copper wedding

A cop­per wed­ding, or a woolen one, indi­cates that com­fort and warmth have not been lost in the hearth of the spous­es, and they have lived togeth­er for 7 years. At this stage, the lovers have expe­ri­enced a lot and achieved in the devel­op­ment of their rela­tion­ship. True, they are prick­ly, like wool, and some­times fam­i­ly hap­pi­ness is upset by notes of jeal­ousy and reproach­es against each oth­er.

7 years of life has always had a sacred mean­ing for a per­son, and there­fore a cop­peris sup­posed to be cel­e­brat­ed on a grand scale, so that there is some­thing to remem­ber.

With a cop­per wed­ding, yes to a new life stage

It is gen­er­al­ly accept­ed that in this impor­tant peri­od for the cou­ple, it is nec­es­sary to strength­en the bonds of their mar­riage. Pour them into stronger ones, so that after a while they turn into gold, and soon into a dia­mond.

Accord­ing to ancient Russ­ian tra­di­tions, cop­per sym­bol­izes fam­i­ly wealth. Pre­vi­ous­ly, the spous­es nec­es­sar­i­ly exchanged coins made of cop­per, as if say­ing there­by: “I thank you for the mate­r­i­al well-being in our house”,

More­over, on this anniver­sary, on the day of the cel­e­bra­tion of the cop­per wed­ding, the hus­band and wife always hung a small horse­shoe over the thresh­old of the house. By the way, it could be both real and wood­en, dec­o­ra­tive. The main thing was not this, but the moment that you need to hang it not with the bows down, as many often make mis­takes, but up. Thus, her horns form a kind of bowl that “col­lects” wealth.

After strength­en­ing, a piece of pars­ley or hol­ly was attached to such a cop­per “bowl”, because they help to renew the pos­i­tive emo­tions that lovers expe­ri­enced on their­day. The herbs were not removed, because when they cleanse the fam­i­ly hearth of neg­a­tiv­i­ty, they them­selves fall out of the horse­shoe horns.

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How to cel­e­brate and what to give for a cop­per wed­ding?

Sev­en is under the aus­pices of Uranus, the plan­et of unex­pect­ed deci­sions and actions. Be sure to strive for vari­ety. So, maybe you want to hold a cop­per­alone with your soul mate, invite as many guests as pos­si­ble to it, or order a breath­tak­ing cake. Every­thing is up to you. Most impor­tant­ly, spend the hol­i­day so that it does not look like a week­day. Allow your­self what you pre­vi­ous­ly refused.

What do they give for a cop­per wed­ding? For mem­o­rable gifts, you should choose those that are made entire­ly of wool or cop­per. Place the main empha­sis not on the man­u­fac­tur­er, ver­sa­til­i­ty, prac­ti­cal­i­ty of the sur­prise, but on its inner con­tent, your love and warmth invest­ed in it.

Would you like to sin­cere­ly express your atti­tude to the anniver­saries? Then feel free to make a present your­self. It will be espe­cial­ly nice if it was made by chil­dren’s hands. In addi­tion, by record­ing the cel­e­bra­tion from begin­ning to end, you will pro­vide the cou­ple with pleas­ant mem­o­ries for years to come.

If we talk about tra­di­tion­al sou­venirs, then they include:

  1. Cop­per rings. They are exchanged by lovers, as they once were gold. By the way, it is cus­tom­ary to store cop­per as care­ful­ly as gold. After some time, this col­lec­tion will be replen­ished with sil­ver sym­bols of love.
  2. Cop­per mon­ey. Spous­es are show­ered with them, there­by wish­ing their fam­i­ly hap­pi­ness and unquench­able pros­per­i­ty.
  3. what to give for a copper wedding
  4. Cop­per horse­shoe. Mul­ti­ply the hap­pi­ness of the cou­ple by giv­ing this “cup” of good­ness.
  5. Uten­sils made of cop­per or brass. Pre­vi­ous­ly, it was cus­tom­ary for every self-respect­ing house­wife, the keep­er of the fam­i­ly hearth, to have cop­per uten­sils. Not a sin­gle house could be imag­ined with­out a cop­per samovar as a table dec­o­ra­tion. So, give the whole fam­i­ly a large cop­per mug, not for­get­ting to place on it inscrip­tions of a play­ful nature like: “Drink like drink, and live like that!”. For lovers of hik­ing, a cop­per ket­tle is per­fect. Don’t for­get cop­per cup hold­ers to keep you warm in inclement weath­er.
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