Printed- ideas for celebration and gifts

Each anniver­sary of liv­ing togeth­er can right­ly be called a cel­e­bra­tion. The cou­ple were able to live togeth­er for anoth­er year and become clos­er and dear­er to each oth­er. But the most impor­tant of all can be called a cot­ton- a hol­i­day that marks the first year lived togeth­er.

Print- how old is it?

What is a cal­i­co wed­ding, how old is it and what is giv­en on this date, every new­ly­wed should know. This­marks their first year togeth­er. This peri­od is con­sid­ered the most dif­fi­cult for a young fam­i­ly, since at this time the spous­es have to get to know each oth­er the most and get used to it. For this rea­son, the first fam­i­ly hol­i­day was called cal­i­co. As chintz is thin and frag­ile, so the young fam­i­ly in this peri­od is frag­ile and unre­li­able.

Some ety­mol­o­gists claim that the name of the chintzhas oth­er roots. Young spous­es dur­ing this peri­od want to enjoy phys­i­cal inti­ma­cy with each oth­er, so they spend most of their time in bed cov­ered with cot­ton sheets. Grad­u­al­ly, phys­i­cal inti­ma­cy will cease to occu­py such an impor­tant place in the life of young spous­es, and oth­er needs and desires will come to the fore.

Printgift ideas

Do not wor­ry about what to give for a print wed­ding. A young fam­i­ly still has many needs and needs, so choos­ing a gift will not be dif­fi­cult. Accord­ing to cus­toms, items made from chintz or oth­er fab­ric are giv­en to a cal­i­co wed­ding. This cus­tom comes from those times when there were no con­tra­cep­tives and young peo­ple had a baby in the first year of mar­riage. For this rea­son, on the anniver­sary they gave chintz for dia­pers for a new­born. Now new­ly­weds rarely have a baby in the first year, but the cus­tom of giv­ing cal­i­co has remained.


What to give friends for a print wedding?

A gift for a print­is select­ed tak­ing into account the nature of the cou­ple and the cer­e­mo­ny of the cel­e­bra­tion. If you fol­low the tra­di­tions, then the best gift would be such things:

  • dou­ble set of bed linen;
  • a set of ele­gant fab­ric nap­kins for dec­o­rat­ing fur­ni­ture;
  • sofa cush­ions or cush­ions for car inte­ri­ors;
  • pic­ture on can­vas. The ide­al option would be if the pic­ture shows a pho­to of a cou­ple;
  • two bathrobes;
  • beau­ti­ful plaid;
  • themed set of bath tow­els.
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What to give your husband for a cotton wedding?

It is not so easy for a wife with a year of expe­ri­ence to choose a gift for her hus­band for a print wed­ding. I want the gift to be pleas­ant, use­ful and in line with tra­di­tions. To do this, you can choose any item from the list of what is giv­en for a chintz wed­ding, and add a lit­tle imag­i­na­tion and humor to it:

  • T‑shirt, paja­mas or bathrobe with a love inscrip­tion;
  • bath tow­el with love inscrip­tion;
  • warm blan­ket;
  • a cup and a plate with wish­es print­ed on them or a mar­i­tal pho­to.
what to give for a cotton wedding

What to give your wife for a print wedding?

Women are gen­tle and roman­tic crea­tures. It is not so impor­tant that a man choos­es from the list of what can be pre­sent­ed for a chintz wed­ding, the main thing is that the gift be pre­sent­ed with love and ten­der­ness. A roman­tic atmos­phere, flow­ers and a gift in a beau­ti­ful pack­age, accom­pa­nied by words of love, can inspire a lady and make her hap­py. The most suit­able gifts for a wife for a print­will be:

  • a set of under­wear or a cer­tifi­cate to the store for its pur­chase;
  • beau­ti­ful night­gown, peignoir;
  • a box of choco­lates wrapped in a cot­ton scarf or tied with a scarf;
  • jew­el­ry in fab­ric pack­ag­ing;
  • soft toy.

What to give for a printto children?

A chintzgift for chil­dren can be either prac­ti­cal or sym­bol­ic. Due to the fact that the new­ly­weds have few things, choos­ing a gift for them is easy. The list of gifts for a print­in­cludes such things:

  • a pair of T‑shirts with slo­gans like: the best hus­band is the best wife;
  • a pair of bathrobes;
  • a pair of qual­i­ty bath tow­els with the­mat­ic inscrip­tions;
  • bed­ding set;
  • ele­gant table­cloth or nap­kins for fur­ni­ture;
  • roman­tic pho­to ses­sion.

Ideas for a print wedding

There are var­i­ous ways to cel­e­brate a cal­i­co wed­ding, but the choice should be based on the pref­er­ences of the cou­ple. Here are pop­u­lar ideas for a print wed­ding:

  1. A vis­it to the sauna or spa. Here you can relax and get a range of pleas­ant ser­vices.
  2. Tour trav­el. On ordi­nary days, there is not enough time for trav­el and sight­see­ing. Why not do it on such a solemn day?
  3. Trip to the recre­ation cen­ter. Rest in the bosom of nature will cheer you up and help make the day unfor­get­table.
  4. The­mat­ic event. If you plan to spend this day with guests, then you can make a theme par­ty. To do this, all guests should be noti­fied in advance so that they pick up the appro­pri­ate out­fit.
  5. Amuse­ment park. Two young peo­ple are still full of excite­ment and enthu­si­asm. A vis­it to an amuse­ment park and amuse­ment park will charge them with pos­i­tive ener­gy for a long time.
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what to give for a print wedding

How to arrange a print wedding?

Along with the ques­tion of how to cel­e­brate a print wed­ding, there is also the prob­lem of dec­o­rat­ing the premis­es in which the event will be held. As men­tioned above, the main mate­r­i­al of this day is chintz. For this rea­son, a cot­ton or gauzeshould be filled with fab­rics, soft toys, nap­kins and oth­er fab­ric items. It is cus­tom­ary to dec­o­rate a room or place for relax­ation and a pic­nic with rib­bons, bows, cloth nap­kins, soft rugs, pil­lows, and blan­kets. The decor details used should speak of soft­ness, ten­der­ness, and com­fort.

Menu for a print wedding

Hold­ing a print wed­ding, like any oth­er event, is impos­si­ble with­out a deli­cious din­ner. How­ev­er, unlike oth­er anniver­saries of liv­ing togeth­er, the menu of a chintzshould be sim­ple and mod­est. The first year lived sym­bol­izes the begin­ning, which should be reflect­ed in the menu. The young host­ess is still inex­pe­ri­enced, there­fore, when choos­ing dish­es, pref­er­ence should be giv­en to those that do not require much time and culi­nary skills to cook.

  1. Tra­di­tion­al­ly, dish­es are pre­pared, con­sist­ing of three or four com­po­nents.
  2. Sal­ads and side dish­es should be as sim­ple as pos­si­ble.
  3. Unpre­ten­tious sand­wich­es, sliced ​​cheeses and sausages, baked chick­en — every­thing should reflect the sim­plic­i­ty of the first year of life.
  4. The crown of thetable is a cake dec­o­rat­ed with fig­urines of the bride and groom. Unlike oth­er dish­es, the cake should be bright and inter­est­ing — this is a sym­bol of future life togeth­er.

Rituals for a cotton wedding

All rit­u­als for a chintzare asso­ci­at­ed with chintz. This fab­ric, sym­bol­iz­ing the fragili­ty of a young fam­i­ly union, is present in every rit­u­al of this day. Inter­est­ing and impor­tant rit­u­als of a chintzare:

  1. The print­is cel­e­brat­ed at home, where guests are invit­ed.
  2. The wife puts on a cot­ton dress, which she must wear until the evening.
  3. Young spous­es give each oth­er cot­ton hand­ker­chiefs. They tie a knot on each hand­ker­chief and pro­nounce an oath of fideli­ty and love at the same time. This rite sym­bol­izes the desire of the spous­es to be eter­nal­ly bound to each oth­er by mar­riage.
  4. The din­ing table is cov­ered with a chintz table­cloth. In addi­tion, chintz should be present in the decor in the form of rib­bons, nap­kins, arti­fi­cial flow­ers.
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what to give your husband for a cotton wedding

Chintz- signs

All signs for a cal­i­coare asso­ci­at­ed with the well-being of the fam­i­ly and the strength of the union. A chintzis a hol­i­day that sug­gests that fam­i­ly life is just begin­ning, and only togeth­er can spous­es over­come all dif­fi­cul­ties and trou­bles. To under­stand what awaits the spous­es next, the signs of a chintzwill help:

  1. If on this day the spous­es woke up at the same time, it means that the fam­i­ly will soon be replen­ished.
  2. If a stranger came to the house that day, one of the spous­es will be unfaith­ful. If a woman came — to the infi­deli­ty of her hus­band, if a man — to the infi­deli­ty of his wife.
  3. Wrin­kled linen, clothes, table­cloth — to fam­i­ly quar­rels.
  4. You can’t give pants or socks, because, accord­ing to the sign, this is a step towards part­ing.
  5. Good and lov­ing rela­tion­ships between spous­es on this day — fam­i­ly life will be pleas­ant and long. A quar­rel or con­flict rela­tion­ship — to a quar­rel­some life and part­ing.
  6. If a man was the first to enter the house from the guests — to the mon­ey, if a woman — to the immi­nent birth of the first child.