Family motto

The word “mot­to” comes from the Latin “dev­idere” which means “to divide”. The mean­ing of the name sug­gests that the mot­to — usu­al­ly one of the com­po­nents of the ban­ner or coat of arms — has always been locat­ed out­side the main ele­ments depict­ed on them. As a rule, a spe­cial mot­to rib­bon (or part of it) was assigned to the mot­to, occu­py­ing a sep­a­rate place allot­ted to it on the field of the coat of arms or ban­ner.

Con­cepts such as fam­i­ly coat of arms and mot­to they invari­ably take us back to His­to­ry, and there is noth­ing strange in this: even in Ancient Rome, the mot­to of the fam­i­ly deter­mined the foun­da­tions that guid­ed all its mem­bers, and spoke a lot about the his­to­ry and mer­its of this fam­i­ly. As for the Latin mot­tos — the max­ims of the Eter­nal City — they sub­se­quent­ly became the basis for the mot­tos of many coun­tries.

There are three types of slo­gans:

  • curly mot­tos. Such mot­tos, in fact, are emblems, and in some cas­es they are the emblems of indi­vid­ual states or dynas­ties. Remem­ber the lily — the emblem of the French roy­al dynas­ties, or the rose — the emblem of Eng­land;
  • mot­tos com­bin­ing fig­u­ra­tive and ver­bal images. Some­times this is resort­ed to in order to sup­ple­ment the main mot­to with an aux­il­iary one in an unob­tru­sive form. But quite often the fig­u­ra­tive image sim­ply illus­trates the ver­bal form of the mot­to;
  • ver­bal slo­gans. This group of mot­tos is the most com­mon and easy to under­stand.

How rel­e­vant is the con­cept of the mot­to of the fam­i­ly in our time? For a huge num­ber of fam­i­lies in Euro­pean coun­tries, it nev­er lost its rel­e­vance: in them, from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion, the fam­i­ly coat of arms of the fam­i­ly and its mot­to were kept unchanged.

If you ask why a fam­i­ly mot­to is need­ed at all, and what is its mean­ing, the answer may sur­prise you a lit­tle. A thought or a word, expressed aloud, acquires an inde­pen­dent life and begins to per­sis­tent­ly seek ways for its embod­i­ment. Motto of a young familyRepeat­ed by some­one repeat­ed­ly, they, over time, acquire the abil­i­ty to large­ly deter­mine the course of the speak­er’s fate.

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There­fore, the mot­to of the fam­i­ly, passed down from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion, is able to con­trol and guide the actions and life path of each of the gen­er­a­tions. It is very unlike­ly that a per­son whose fam­i­ly mot­to for cen­turies (even decades!) has been the words “Hon­or is dear­er than life” will be able to act unworthi­ly. In oth­er words, the mot­to gives quite deep infor­ma­tion about the fam­i­ly and its mem­bers. A mot­to can be espe­cial­ly impor­tant for a young fam­i­ly, and this is absolute­ly under­stand­able: the words they choose as their fam­i­ly mot­to will guide them through life.

Do not be lazy and think about what, in your opin­ion, best reflects the essence of your fam­i­ly? What image? What sym­bol? What phrase or word? Do you imag­ine your fam­i­ly as a close-knit, insep­a­ra­ble ball? Look for a mot­to that describes a close-knit fam­i­ly! All fam­i­ly mem­bers are not couch pota­toes at all, and love to play sports very much? Choose a mot­to that speaks of a sports fam­i­ly!

What if the fam­i­ly is both friend­ly and ath­let­ic? There are two exits. Or choose for your­self one, the gen­er­al mot­to of the fam­i­ly, reflect­ing both one and the oth­er fea­ture. Or choose two sep­a­rate mot­tos: one mot­to — for a friend­ly fam­i­ly, and sec­ond the mot­to is for a sports fam­i­ly. They can coex­ist per­fect­ly togeth­er.

If there are chil­dren in the fam­i­ly, it is just right to think about the chil­dren’s mot­tos of the fam­i­ly. Such mot­tos fall under the def­i­n­i­tion of a per­son­al mot­to. All states­men and out­stand­ing per­son­al­i­ties of His­to­ry had and have a per­son­al mot­to.

Name and mottos of the family

A per­son­al mot­to can change through­out the life of its own­er, and be not only per­ma­nent, but also tem­po­rary — when it is put for­ward only for a spe­cif­ic sit­u­a­tion.

Your fam­i­ly’s child­hood mot­to may have a hint of a joke while the baby is still very young, but over time it is bet­ter to replace it with a more seri­ous sym­bol. Per­haps you will like the mot­to “Oblig­at­ed, so I can!”, Which led Alexan­der Suvorov through life.

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In addi­tion to the mot­to of your fam­i­ly, you can come up with a name for your­self, which will also express your creed. The name and mot­tos of the fam­i­ly, dec­o­rat­ed clear­ly and with soul, will look appro­pri­ate in any part of your apart­ment. They will tell those who come that peo­ple who pro­tect and love their home and each oth­er live in this house. And for you, the mot­to of the fam­i­ly will become just a silent and faith­ful assis­tant in life.

We offer you sev­er­al mot­tos that you can use for sports com­pe­ti­tions and fam­i­ly com­pe­ti­tions, com­ic mot­tos for the fam­i­ly, as well as mot­tos that will take their right­ful place on your fam­i­ly coat of arms:

As long as we are unit­ed, we are invin­ci­ble!

Our strong fam­i­ly is both brave and strong!

Dad, mom, I am a friend­ly fam­i­ly!

The young fam­i­ly are first-year stu­dents of this social insti­tute of the soci­ety.

A hap­py mar­riage is not oppo­site each oth­er

With rapiers … and not to the back — the back.

Hap­py mar­riage — when the mot­to of the spous­es:

“HE is for HER, and for HIM — SHE!”

Believe me, Bukins are not fic­tion­al char­ac­ters!

We are one — our fam­i­ly is inde­struc­tible!

Our mot­to is always the same — we will not destroy, we will not betray!

We are strong and brave, we strive for vic­to­ry!

We are all very proud of each oth­er’s suc­cess!

Fam­i­ly tra­di­tions are the most valu­able for us.

Care and atten­tion — and suc­cess will meet us!

Fam­i­ly is trust, love and kind­ness,

Fam­i­ly is con­ti­nu­ity, advice and beau­ty!

We live, keep­ing our love,

We can do any­thing — we are a fam­i­ly!

Our fam­i­ly is friend­ly and unit­ed,

So she is invin­ci­ble!

Hap­py fam­i­ly mot­to: Your dreams are my wor­ries!

FAMILY — cor­rect, teach, force !!!

Fam­i­ly is work, car­ing for each oth­er,

Fam­i­ly means a lot of house­work.

Fam­i­ly is impor­tant! Fam­i­ly is hard!

But it is impos­si­ble to live hap­pi­ly alone!

Our strong fam­i­ly is both brave and strong!

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The fam­i­ly is a school in which the “I” is born and brought up.

The mot­to for the com­pe­ti­tion is:

Live in har­mo­ny with your­self

Don’t hurt your fam­i­ly

And respect the mem­o­ry of your ances­tors!

Our future is in chil­dren

Give them the best!

And with love for our chil­dren

We must build, revive!

Our friend­ly fam­i­ly

Does every­thing in jest.

That’s why we know:

We’ll get prizes!

Our dad is the strongest

And mom is the pret­ti­est of all,

There­fore, kids

How can we not be hap­pi­er!

Our fam­i­ly loves sports and nature

In the sum­mer she dips into the water,

We are hard­ened, smart, strong,

And that’s why we’re so hap­py!

Our fam­i­ly mot­to: we can do every­thing!

Every­one will win, we will prove it to you!

Fam­i­ly is what we live for!

Fam­i­ly is what is with you for­ev­er!

Every­thing in the fam­i­ly, every­thing for the good of the fam­i­ly

Our fam­i­ly mot­to is: mutu­al under­stand­ing, intel­li­gence, friend­ship and love!

For a hap­py fam­i­ly

Live in love and very friend­ly!

Help mom and dad

And under­stand each oth­er!

Let the fam­i­ly be hap­py! After all, dad, mom, sis­ter and me are togeth­er!

Father and moth­er and chil­dren togeth­er

Sit­ting at the fes­tive table

And togeth­er they are not bored at all,

And five of them are inter­est­ing.

The sun always shines on us

Both in win­ter and in sum­mer.

Because we are fam­i­ly.

We are proud of it!

We dream of liv­ing until the gold­e­nand the end of the mort­gage!

A young fam­i­ly is when the­money has not yet end­ed.

We are still pay­ing our mar­i­tal debt prop­er­ly!

One last name, one refrig­er­a­tor, one bath­room in the morn­ing!

Land — to the peas­ants, fac­to­ries — to the work­ers, the remote con­trol from the TV — to dad.

All to be hon­est! Who­ev­er eats last, he wash­es the fry­ing pan.

Ties of mar­riage and kin­ship

Stronger even than in Dom‑2

Faster! Above! Stronger! Here is a far from com­plete list of the wife’s reproach­es when the hus­band does some­thing around the house.