in blue

Bluedec­o­ra­tion will look ele­gant and strict. The blue hue is right­ful­ly con­sid­ered mys­te­ri­ous and mag­i­cal, which will give your hol­i­day depth and rich­ness. In order for thedec­o­ra­tion in blue to meet your expec­ta­tions, be sure to think through every­thing, down to the small­est detail. We rec­om­mend that you stick to the cho­sen col­or scheme in all aspects of the decor. Blue col­or will be uni­ver­sal at any time of the year. There is a belief that if the new­ly­weds choose a shade of blue for their hol­i­day, then their future fam­i­ly life will be ide­al.

By the way, if you want to make a themed wed­ding, the blue col­or is per­fect for this: a sea wed­ding, a cold win­ter wed­ding, abased on the Avatar movie. If you man­age to choose acces­sories har­mo­nious­ly, then your hol­i­day will make an indeli­ble impres­sion on your guests.


Invi­ta­tion cards are an impor­tant part of prepar­ing acel­e­bra­tion. They pre-set the right mood for the guests of your hol­i­day. It is impor­tant to main­tain typog­ra­phy in a sin­gle col­or scheme: invi­ta­tions, bon­bon­nieres and board­ing plates should be a sin­gle whole.

For dec­o­ra­tion, a rich blue col­or is suit­able for you, which can be dilut­ed with bright accents. Blue will go well with the fol­low­ing col­ors: white, choco­late, yel­low, orange, turquoise, blue, sil­ver. Use for dec­o­ra­tion shells, peb­bles, bright blue rib­bons, rhine­stones. You can use but­tons or dried flow­ers, beads.

If you’re mak­ing cards for a ban­quet, try attach­ing blue bal­loons to the chairs with cards on which the names of the guests are writ­ten. You can put name plates near the plates, attach­ing them to small bou­quets of blue flow­ers.

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Per­haps today, bon­bon­nieres have become a tra­di­tion­al thank-you gift to guests. As a rule, more atten­tion is paid not to the con­tent — it can be quite mod­est, but to the design. You can make bon­bon­nieres of an unusu­al shape, for exam­ple, in the form of a flower, and put a small sou­venir inside that will remind your guests of an amaz­ing hol­i­day. If you decide to get cre­ative here, you can put small bas­kets with sou­venirs that you can dec­o­rate to your taste.


Deep blue­dress­es will look great on both fair-skinned and dark-skinned brides, and will hide minor flaws in your fig­ure. If you adhere to tra­di­tions and opt­ed for a clas­sic white dress, you can use blue acces­sories in your look: shoes, veil, hair clips, neck­lace, belt on the dress, gloves.

For a har­mo­nious com­bi­na­tion with the bride’s out­fit, the groom can be advised to wear a dark blue suit that will look great with a light shirt: it can be snow-white, pale blue, light yel­low. It will be enough to com­ple­ment the suit with a suit­able tie and bou­ton­niere, com­bined with the bride’s bou­quet.

Blue flowers for a wedding

For abou­quet and dec­o­ra­tion of the hall, you can use the fol­low­ing blue flow­ers: vio­lets, hydrangeas, ros­es, iris­es, hibis­cus, tulips, cro­cus­es, lilies, juniper, hol­ly. Many flow­ers are dyed, so if you want to get a bou­quet of blue ros­es or lilies, dis­cuss this issue with florists in advance. You can make a bou­quet of blue flow­ers or dilute the tra­di­tion­al bou­quet of white ros­es with them.