in lilac

Styl­ized wed­dings are very pop­u­lar today. Future spous­es often want to move away from tra­di­tions and bring bright col­ors to the hol­i­day, so wed­dings often become “col­ored”. With the help of hol­i­day agen­cies, design ser­vices, your own taste and style, you can pre­pare an inter­est­ing hol­i­day — ain lilac style. Lilac is a very del­i­cate shade of pur­ple. Lilac is believed to rep­re­sent nos­tal­gic mem­o­ries, a clear future, and the desire for some­thing new. Mak­ing ain lilac col­or will be quite rel­e­vant at any time of the year, the main thing is to choose the right shade.

Wed­ding dec­o­ra­tion in lilac style

You can use an attrac­tive lilac col­or, both as the main col­or and as an accent in the design. You can make flower bas­kets, glass­es for the bride and groom, a pil­low for rings, a fam­i­ly trea­sury, a book for the wish­es of guests in lilac. Lilac col­or will go well with many oth­ers: white, pink, blue, sil­ver, gold, pur­ple, yel­low, green. Try to beau­ti­ful­ly drape tables with a fab­ric that match­es the col­or of your cel­e­bra­tion. Beau­ti­ful lilac satin bows can be attached to the chairs.

Show your imag­i­na­tion when com­pil­ing the menu. Arrange black­ber­ries and grapes on the table. Try to nego­ti­ate with the bar­tender, let him pre­pare inter­est­ing cock­tails of a won­der­ful lilac col­or.

If you have the oppor­tu­ni­ty, orga­nize a can­dy bar, beau­ti­ful­ly arrange cup­cakes or mac­a­roons of del­i­cate lilac col­or with blue­ber­ry or cur­rant fill­ing on it. Alter­na­tive­ly, a beau­ti­ful lilac cake can be the final chord of your cel­e­bra­tion.


Have you decid­ed to opt for a snow-white tra­di­tion­al dress? Try to pick up beau­ti­ful bright lilac accents for it. This will give an appro­pri­ate entourage to your hol­i­day and com­ple­ment your image. Use a pale lilac veil, lilac embroi­dery on the dress, shoes of the select­ed shade, jew­el­ry, hand­bag, belt. It is impor­tant to take into account the fact that the lilac col­or is quite com­plex and capri­cious, so it may not suit every­one. Pay atten­tion to design­er dress­es — very often in their col­lec­tions there are dress­es that com­bine white with an accom­pa­ny­ing shade.

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You can also show orig­i­nal­i­ty and stop at a lilac dress. If you are the own­er of blond hair and blue or gray eyes, choose a del­i­cate shade. If the skin is tanned, the hair is light brown — a pale shade of lilac will be ide­al for you. Well, if you have a bright eye col­or and dark skin, you can take a chance and choose a dress of a bright shade. If your skin is light and your eye col­or is sat­u­rat­ed, choose the gold­en mean between a bright and pas­tel shade.