Not sure which col­or palette to choose for your fall or win­ter wed­ding? Then let’s lis­ten to the experts from the Pan­tone Insti­tute! It’s not for noth­ing that huge teams of pros ana­lyze glob­al trends and pre­pare the most fash­ion­able palettes for us every sea­son 🙂 Get inspired with Chan­fash­ion in this arti­cle and choose the col­or for your per­fect wed­ding.

Mykonos Blue

The sun­ny Greek atmos­phere is sup­posed to cov­er the rainy sky and bad weath­er out­side the win­dow, and Mycon­ic Blue will help with this. It is clas­si­cal­ly paired with pure whites as well as lighter blues. It can also be com­bined with gold or sil­ver details to add a lit­tle chic.


Let’s add bright­ness! Yel­low col­or in the shade Illu­mi­nat­ing will dilute the gloomy land­scape out­side the win­dow. Such a flashy shade is best used as an accent in com­bi­na­tion with a soft neu­tral palette so that the loca­tion does not look over­loaded.


Oh what a beau­ti­ful­ly deep green in Lep­rechaun would pair well with yel­low and crim­son foliage! Green looks great on heavy fab­rics that are often used in win­ter and fall wed­dings, so take a clos­er look at it.

You will find more col­or solu­tions and palettes for your wed­ding in our arti­cles in the sec­tion “Wed­ding col­or and style”!

Fuchsia Fedora

The cold sea­son is no rea­son to forego bright col­ors in the wed­ding palette, and the selec­tion of Fuch­sia Fedo­ra by the Pan­tone Insti­tute proves this. Fuch­sia works great paired with oth­er juicy shades — orange, coral, pur­ple, crim­son. Choose two “star” col­ors and dilute them with light pas­tels so as not to over­do it.

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Pale Rosette

Del­i­cate pink shades are a clas­sic of wed­ding palettes, so you can’t do with­out Pale Rosette. Of course, it can be safe­ly used in floristry or tex­tiles, but why not go fur­ther? A fluffy pink dress will make you the princess of a win­ter fairy tale, and it will also con­trast favor­ably with the white snow on the back­ground 🙂


Shades of brown and choco­late will won­der­ful­ly fit into an autumn wed­ding. Use Adobe to cre­ate a warm cozy atmos­phere in Boho, Rus­tic or Clas­sic style, com­plete with nat­ur­al fab­rics and wood in the decor and, of course, can­dles.

Fire Whirl

Juicy crim­son in the shade of Fire Whirl will add sparkle to the wed­ding in the cold sea­son. Won­der­ful­ly fit both in tex­tiles and decor, and in the image of the bride. Will you decide on a bright lip­stick or even a red wed­ding dress? 🙂


Deep pur­ple in trendy Rhodonite is the per­fect choice if you want to cre­ate a more mys­te­ri­ous and ele­gant atmos­phere at your wed­ding. Com­bine it with cool mut­ed col­ors and oth­er shades of pur­ple.

Spring Lake

Dusty blue Spring Lake is also con­sid­ered one of the clas­sic wed­ding col­or schemes. So a win-win option, espe­cial­ly for a cel­e­bra­tion in win­ter. This col­or will help recre­ate the atmos­phere of a win­ter fairy tale.

Root Beer

Anoth­er trendy shade of brown, rem­i­nis­cent of hot cocoa, is Root Beer. As warm and pleas­ant as the afore­men­tioned drink, it will keep you warm at the autumn cel­e­bra­tion.

Coconut Cream

Coconut Cream shade will help cre­ate a pink fairy tale in wed­ding dec­o­ra­tion. Soft, weight­less and very roman­tic — just what you need for a wed­ding! Coconut Cream is a good base for rich col­ors and accents.

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Ultimate Gray

Who said that gray is not a wed­ding col­or? A styl­ish hue like Ulti­mate Gray will make your decor look mod­ern and sophis­ti­cat­ed. Ide­al for both clas­sic ele­gant wed­dings and styles like Urban Chic or Indus­tri­al.


The soft beige shade of Soy­bean will envel­op guests with an atmos­phere of com­fort and ten­der­ness. A great idea if you want a light, unob­tru­sive dec­o­ra­tion for your wed­ding. It is also easy to com­bine with gold, more accent col­ors or rich shades of brown.

Olive Branch

Olive Branch will fit into the col­or scheme of the autumn wed­ding. Olive goes well with light wood, linen and white with a yel­low­ish under­tone.

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