in green

Green col­or is, of course, a “hint” of spring, fer­til­i­ty, fresh­ness. In the Mid­dle Ages, brides chose green dress­es to rep­re­sent fer­til­i­ty. In India, a green­dress sym­bol­izes peace and hope, in Chi­na — youth and fresh­ness, and in the coun­tries of Islam — the Gar­den of Eden.

In any case, ain green is some­thing spe­cial for any nation, because green is the birth of some­thing new. There­fore, such ais most appro­pri­ate in the spring, when all nature is for a green wed­ding. For spring cer­e­monies, a grassy shade of green is suit­able.

But, a good design­er would con­vince you that green is just a col­or, and shades can be cho­sen for any time of the year. Let­tuce green would be appro­pri­ate in sum­mer, olive green in autumn, and dark, rich green in win­ter, tinged with blue at some angles. In the warm sea­son, a mint­col­or will be a win-win option. This shade has become very pop­u­lar in recent years.


So, if you don’t risk wear­ing a green dress for abecause of your con­ser­vatism, get a white out­fit with green ele­ments — these are com­bined dress­es with green inserts, belts, rib­bons. Choose match­ing acces­sories — ear­rings, shoes, jew­el­ry.

Since we are dec­o­rat­ing thein green, per­son­i­fy spring to the end — you can weave herbs and flow­ers into your hair, instead of a tiara — weave a mag­nif­i­cent wreath.


In order for guests to real­ize in time what is at stake, your­in­vi­ta­tions should be exclu­sive­ly green. You can send invi­ta­tions in the form of dec­o­ra­tive grass with a card in a pot, you can attach an invi­ta­tion to a green apple, or sim­ply dec­o­rate clas­sic envelopes with cards with lace and green rib­bons.

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Hall dec­o­ra­tion

A fea­ture of ain green tones is that, alas, you can over­do it with this col­or. It is impos­si­ble, under no cir­cum­stances, to arrange a pure­ly green wed­ding. Com­bine green with white and cream, a com­bi­na­tion of green and dark blue, sea col­or looks good.

The hall can be dec­o­rat­ed with fab­rics, rib­bons, flo­ral arrange­ments — the lat­ter should be in abun­dance. Dec­o­rate tables with apples, limes, pots of orna­men­tal grass or wheat.

For chairs, choose white cov­ers with green bows, for tables — white table­cloths with green dish­es.