in blue

The fact that you pre­ferred a dif­fer­ent col­or scheme to a clas­sic “white”already speaks of cre­ativ­i­ty. Every girl wants to cre­ate some kind of dis­tinc­tive fea­ture of her- some­thing that oth­ers did not have. Mak­ing ain blue is not at all a bad option to show that you have taste and orig­i­nal­i­ty. Many design­ers have the same point of view, so find­ing a blue­dress will not be dif­fi­cult.

Selec­tion of dress­es for ain blue

Let’s start with the bride. Blue dress­es are ide­al for girls with Nordic fair skin, hair col­or does not play a role. Blue is able to hide the flaws of the fig­ure and make your look fresh.

How­ev­er, a white dress is also suit­able for a blue wed­ding. In this case, you need to choose con­trast­ing acces­sories — a belt, shoes, jew­el­ry, a bou­quet. The per­fect com­ple­ment to a white dress is a bright blue rib­bon, which you can tie in the form of a belt and dec­o­rate in the back in the form of a bow.

The groom can be “dressed” in a dark blue suit, a fes­tive white shirt and a blue tie or bow tie. You need to choose a bou­ton­niere to match.

Wedding bouquet in blue tones

As we already men­tioned, the­bou­quet should be in blue tones, regard­less of which dress you chose — white or blue. For a sum­mer wed­ding, del­i­cate flow­ers are suit­able — hydrangeas, vio­lets, cro­cus­es, and frost-resis­tant flow­ers — ros­es, iris­es, hibis­cus for win­ter.

Blue bridal make­up and acces­sories

With a blue­make-up, both a brunette and a blonde will be unsur­passed. Choose water­proof cos­met­ics — after all, wed­dings are not with­out tears. Blue mas­cara or eye­lin­er, blue shad­ows will look per­fect, but lip­stick is bet­ter to choose clas­sic tones — from pink and scar­let to brown­ish shades.

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By the way, if you are doing a com­bined- blue-red, blue-brown, blue-yel­low, the whole image should match this col­or scheme.

As jew­el­ry, choose light, airy, not bur­den­some bracelets, pen­dants, brooches, ear­rings, hair­pins and rib­bons in your hair. If you are real­ly a fan of blue, choose rings to match — no need to look for blue gold, think more broad­ly. Sil­ver or plat­inum with inlaid sap­phires will do.


Dec­o­rat­ing ain blue means that the hall itself will be large­ly cov­ered in blue. Do not over­do it — an over­abun­dance of blue and blue tones makes the atmos­phere very inti­mate, guests will feel super­flu­ous.

For blue, leave the lit­tle things and acces­sories:

  • pil­lows for­rings;
  • bot­tle cas­es;
  • paint­ed crock­ery with blue pat­terns;
  • can­dle­sticks and vas­es with blue dec­o­ra­tions made of rib­bons or beads;
  • chair cov­ers can be left white, but put blue rib­bons on them.