Dec­o­rat­ing a fall­with sea­son­al flow­ers, veg­eta­bles, and fruits isn’t just bud­get-friend­ly. This decor, giv­en to us by gen­er­ous nature, real­ly looks beau­ti­ful! And if you think that pump­kins and spikelets are appro­pri­ate only at a vil­lage wed­ding, Chan­fash­ion ready to sur­prise you! In this arti­cle, we will tell you how to dec­o­rate a hol­i­day in a styl­ish and autum­nal way using mate­ri­als avail­able to every­one: yel­lowed leaves, pome­gran­ates, pump­kins, grapes and spikelets. Get ready to get some ideas!

Decoration oftables

If by now you don’t know what run­ner — it’s time to get acquaint­ed with this ele­ment of decor. Clas­si­cal run­ner — this is a nar­row strip of a table­cloth in a con­trast­ing or con­so­nant col­or with the main table­cloth. Fab­ric or flo­ral with greens, run­ners have become a fash­ion trend, and some spec­i­mens may well replace flower arrange­ments. For an autumn wed­ding, this option for dec­o­rat­ing ban­quet tables is per­fect!

fabric runners

If you want to make your dec­o­ra­tion styl­ish and mod­ern, choose from the fol­low­ing col­ors: gold, cop­per, sil­ver or black with glit­ter. Check­ered col­ors are great for a cozy rus­tic wed­ding. By plac­ing can­dles or lanterns, you will add a feel­ing of com­fort and warmth. The clas­sic col­ors for an autumnare emer­ald, orange, bur­gundy, pur­ple, red.

runners from greenery and flowers

The most cur­rent trend is rivers of green­ery on the tables! To empha­size the sea­son, add yel­low birch or red maple leaves to the tra­di­tion­al com­po­si­tion. Sea­son­al orange, pale pink and bur­gundy flow­ers com­plete the over­all look, mak­ing it rich­er and more fes­tive. And such accents as pome­gran­ates, drift­wood, figs, grapes will make your design sam­ple of autumn theme.

The most autumn options

Autumn is har­vest time and there can be noth­ing more nat­ur­al than veg­eta­bles, fruits and berries used for dec­o­ra­tion. Cre­ate amaz­ing food tables – you can choose any sea­son­al gifts of nature, com­ple­ment them with flow­ers or add autumn leaves.

The most dar­ing cou­ples make com­po­si­tions with cuts of their favorite veg­eta­bles and fruits, which guests can treat them­selves to and eat com­plete­ly by the end of the evening!

Look absolute­ly amaz­ing run­ners of cute lit­tle pump­kins paint­ed in pas­tel col­ors or in their nat­ur­al orange col­or scheme.

If you’re not a fan of tra­di­tion­al autumn col­ors, try neu­trals — white flow­ers, pump­kins and light pas­tels look just as styl­ish.

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Her majesty pumpkin

Autumn is pump­kin time! Whether you are plan­ning a for­est or farm par­ty, an organ­ic or rus­tic wed­ding, you should def­i­nite­ly include pump­kins not only on the menu, but also in the décor. Pump­kins are very afford­able, espe­cial­ly in autumn, so you can use them to the fullest and not wor­ry about your bud­get.

Large pump­kins are per­fect for mak­ing sim­ple fall decor: cut out the core and place a jar of water inside, or pour water direct­ly into the pump­kin. Now add some flow­ers and green­ery — voila!

For a glam­orous wed­ding, style boho or mod­ern orange col­or is hard­ly suit­able. Then stock up on cans of white, black, sil­ver or gold paint!

You can spread out small pump­kins in tall trans­par­ent vas­es or on can­dle­sticks, and it will look chic.

Huge pump­kins are ide­al for dec­o­rat­ing acer­e­mo­ny. They can be placed along the entire aisle or next to chairs or reused as vas­es.

And what about with­out per­son­al­ized cards and sou­venirs for guests in the form of these cute mini gourds? We think they are designed to win the hearts of your guests regard­less of the sea­son.

And a few more ideas!

Luxurious pomegranate

Ruby pome­gran­ate is an exquis­ite addi­tion to meat dish­es and desserts and, of course, to yourin autumn! The indis­putable advan­tage of pome­gran­ates, in addi­tion to all these health ben­e­fits, is their beau­ti­ful red hue. They will look per­fect with con­trast­ing col­ors like white, green and gold, but you can also match them with oth­er col­or palettes like marsala, red and dark pink.

Add a bright pome­gran­ate accent to your bridal bou­quet (and don’t for­get the brides­maid bou­quet).

Use the fruits as ban­quet table dec­o­ra­tions, and don’t for­get aboutin­vi­ta­tions!

Pay atten­tion: dark shades are in trend now, such as pur­ple, dark brown and even black. No mat­ter how strange it may sound in rela­tion to the­cel­e­bra­tion. These palettes can eas­i­ly ele­vate and mod­ern­ize tra­di­tion­al vil­lage view of autumn sea­son.

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Autumn leaves

Dec­o­rate the pas­sage to thearch with autumn leaves or arrange bou­quets of maple leaves along the chairs or bench­es of guests — the idea is com­plete­ly not new. Let’s try to find a few more ways to use yel­lowed leaves on your­day. After all, besides the fact that such decor will empha­size the gold­en sea­son, it will cost you much cheap­er than any oth­er options. Save with taste!

Adding fall leaves instead of tra­di­tion­al herbs and green­ery to your bridal bou­quet is a good idea to bring out the sea­son. Com­bin­ing light leaves with sooth­ing flow­ers, you will get a del­i­cate rus­tic bou­quet. Choos­ing fiery, ruby ​​shades of leaves, and using bright red, pur­ple and bur­gundy flow­ers in the com­po­si­tion, you you will receive a lux­u­ri­ous bou­quet in boho style.

Leaves can serve as your main inspi­ra­tion when cre­at­ing aarch. It can be as a clas­sic option, in which green­ery will give way to autumn leaves. So is an unusu­al ver­sion of gar­lands of leaves paint­ed with gold paint. By the way, such gar­lands will look chic when dec­o­rat­ing a ban­quet hall.

Add leaves to flower arrange­ments on ban­quet tables. Use the most beau­ti­ful leaves as name cards for your guests, test­ing your cal­lig­ra­phy skills.

Leaf wreaths can dec­o­rate can­dy bar or chairs for the bride and groom. Fan­ta­size!


Pre­sent­ing an autumn wed­ding, we can­not lose sight of the idea of ​​dec­o­rat­ing the hol­i­day with spikelets. More­over, for our coun­try, an ear of wheat has always been a sym­bol of wealth and gen­er­ous land. Spikelets look beau­ti­ful and unusu­al in com­po­si­tions on ban­quet tables!

Huge field spikelets are ide­al for cre­at­ing aarch. And small ones are like dec­o­rat­ing plates on ban­quet tables.

And of course, don’t for­get the bridal bou­quet! With spikelets, flower arrange­ments look amaz­ing, but­bou­quets made from one wheat look no less beau­ti­ful.

Autumn treats for guests

Fall is the most spe­cial sea­son for wed­dings. go ahead. Don’t miss the oppor­tu­ni­ty to high­light this beau­ti­ful time of the year with deli­cious fall treats. Pump­kin and apple pies instead of the usu­al­cake, oat­meal cook­ies with raisins and can­died fruit, apple cider with cin­na­mon, fla­vored donuts, apples and pears in caramel Do you see such beau­ty at oth­er times of the year?

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Look what a beau­ti­ful (and deli­cious) apple pie you can make your­self!

Chan­fash­ion wish­es you an extra­or­di­nary hol­i­day, the mem­o­ries of which will warm you on cold evenings for at least eter­ni­ty!