Wedding dresses that can be worn after the- beautiful outfits for an economical bride

Many brides want to pur­chase­dress­es that can be worn after the wed­ding. Such mod­els belong to the cur­rent trends of recent sea­sons. Cou­turi­ers tried to replen­ish their col­lec­tions with uni­ver­sal styles that are allowed to be used after the cel­e­bra­tion.

Is it possible to wear adress after the wedding?

Many girls are inter­est­ed in such a ques­tion as stor­ing adress after the wed­ding. Dis­putes are caused by the moment whether it is pos­si­ble to wear an out­fit after a fes­tive event has passed:

  • There are no pro­hi­bi­tions on wear­ing dress­es in every­day life. Girls pre­fer to arrange pho­to shoots in it, use it to go to a par­ty;
  • some mod­els are so suc­cess­ful that they are applic­a­ble in every­day life. These are prod­ucts known as “pen­cil”, “case”. Straight, lacon­ic sil­hou­ette pro­vides ele­gance and ver­sa­til­i­ty;
  • a good solu­tion is a trans­former, the cre­ation of which uses a short­ened dress adja­cent to the fig­ure, which can be used in every­day wear. Dur­ing the cel­e­bra­tion, a fluffy skirt is put on over it, which is sub­se­quent­ly advis­able to use for spec­tac­u­lar pho­to shoots;
  • the only taboo is to remar­ry a woman who is divorced in an out­fit. The thing is con­sid­ered “unlucky” and it is not rec­om­mend­ed to use it.
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Beau­ti­ful short­dress­es will help to demon­strate slen­der legs. The short­ened length is ide­al for mod­els that can be used for sub­se­quent wear after the cer­e­mo­ny:

  • irre­place­able style “case”, which per­fect­ly “sit down” on any fig­ure. The adjoin­ing sil­hou­ette gives restraint and ele­gance;
  • An excel­lent solu­tion is mod­els with a slight­ly flared skirt. It is bet­ter to refrain from too lush options, as they will not fit into the every­day look;
  • short dress­es that can be worn after theare made of airy chif­fon, del­i­cate silk, shiny satin, open­work lace;
  • The prod­uct with an asym­met­ri­cal hem looks inter­est­ing, short­ened in front and length­en­ing in the back.
minidressbeautiful shortdressesconcisedress

Wedding midi dress

A win-win solu­tion is a mod­est­dress with a midi length:

  • in recent sea­sons, retro mod­els with a flared sun skirt have been extreme­ly pop­u­lar. This cut looks per­fect in retro length;
  • a great idea is to use a lacon­ic sheath style­dress. The dis­creet sil­hou­ette and length­en­ing of the hem is com­pen­sat­ed by open shoul­ders or a deep neck­line. In some prod­ucts there is a spec­tac­u­lar cut run­ning along the leg;
  • the mul­ti-tiered look is orig­i­nal, which is achieved with the help of shut­tle­cocks, locat­ed one above the oth­er;
  • in the length of the midi, prod­ucts con­tain­ing a smell are often cre­at­ed. The detail fits per­fect­ly into the retro style; for mak­ing things, it is per­mis­si­ble to take both smooth and open­work lace fab­ric.

Floor lengthdress

Many brides pre­fer elon­gat­ed mod­els to the floor. Among them, it is per­mis­si­ble to meet a sim­ple­dress, which is applic­a­ble for wear­ing after a fes­tive cel­e­bra­tion:

  • it is worth refrain­ing from fluffy skirts resem­bling bal­let tutus, and giv­ing pref­er­ence to a smooth­ly descend­ing cut, rem­i­nis­cent of a “semi-sun”;
  • anoth­er taboo is an elon­gat­ed train stretch­ing behind. Wed­ding dress­es that can be worn after the­have a hem that is uni­form along the entire length. This prin­ci­ple is fol­lowed when choos­ing the “mer­maid” style;
  • The design of the upper part is select­ed at the indi­vid­ual dis­cre­tion. The top is cre­at­ed with open shoul­ders or back or con­tains elon­gat­ed sleeves.
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Wedding dresses for full

Care­ful selec­tion requires­dress­es for full girls. When choos­ing an out­fit, they pre­fer sim­plic­i­ty and brevi­ty of cut, so the prod­uct will suc­cess­ful­ly fit into every­day style:

  • the mod­el “case”, which is char­ac­ter­ized by min­i­mal­ism in design, is ide­al for own­ers of mag­nif­i­cent forms. The prod­uct “sits” well on any fig­ure and gives ele­gance;
  • in the pres­ence of a pro­trud­ing bel­ly, it is rec­om­mend­ed to pay atten­tion to the “Empire” style, which con­tains an over­es­ti­mat­ed cut line under the chest;
  • the smell, which gives visu­al har­mo­ny, is able to cor­rect the short­com­ings. dresses for plus dresses for fat girlsWhitedress

Wedding dresses for pregnant women hiding the belly

A spe­cial cat­e­go­ry includes adress for a preg­nant bride:

  • ide­al mod­els in the Greek style, not squeez­ing the stom­ach and hav­ing a high waist­line;
  • an excel­lent solu­tion — a smell that is fixed with a belt, the loca­tion at the waist with the help of this part is select­ed tak­ing into account the char­ac­ter­is­tics of a par­tic­u­lar fig­ure;
  • A trape­zoid sil­hou­ette is per­fect, cre­at­ed from a flow­ing fab­ric that descends in soft folds. gowns for pregnant dress for pregnant brideempiredress

Wedding dress transformer

One of the most suc­cess­ful deci­sions that the dress after the­is pre­sent­ed with is a mod­el known as the “trans­former”:

  • the mod­el looks like a thing of a mini-length sil­hou­ette adja­cent to the fig­ure, over which an airy floor-length tulle skirt is put on;
  • the style is allowed to be mod­i­fied depend­ing on the sit­u­a­tion. At an offi­cial event, the bride shines with a maxi-length prod­uct, and at a cel­e­bra­tion with guests she appears in a short­ened dress;
  • after the event, a mini dress is often worn in every­day life, and a fluffy skirt is used for spec­tac­u­lar pho­to shoots. dress transformerdress after weddingminidress

Wedding dress with puffed sleeves

A styl­ish trend of recent sea­sons is adress with sleeves, known as “lanterns”:

  • the detail is made mag­nif­i­cent, attract­ing atten­tion, there­fore it acts as the main high­light of the image;
  • sleeves are made in a clas­sic design or low­ered, open­ing the shoul­ders;
  • styl­ish­dress­es, com­ple­ment­ed by puffed sleeves, vary in length from mini to maxi. All prod­ucts are char­ac­ter­ized by a lacon­ic sil­hou­ette, not over­loaded with unnec­es­sary details. Noth­ing should draw atten­tion away from the sleeves, this is nec­es­sary so as not to over­load the image. dress with lantern dress with sleeves

Wedding dress “minimalism”

Lovers of ele­gance will appre­ci­ate the­dress in the style of min­i­mal­ism. This is a win-win option to use it often after the cel­e­bra­tion:

  • often the prod­uct is cre­at­ed from a smooth fab­ric with­out open­work ele­ments, with­out the use of dec­o­ra­tion with rhine­stones, beads and oth­er ele­ments;
  • the cut is sim­ple and con­cise, regard­less of the cho­sen length. In this case, an accent detail is often used, which acts as a high­light of the image. This is a cutout that goes along the leg, a deep neck­line, a spicy cutout on the back.
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Notes of ten­der­ness and romance can bring adress with lace:

  • open­work mate­r­i­al is used to dec­o­rate the entire sur­face of the prod­uct or indi­vid­ual parts. In the lat­ter case, translu­cent inserts are used, locat­ed on the sides or denot­ing the neck­line;
  • The “naked” effect looks inter­est­ing when a dense flesh-col­ored lin­ing is used when dec­o­rat­ing a thing, as close as pos­si­ble to the skin tone. Lace is locat­ed on top over the entire sur­face, giv­ing the prod­uct an imi­ta­tion of trans­paren­cy. This design will be appre­ci­at­ed by bold brides seek­ing to attract atten­tion and show indi­vid­u­al­i­ty. dress with lace

Wedding sheath dress

Out of com­pe­ti­tion con­tin­ues to be a straight­dress, known as a “case”. The thing is the epit­o­me of ele­gance:

  • a fea­ture of the prod­uct is a straight cut that repeats the fem­i­nine curves of the fig­ure;
  • com­mon length — mini or midi. In the lat­ter case, the low­er bor­der of the hem ends just below the knee or drops to the lev­el of the mid­dle of the low­er leg;
  • midi options look spec­tac­u­lar with such an addi­tion as a slit run­ning in the cen­ter or on the side of the leg;
  • It is per­mis­si­ble to com­bine a mini dress with a long fluffy skirt worn over. The part is used for a spe­cif­ic case and is a “trans­former” mod­el. dress sheathtightdressstraightdress

Wedding slip dress

The lin­gerie style has pen­e­trat­ed into fash­ion for the new­ly­weds. A vivid con­fir­ma­tion is the silk­dress, known as the “com­bi­na­tion”:

  • the thing is indis­pens­able for hot sum­mer days, hav­ing light­ness and cre­at­ing the effect of weight­less­ness;
  • in the neck­line, an imi­ta­tion of drap­ery, form­ing soft waves, is accept­able. Anoth­er idea is a frill, which gives visu­al splen­dor to the chest;
  • for the man­u­fac­ture of the com­bi­na­tion, only silk is tak­en or open­work lace stripes are used, locat­ed in the upper part or run­ning along the hem;
  • the com­bi­na­tion is worn on its own or in com­bi­na­tion with a cape of the same mate­r­i­al thrown over. dress combinationsimpledresssilkdress


In recent sea­sons, events tak­ing place on the beach have been extreme­ly pop­u­lar. An open­dress will organ­i­cal­ly fit into them:

  • the top is often pre­sent­ed with nar­row or wide straps or does with­out them at all, using a ban­deau bodice;
  • the pres­ence of spec­tac­u­lar lantern sleeves, low­ered and slight­ly open­ing the shoul­ders for view­ing, is also wel­come;
  • for the man­u­fac­ture of the low­er part, an airy fly­ing fab­ric is tak­en, chif­fon is com­mon. The maxi skirt is har­mo­nious­ly com­ple­ment­ed by spec­tac­u­lar slits run­ning down the legs.
beachdressfloor lengthdressopendress


The Empire style­dress is the per­son­i­fi­ca­tion of the pop­u­lar Greek dress:

  • a dis­tinc­tive fea­ture of the prod­uct is the pres­ence of an over­es­ti­mat­ed waist­line, which is achieved with the help of a cut that goes under the chest. The cut pro­vides an oppor­tu­ni­ty to dis­guise a pro­trud­ing bel­ly, which will be a god­send for own­ers of mag­nif­i­cent forms or brides who are in an inter­est­ing posi­tion;
  • the top is made using wide straps or short­ened or elon­gat­ed sleeves;
  • the skirt is made in the “semi-sun” style and goes down with soft folds.
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Brides with a per­fect slen­der fig­ure will appre­ci­ate the most beau­ti­ful­dress­es made in a trans­par­ent ver­sion:

  • the effect is achieved with the help of open­work inserts run­ning along the sides and in the neck­line and plac­ing an increased empha­sis on these areas;
  • a trans­par­ent effect is also achieved with the help of a dense beige lin­ing, on top of which open­work lace is sewn;
  • Anoth­er idea is a wide lace strip sewn on the mini-hem, which opens the legs for view­ing, but at the same time brings mys­te­ri­ous notes to the image.
sheerdressstylishdressesthe most beautifuldresses


An incred­i­bly suc­cess­ful design is char­ac­ter­ized by a white wrap­dress:

  • the detail is locat­ed only in the upper part, high­light­ing the neck­line and giv­ing a visu­al splen­dor to the chest;
  • anoth­er design vari­a­tion is the smell in the waist area, which is fixed with a belt or a but­ton;
  • the top is select­ed at the indi­vid­ual dis­cre­tion of the bride — in an open ver­sion with straps or in a closed ver­sion with elon­gat­ed sleeves.

Wedding pencil dress

A great way to empha­size a slen­der fig­ure is a tight­dress, known as a “pen­cil”:

  • a char­ac­ter­is­tic fea­ture of the mod­el is a tight-fit­ting sil­hou­ette that advan­ta­geous­ly high­lights advan­tages;
  • the cut is made min­i­mal­is­tic, closed and con­tain­ing elon­gat­ed sleeves;
  • the oppo­site trend is an open shoul­der area, which is achieved with the help of a spec­tac­u­lar ban­deau bodice;
  • asym­me­try is wel­come, when one shoul­der remains open, and a clas­sic elon­gat­ed sleeve or an orig­i­nal puffy puff sleeve is put on the oth­er. dress pencilstraightdresstightdress


The embod­i­ment of fem­i­nin­i­ty and ten­der­ness — mod­ern­dress­es that are cre­at­ed with­out the use of sleeves:

  • the design is typ­i­cal for dif­fer­ent styles, this is a straight case, and a prod­uct with a fluffy skirt. In the lat­ter case, a spec­tac­u­lar con­trast is cre­at­ed, while the sil­hou­ette is bal­anced due to the open shoul­ders;
  • It is accept­able to use nar­row or wide straps. It is allowed to do with­out them at all, if you use a gang bodice. This design will be a god­send for own­ers of small breasts, as it will give it visu­al splen­dor.
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An excel­lent solu­tion for sub­se­quent every­day wear is a strict A‑linedress:

  • the prod­uct is char­ac­ter­ized by a smooth expan­sion applied from top to bot­tom;
  • the style ide­al­ly match­es the style of “min­i­mal­ism”, since it is char­ac­ter­ized by the absence of unnec­es­sary dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments;
  • for man­u­fac­tur­ing, a dense fab­ric or airy flow­ing fab­ric is tak­en, form­ing fem­i­nine soft folds;
  • A‑silhouette looks har­mo­nious with an open top that opens the shoul­ders for view­ing. dress a silhouettemididressformaldress