Win­ter can be one of the most mag­i­cal times of the year to cel­e­brate.! Both the icon­ic spir­it of Christ­mas and the fes­tive New Year atmos­phere in the air will be the stage for your per­fectcer­e­mo­ny. How to beat aplanned on New Year’s Eve? Care­ful­ly choose decor and col­or palette, take note of advice from Chan­fash­ion and your­day will be the most desired fairy tale!

Cozy holiday

Noth­ing is more asso­ci­at­ed with Christ­mas than hot drinks with lemon and cin­na­mon and twigs of ever­green trees. Deep green shades com­bined with orange and brown col­ors will cre­ate the mood of a clas­sic New Year’s cel­e­bra­tion.

You can be sure that guests will feel com­fort­able sur­round­ed by decor of cones, bunch­es of cin­na­mon sprigs and dried orange slices. This palette is ide­al for a ban­quet and cer­e­mo­ny in the for­est, in a restau­rant out­side the city in eco stylewhere nat­ur­al mate­ri­als and coun­try col­or pre­vail.

berry extravaganza

Tra­di­tion­al Christ­mas col­ors are green and red. But what if clas­sic red is replaced with berry shades — juicy fuch­sia, wine or pale cher­ry flow­ers? We imme­di­ate­ly remem­bered Snow White from the Walt Dis­ney car­toon!

Hav­ing cho­sen such a palette, try not to over­load the decor with bright ele­ments, and let the main col­or be soft. ivory - it will per­fect­ly enno­ble the cho­sen theme. Com­plete the dec­o­ra­tion of the ban­quet hall with gold­en fes­tive accents in the form of can­dle­sticks, bowls, back­ground for pho­to zonesand you will get an unusu­al­ly styl­ish and bright hol­i­day!

Tiffany style

The incred­i­ble Tiffany sky col­or is per­fect for a win­ter wed­ding. It is asso­ci­at­ed with snow-cov­ered slopes and ice pat­terns on the win­dows.

A Tiffany-styleis glitz and glam­our; glass, crys­tal and sil­ver will be rel­e­vant in dec­o­rat­ing the cer­e­mo­ny and ban­quet. Tall trans­par­ent vas­es with white and blue flow­ers, an abun­dance of glass can­dle­sticks and sil­ver­ware serv­ing are the per­fect solu­tion for the cho­sen palette.

Warm copper

If pas­tel col­ors have won your heart, then look at the fol­low­ing, a stun­ning­ly del­i­cate col­or com­bi­na­tion — mut­ed pis­ta­chio, pink and light pur­ple. But the main role in this col­or scheme will be belong medi!

Cop­per dec­o­ra­tions, table­ware, vas­es and can­dle­sticks will add a spe­cial charm to your win­ter wed­ding. Mix cop­per accents with win­ter-only green­ery for a Christ­mas­filled with fes­tive chic. Incred­i­bly warm atmos­phere guar­an­teed!

New Year’s transformation

Live pines and spruce wreaths, bur­gundy bows and pome­gran­ate drinks — two lux­u­ri­ous col­ors in beau­ti­ful, noble hues come togeth­er to cre­ate a clas­sic Christ­mas palette.

What is spe­cial about this com­bi­na­tion? No neu­tral col­or that would become the basis for bright accents. A Christ­mas fairy tale is a con­tin­u­ous bright accent, it is fire­works, it is a foun­tain of emo­tions and col­ors. Be inspired by Christ­mas movies and don’t hes­i­tate: Bor­deaux and green­ers - a won­der­ful com­bi­na­tion for a win­teron New Year’s Eve.

Rose gold magic

Rose gold is the per­fect metal­lic accent for a roman­tic Christ­mas wed­ding. Add it to the decor and it will instant­ly ele­vate the­cel­e­bra­tion to the pedestal of glam­or and lux­u­ry.

Sequins are good not only on adress — sparkling run­ners, and for the espe­cial­ly brave — table­cloths will dec­o­rate the ban­quet hall and give any space an unusu­al­ly fes­tive look.

Rose glass gob­lets, gold­en can­dle­sticks and dec­o­ra­tive mini-gifts in metal­lic wrap­ping paper — and the tables are dec­o­rat­ed. Note that rose gold pairs beau­ti­ful­ly with bur­gundy, laven­der, and cream.

winter fairy tale

For­get the tra­di­tion­al red and green col­ors and take a look at the palette inspired by a snowy win­ter for­est, a fam­i­ly evening by the fire­place, hand­made Christ­mas dec­o­ra­tions.

Feel the home­li­ness and, at the same time, the fes­tive­ness that you can cre­ate with these nat­ur­al tones. These win­ter pas­tels are soft and roman­tic, such a mut­ed New Year’s palette looks unusu­al.

american christmas vintage

Deer antlers and for­est greens, pat­terned table­cloths with plain nap­kins or vice ver­sa — this is a win­terin style. Vin­tage.

Dec­o­ra­tive red sleighs and tall scar­let can­dles will play the role of bright accentsgiv­ing the over­all look the per­fect amount of hol­i­day cheer. By com­bin­ing nat­ur­al mate­ri­als and vin­tage Christ­mas dec­o­ra­tions, you will cre­ate not only a unique­col­or scheme, but also your own vision. vin­tage top­ics

rustic beauty

If you want to spend yourcer­e­mo­ny con­quer­ing the ski slopes, and your­dinner is planned in a wood­en log house, with a fire­place in the cor­ner and hunt­ing tro­phies on the walls, and for this case we have found the per­fect col­or solu­tion for you.

A neu­tral palette of warm peach tones with sage green accents pairs per­fect­ly with nat­ur­al wood and stone floors. Wrap your­self in a fluffy blan­ket and grab a cup of sea buck­thorn tea to fan­ta­size and devel­op such a won­der­ful col­or scheme.

Bohemian Christmas chic

It would seem that pur­ple is a com­plete­ly unex­pect­ed col­or choice for the New Year sea­son! But we still invite you to take a look at the main shade of 2018 accord­ing to the insti­tute Pan­tone again. And yes, it is pos­si­ble to have a fes­tive Christ­maswith­out using the tra­di­tion­al red and green tones! And this palette is a per­fect exam­ple.

Pur­ple and gold, com­bined in one col­or scheme, direct­ly gush out with the fes­tive spir­it that are­quires on the back­ground of the New Year. And pay atten­tion, your cel­e­bra­tion in pur­ple col­ors will def­i­nite­ly stand out against the back­drop of fam­i­ly Christ­mas din­ners and the ubiq­ui­tous dec­o­ra­tion of the city.

Pur­ple looks fash­ion­able and bold, it is chic for ain style. Art decoBohemi­an chic and glam­our.

Get inspired with Chan­fash­ion, don’t be afraid of unex­pect­ed col­or com­bi­na­tions and let yourcel­e­bra­tion be filled with mag­ic and love!

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