Wedding anniversary by year - features of the first, second, third, fifth, tenth and other dates

Nowa­days, among the end­less bus­tle, it can be dif­fi­cult to find your soul mate. If a fam­i­ly union has already been cre­at­ed, then it is very impor­tant to main­tain its well-being in order to live togeth­er for a long time. Thean­niver­sary by year dis­plays the stages that cou­ples go through.

Wedding anniversaries by year

As you know, I don’t watch hap­py hours, and it’s good when hap­pi­ness is mea­sured not in hours and days, but in years and even tens of years. Wed­ding anniver­saries, their names by year have deep roots, going back cen­turies. This count­down begins from the day of the­cel­e­bra­tion itself, which is called green. This sug­gests that the fam­i­ly is still young and frag­ile, like spring greens, so many flow­ers are always giv­en on this day.

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First year of marriage

This is a cot­ton or gauze wed­ding. The firstan­niver­sary over the years has its own sym­bol — chintz. This is a beau­ti­ful and bright fab­ric, but very thin. So is the first dif­fi­cult year of fam­i­ly life: the rela­tion­ship has not lost the bright­ness of col­ors, but they are still very frag­ile. The young cou­ple got to know each oth­er, faced every­day prob­lems, and over­came their first fam­i­ly dif­fi­cul­ties. How­ev­er, even a small storm in the ocean of life can extin­guish the still weak flame of a fam­i­ly hearth.

If you want to know what to give for a chintz wed­ding, then a set of bed linen made of chintz, cot­ton, satin, silk will be an excel­lent gift for this anniver­sary. In addi­tion, spous­es are giv­en pil­lows, blan­kets or even a bed. You can also give a pure­ly sym­bol­ic gift in the form of chintz hand­ker­chiefs, an apron or heart-shaped pil­lows. There is anoth­er tra­di­tion of the first year — the new­ly­weds must drink a bot­tle of cham­pagne, which has been hid­den from the day of their mar­riage.


A two-year mar­riage is a paper wed­ding. 2 years of mar­riage was a test of tol­er­ance in a young fam­i­ly. Often by this time a baby appears in the fam­i­ly, so spous­es should treat each oth­er kinder and more care­ful­ly. Paper in this case is a sym­bol of the fragili­ty of mar­riage bonds, and it depends only on the spous­es whether they can save their still frag­ile union. As a con­grat­u­la­tion on a paper­for this event, you can give the spous­es a beau­ti­ful fam­i­ly pho­to album in an expen­sive cov­er, a good book, tick­ets to a the­ater per­for­mance or con­cert.

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The thir­dan­niver­sary by year is a wheat or leather cel­e­bra­tion. The fam­i­ly is becom­ing stronger, but the rela­tion­ship in it con­tin­ues to change like skin. Since the hus­band and wife have not part­ed until now, it means that they have learned to flex­i­bly get along with each oth­er. After all, leather is stronger than cal­i­co (a sym­bol of the first year of fam­i­ly life), and it cer­tain­ly can­not be com­pared with paper, sym­bol­iz­ing the sec­on­dan­niver­sary.

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For this cel­e­bra­tion, the host­ess bakes sweet loaves from wheat flour (the sym­bol of the three-year­an­niver­sary). The best gift for a leather­for the head of the fam­i­ly is an expen­sive leather purse, and a purse for a woman. In addi­tion, beau­ti­ful crys­tal prod­ucts will be an appro­pri­ate present. The sym­bol­ism of this day is asso­ci­at­ed with nature, so it would be quite appro­pri­ate to cel­e­brate it, for exam­ple, in a coun­try cot­tage or on the shore of a reser­voir.

Five years of marriage

The fifth anniver­sary of mar­ried life is a wood­en wed­ding. The tree is a sym­bol of the strength of mar­riage bonds. It is believed that if by this time they have not bro­ken, then the mar­riage already has strong roots. By this hol­i­day, it is sup­posed to give wood­en prod­ucts: cas­kets, spoons, dish­es. The own­er of the house can make some crafts from wood with his own hands. The host­ess, cov­er­ing it with var­nish, con­firms her com­pli­ance in fam­i­ly rela­tion­ships.

Some cou­ples decide on this day to per­form a sym­bol­ic act — to plant a tree that will grow and grow stronger every year, like fam­i­ly ties. An excel­lent gift for a wood­e­nis beau­ti­ful fur­ni­ture: a table, an arm­chair, a sofa, a bed. On this day, a man can be giv­en a rosary made of wood, a smok­ing pipe, or even a set of brooms. A woman will like wood­en jew­el­ry or an orig­i­nal, beau­ti­ful­ly dec­o­rat­ed jew­el­ry box.


ten years of marriage

The first fam­i­ly anniver­sary is a pewter or pink wed­ding. The ten­thanniver­sary is cel­e­brat­ed with pomp and solem­ni­ty over the years. On this hol­i­day, the hus­band should give his wife the same bou­quet that was at their wed­ding. In addi­tion, you can give scar­let ros­es as a sym­bol of love, because she has gone through so many tri­als over the years, and is not afraid of sharp thorns or oth­er life obsta­cles. A bou­quet of 11 ros­es pre­sent­ed by her hus­band will be appro­pri­ate for thisan­niver­sary, 10 of which are red, sym­bol­iz­ing love and devo­tion, and 1 is white, empha­siz­ing hope for a fur­ther hap­py future.

The anniver­sary of the ten­thyear has anoth­er name — tin, and this met­al is flex­i­ble, but durable. For such a hol­i­day, guests can, for exam­ple, present a set of pewter uten­sils to the wife, and chess from the same mate­r­i­al to the hus­band. There is a belief that spous­es should car­ry a tin spoon with them on this day, and put it under the pil­low at night, which will cer­tain­ly bring hap­pi­ness to the house.

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twenty years of marriage

Over the years, the cou­ple has already cre­at­ed a strong fam­i­ly, but they need to remem­ber that any, even the hap­pi­est union, is very frag­ile, so it must be pro­tect­ed by tak­ing care of each oth­er. Porce­lain- 20 years of mar­riage. The anniver­sary of the twen­ti­eth­by years sug­gests a fes­tive table served with porce­lain dish­es, which sym­bol­izes the increased pros­per­i­ty of the fam­i­ly. Cel­e­brat­ing 20 years of mar­riage, the spous­es throw away the old dish­es, and the guests give them new table­ware in return.

twenty five years of marriage

A quar­ter of a cen­tu­ry has already been lived togeth­er, 25 years — a sil­ver wed­ding. The noble met­al sil­ver is a sym­bol of a strong fam­i­ly union. On this day, all rel­a­tives and friends come to vis­it the spous­es. Hus­band and wife exchange sil­ver rings, which are then worn with­rings. Gifts to spous­es for this anniver­sary should be only sil­ver, and let them be small, but always made of this met­al.

silver wedding

thirty years of marriage

At 30, this is a pearl wed­ding. This stone nev­er tar­nish­es and is there­fore a sym­bol of ide­al fam­i­ly rela­tion­ships. Cel­e­brat­ing 30 years of mar­riage, a hus­band gives his wife a pearl neck­lace. Thus, he, as it were, asks for for­give­ness for all those tears-pearls that, through his vol­un­tary or invol­un­tary fault, were shed by his wife over all the past years of liv­ing togeth­er. The best gift for a pearlis a string of expen­sive pearls, which guests can even buy in exchange.

thirty five years of marriage

This anniver­sary is also called linen. The sym­bol of such a sig­nif­i­cant anniver­sary is a table­cloth, per­son­i­fy­ing pros­per­i­ty, peace and home­li­ness. Anoth­er name for the cel­e­bra­tion is coral- 35 years of mar­ried life. Corals are a sym­bol of long life togeth­er and health. Coex­is­tence is made up of many days spent togeth­er, just as corals are made up of strong lit­tle lime­stone flow­ers. On this day, the mis­tress of the house is espe­cial­ly glo­ri­fied, who man­aged to keep the warmth of the hearth through­out all these dif­fi­cult years.

For this anniver­sary, it is cus­tom­ary for spous­es to give bed linen, a blan­ket or a car­pet. The woman is pre­sent­ed with beau­ti­ful coral beads, and the man is giv­en a linen shirt. Anoth­er tra­di­tion that is observed on the 35thanniversary is inter­est­ing. On the eve of the hol­i­day, both the hus­band and wife go to spend the night with their par­ents or friends. At the same time, each of the spous­es should take from the house any thing that would remind him of his soul­mate.

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Forty years of marriage

The gem­stone ruby ​​sym­bol­izes fiery love. 40 years — ruby ​​ Her sym­bol reminds the spous­es of the feel­ings they had for each oth­er, decid­ing to start a fam­i­ly. Since the col­or of the ruby ​​is sim­i­lar to scar­let blood, this 40th anniver­sary is evi­dence that the inti­ma­cy of the spous­es has already become blood. A hus­band on this day can give his beloved a ring with this sym­bol­ic stone. By this day, you can present var­i­ous items for dec­o­rat­ing the house or a large bas­ket of fruits as a gift to the anniver­saries.

ruby wedding

Forty five years of marriage

45 years of mar­riage is a sap­phire wed­ding. This stone is a sym­bol of fideli­ty, sin­cer­i­ty and strength of fam­i­ly ties. Often, sap­phire jew­el­ry can be an alter­na­tive to tra­di­tion­al­rings. He can get rid of heavy thoughts, give strength to fight dis­eases and var­i­ous hard­ships, refresh feel­ings. An appro­pri­ate gift for this day will be jew­el­ry with sap­phires. On this day, the anniver­saries are giv­en fresh flow­ers in blue and yel­low shades.

fifty years of marriage

The half-cen­tu­ry anniver­sary is cel­e­brat­ed espe­cial­ly mag­nif­i­cent­ly and solemn­ly, because not all cou­ples are des­tined to live togeth­er until such a date. Gold­en anniver­saries, who are an exam­ple of how to live a fam­i­ly life, are giv­en spe­cial love and respect. 50 years is a gold­en wed­ding, to which rel­a­tives and friends of the anniver­sary, their chil­dren, grand­chil­dren and great-grand­chil­dren, col­leagues and friends are invit­ed.

The main gift for a gold­e­nis newrings for hus­band and wife, which are giv­en instead of those who are already 50 years old. Old rings turn into fam­i­ly trea­sures and are inher­it­ed by unmar­ried grand­chil­dren and great-grand­chil­dren. It is not nec­es­sary for guests to present a gold­en jew­el, so you can buy any oth­er prod­uct dec­o­rat­ed with gild­ing. Often on this day they arrange anoth­er cer­e­mo­ny of mar­riage.

sixty years of marriage

Anoth­er anniver­sary is a dia­mond or dia­mond wed­ding. Its sym­bol is the hard­est pre­cious dia­mond, sym­bol­iz­ing the strength of a fam­i­ly union that has exist­ed for so long. On this anniver­sary, the chil­dren and grand­chil­dren of the spous­es give them jew­el­ry with this stone. How­ev­er, such a piece of jew­el­ry is a very expen­sive gift, so it is quite accept­able to present a six­ty-year-old new­ly­weds with any item they need in every­day life: a cof­fee mak­er or an iron, a ket­tle or a blender. A cou­ple who has been mar­ried for 60 years deserves uni­ver­sal respect.