Do you want to arrange an orig­i­nal wed­ding pho­to shoot or just shoot a love sto­ry in the fall, but lack ideas? Chan­fash­ion hur­ry to help! We have col­lect­ed for you 11 ideas for a roman­tic autumn pho­to shoot and many exam­ples for inspi­ra­tion.

Photo studio

Yes, real­ly staged shots in ide­al and absolute­ly inan­i­mate inte­ri­ors have long gone out of trend. But pho­to stu­dios are not lim­it­ed to hack­neyed Christ­mas trees, fire­places and odd-look­ing arm­chairs 🙂

How­ev­er, be pre­pared that pos­ing in a pho­to stu­dio will require a share of orig­i­nal­i­ty, obser­va­tion and skill from you. Tak­ing pic­tures, for exam­ple, in a for­est or a cafe is much eas­i­er — there you are sur­round­ed by objects with which you can inter­act. A clean back­ground is more dif­fi­cult to work with.

But don’t wor­ry: get inspired on Pin­ter­est and mag­a­zine shoots, look for inter­est­ing ref­er­ences, and don’t be shy to ask a pho­tog­ra­ph­er for help. Then you are def­i­nite­ly wait­ing for a gor­geous result!

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A bit of urban romance? Take a walk with a pho­tog­ra­ph­er in your favorite streets, look into qui­et court­yards — it is not nec­es­sary to turn a wed­ding pho­to ses­sion into a tour of the most hack­neyed places in your home­town, such as a cen­tral park or a memo­r­i­al.


After walk­ing around the autumn city to your heart’s con­tent, run in to warm your­self in a cozy cafe. Hot cof­fee, blan­kets and one crois­sant for two — that’s all you need for roman­tic autumn pho­tos with the groom. Ide­al­ly, you need to sit at the panoram­ic win­dow so that the pho­tog­ra­ph­er can take pic­tures of you out­side 🙂

In transport

Love is always beau­ti­ful: both in lux­u­ri­ous inte­ri­ors and in tired trams. If you are look­ing for an unusu­al aes­thet­ic for your love sto­ry, then con­sid­er pub­lic trans­port. In such an envi­ron­ment, the pho­tog­ra­ph­er needs to catch the details: how you melan­choly look out the win­dow, how you touch with your lit­tle fin­gers, hold­ing on to the handrail, how the groom gen­tly holds your waist when the car brakes sharply.

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You may have to look for unpop­u­lar routes or wake up on the first sub­way train, but the result is def­i­nite­ly worth it!


Ears, lead­en sky and loose earth — how do you like such autumn aes­thet­ics for shoot­ing a love sto­ry? A wed­ding pho­to shoot in the field is fine if you want to add some dra­ma to the shots, and not con­cen­trate on a cloy­ing roman­tic pic­ture.


The autumn sea is com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent. It is no longer so warm and affec­tion­ate, it shows its char­ac­ter and dous­es it with ice splash­es. If you are not afraid to freeze and wet your shoes (and the wed­ding pho­tog­ra­ph­er), then be sure to take at least a few shots on the shore of the cold sea — it is incred­i­bly inspir­ing and will make the result of the pho­to ses­sion unique.

By the water

If there is no sea near­by, then this is not a rea­son to refuse atmos­pher­ic wed­ding shots: a stream, a lake or a reser­voir will do — any­thing that is near the city. A spe­cial chic if you have a boat at your dis­pos­al. Already with this attribute of ideas for frames there will be a mil­lion!

Under rain

How to resist and not use the main autumn spe­cial effect in a pho­to shoot? Kiss­ing in the rain, jump­ing through pud­dles, wet curls stick­ing to your cheeks — all this is so roman­tic and real.

The main thing is to be care­ful with the image if the leaked mas­cara is not includ­ed in your plans. Although we believe that such pho­tos also have their own very sin­cere aes­thet­ics 🙂

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Where else can you ful­ly expe­ri­ence the autumn atmos­phere, if not in a yel­lowed for­est? Dress warm­ly, pack a ther­mos of hot cof­fee and go look­ing for the pic­turesque edges of the near­est for­est, and the pho­tog­ra­ph­er will cap­ture the most com­fort­able shots.


Bon­fire, cozy blan­kets, soft light of gar­lands — let not only warm feel­ings warm you! A kind of camp­site with a tent and a car, or even a wood­en house with a spa­cious veran­da hid­den in the for­est will be an excel­lent back­drop for a love sto­ry sur­round­ed by yel­lowed leaves.

Fool around, drink cocoa, roast marsh­mal­lows and hug a lot. Isn’t that what autumn was made for?


Autumn is the time to hide in the warmth. At home, you can make a lot of cozy and nat­ur­al shots. Think less about pos­ing and more about your sin­cere feel­ings 🙂

If you’re wor­ried that your apart­ment isn’t pho­to­genic enough, there are plen­ty of stu­dios with nice homey inte­ri­ors. The main thing is not to strive for pol­ished back­grounds, in which staged pro­duc­tion is guessed, and to con­cen­trate the cam­er­a’s atten­tion on the details.

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