You have been invit­ed to aand you have no idea what to wear to such an event? It hap­pens to every­one when you start to get lost in options. In order not to mis­cal­cu­late and find the right option — use our tips.

3 questions to choose a dress for a wedding

Where to start look­ing for­clothes? To find the right answers, you need to ask the right ques­tions:

Question #1: Did the newlyweds say there is a dress code?

If so, then every­thing has already been decid­ed for you. Did the bride name a cer­tain style or a cer­tain col­or palette? Then open Insta­gram, Pin­ter­est and let’s get inspired! Col­lect exam­ples of looks and out­fits, and then see if there is some­thing sim­i­lar in your wardrobe. If not, then it’s time to go shop­ping.

Question number 2: Who are you to the newlyweds?

For boyfriends and close friends, the bride has prob­a­bly already thought out the image to the details. And hair­styles, and out­fits, and make­up — all this is bet­ter to check with a friend. If you are a par­ent, then look at what out­fits your chil­dren have cho­sen and choose some­thing in the same style.

If you are a col­league from work, then just choose some­thing most suit­able from your wardrobe. For exam­ple, you were told that the col­or of the­is red, but there is no red dress in the wardrobe. What to do? You choose a gray dress, but com­ple­ment it with a red scarf, red lip­stick or a red belt. And the col­or, and noth­ing new to buy.

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Question #3: Where will thetake place?

Hav­ing answered this ques­tion for your­self, you will imme­di­ate­ly under­stand which out­fit to choose. For exam­ple, the­was sched­uled for 18:00 in a restau­rant: so choose an evening dress, evening make­up and heels. If thewill take place in nature, in the morn­ing, and it is warm out­side: a short light dress, day­time make­up and sim­ple styling will do.

Ana­lyze what time of the year it will be, what time of meet­ing on that day, where the cer­e­mo­ny will take place and what kind of enter­tain­ment thewill have. This will help you fig­ure out how to choose not only the right, but also a com­fort­able out­fit.

Other nuances to choose an outfit for a wedding

1. Pay atten­tion to the invi­ta­tion

Per­haps there is infor­ma­tion about the style of the wed­ding. If not, then most like­ly thewill be dec­o­rat­ed in the same col­ors as the invi­ta­tion that was sent to you. There­fore, pay atten­tion to its col­or palette and style.

2. Ask oth­er invi­tees. Nobody can­celed the col­lec­tive instinct: if in doubt, ask oth­er invit­ed friends what they are going to wear to the wed­ding. Per­haps every­one has cho­sen one theme, and you just have to stick to the gen­er­al style.

3. Ask the bride. Rack­ing your brain but not find­ing any clues? Don’t know any­thing about the col­or palette orloca­tion? Are there any of your friends among the guests to whom you can write? Then feel free to ask the bride! Well, or the groom, if he invit­ed you.

Yes, the new­ly­weds now have a lot of wor­ries. But that is why they could for­get to tell you about some impor­tant nuances. They don’t beat you for ask­ing ques­tions, but they can beat you for com­ing in a bright yel­low dress to the wed­ding! 🙂 This is, of course, a joke. But why upset the bride when you can just ask?

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We hope that this arti­cle was use­ful and you already know where to look for aout­fit 🙂