it! The hand reach­es out to take a pic­ture of the engage­ment ring and share it with all the fol­low­ers on Insta­gram 🙂

But first, think about your clos­est ones: it is unlike­ly that mom will be hap­py that the user Nogotochki_Dnepr_873 found out about such an impor­tant event before her. Tell the news to your rel­a­tives at least through a call or SMS, and only after that share your emo­tions on social net­works. By the way, after call­ing your fam­i­ly and girl­friends and find­ing the per­fect angle for a pho­to of the ring, don’t for­get about the groom 🙂 You prob­a­bly need to live these impor­tant feel­ings togeth­er, the rest of the world can wait.

Leave intimate details behind the scenes

While no one has seen your­dress, the pro­tag­o­nist of all dis­cus­sions is the engage­ment ring. We do not dis­suade you from a mil­lion pho­tos of jew­el­ry from all angles, and are even ready to share ideas how to take a good pic­ture of an engage­ment ring 🙂 But we advise you to refrain from unnec­es­sary details: for exam­ple, it is not at all nec­es­sary to tell strangers from social net­works about the price of the ring and the num­ber of carats of the gem­stone.

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The same advice applies to sto­ries about how exact­ly the groom pro­posed to you. Gen­er­al infor­ma­tion can be very excit­ing, but some very per­son­al words are best left to the two of you or your clos­est friends.

Your condition is a priority

Social media can be a huge help in your­plan­ning. Here you will find a ton of inspiration,ideas, plan­ning tips and expe­ri­ences from oth­er brides. But an over­dose of this infor­ma­tion can make your head boil.

The most dan­ger­ous thing is the end­less field for com­par­isons. If your feed is filled with wed­dings of celebri­ties and cou­ples with high finan­cial capa­bil­i­ties, then anx­i­ety may set­tle inside that with­out a huge bud­get, thewill still not be as fab­u­lous as you dream. Con­stant com­par­isons lead to stress, inse­cu­ri­ty and frus­tra­tion. Do you real­ly need such a state on the eve of one of the hap­pi­est days?

If you start to notice that after watch­ing the tape, your mood only wors­ens, then revise your sub­scrip­tions and arrange a small detox from social net­works.

Come up with a hashtag

A sep­a­rate­hash­tag will help you quick­ly col­lect pho­tos and videos from the wed­ding. This makes life a lot eas­i­er: not only will you not have to wait for thep­ho­tog­ra­ph­er to work, but you will also be able to see from the out­side a lot of cool moments that you did not notice dur­ing the­day. Read our arti­cle “Recipe for a cool hash­tag”come up with your own and be sure to noti­fy guests about it.

The hash­tag can also come in handy dur­ing your­prepa­ra­tions if you plan to share it on social media. We are sure it will be very nice to remem­ber these moments after a while, and the hash­tag will help you quick­ly find the posts you need 🙂

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Do not share important organizational details

Be care­ful what you post on social media regard­ingde­tails. First­ly, you nev­er know who exact­ly will be able to see this infor­ma­tion: for exam­ple, it is bet­ter to leave the time and place of the gath­er­ing of guests only for those invit­ed.

Sec­ond­ly, reveal­ing all the moments in advance can inter­fere with the wow effect on the­day. It’s one thing to reveal a few unre­lat­ed details, and quite anoth­er to show off adress and décor con­cept a month before X‑Day.

Third­ly, some pub­li­ca­tions may intro­duce con­fu­sion. If you decide to use asite instead of stan­dard invi­ta­tions, then it is bet­ter to send a link to it per­son­al­ly to guests, and not post it on Insta­gram. This way you can make sure every­one gets the link and you don’t get extra com­ments from peo­ple you did­n’t intend to invite.


At some point in a wed­ding, it’s impor­tant to put your phones away and just dive into the process. For exam­ple, dur­ing the­cer­e­mo­ny itself or the touch­ing moment of igni­tion of the fam­i­ly hearth. Ask the host to warn guests about the impor­tance of turn­ing off their phones and just being with you. Pho­tos and sto­ries for Insta­gram are not as impor­tant as emo­tion­al involve­ment. Espe­cial­ly if a pro­fes­sion­al pho­tog­ra­ph­er and video­g­ra­ph­er will work at these moments: it will be even eas­i­er for spe­cial­ists to make amaz­ing shots if guests do not fuss in front of them in search of a bet­ter angle.

Delegate your phone

On your­day, you should be a care­free and hap­py bride, not an SMM man­ag­er 🙂 Del­e­gate your phone to your most respon­si­ble girl­friend: she can not only help you post some­thing inter­est­ing on Insta­gram, but also answer untime­ly calls and SMS. And you, in turn, try to stay offline longer on this day — tomor­row you will be able to review all the posts of the guests, but for now, con­cen­trate on what is hap­pen­ing here and now.

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In order not to for­get a sin­gle impor­tant detail in thep­repa­ra­tion, use our Bride’s to-do list. We have cre­at­ed a step-by-step plan that will help you orga­nize the­of your dreams on your own. Detailed instruc­tions, user-friend­ly inter­face and impor­tant tips from experts — every­thing to make your­prepa­ra­tion eas­i­er 🙂