Gar­lands are your mag­ic wand when you need to add beau­ty, cozi­ness, roman­tic atmos­phere or just light to a space! Gar­lands can dec­o­rate a wed­ding in the for­est, a hol­i­day indoors in a loft, and a wed­ding tent. With the help of this afford­able decor detail, trans­form­ing a wed­ding venue is easy and fun! Chan­fash­ion will talk about the nuances and pop­u­lar schemes for dec­o­rat­ing a wed­ding with gar­lands. And also share with you amaz­ing pho­to exam­ples how lights cre­ate mag­ic.

To dec­o­rate a wed­ding with elec­tric string lights, you will need a suf­fi­cient num­ber of pow­er out­lets and, most like­ly, sev­er­al exten­sion cords.

Is the manufacturer of electric garlands important?

If you do not rent gar­lands, but buy, def­i­nite­ly yes. A well-known brand care­ful­ly checks all bulbs for burnt out. But even if it hap­pened that a few pieces burned out, you can always replace them, and also pur­chase addi­tion­al replace­ment ones for the future.

Glass or plastic bulbs?

This is entire­ly up to your per­son­al pref­er­ence. Do a lit­tle research to find out what you like best.

string gar­lands, as a rule, con­sist of glass bulbs, and you can hang them any­where. They give off such a warm yel­low glow that is great for both out­door decor and indoor use. You know, now it has become fash­ion­able to hang gar­lands in liv­ing room or bed­room, in the evenings their light is much more pleas­ant than the bright spot­light of the cen­tral chan­de­lier.

flick­er­ing lights (usu­al­ly used dur­ing the New Year hol­i­days) can be both in glass and plas­tic, as well as in a wide range of col­or options. You can find LED can­dles that are espe­cial­ly val­ued for their ener­gy effi­cien­cy, although they tend to give off a cool­er blue light.

Edi­son light bulbs — this is a chic solu­tion for light­ing a wed­ding, in our opin­ion. They give a warm, rather bright light, and bring a vin­tage charm to the atmos­phere. Their glass bulbs, with a lumi­nous orange thread inside, are per­fect­ly com­bined with floristry: green­ery and fresh flow­ers. Yes, we will not deny that we are in love with them, although replac­ing burnt out light bulbs in such gar­lands is not cheap.

How to decorate a wedding place with garlands?

What does your space look like? It is your place that will dic­tate the dec­o­ra­tion scheme.

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Check all avail­able pow­er sources and deter­mine how many strings each can sup­port at the same time. Usu­al­ly one source allows you to con­nect up to 5 strings of lights togeth­er, giv­ing you about 60 feet of light.

Imag­ine where you could hang the light. Out­doors, gar­lands look won­der­ful on and between trees. In a ware­house, you can wrap beams under the ceil­ing or sup­ports with lights: they often go unno­ticed by design­ers, but they could play the role of dec­o­rat­ing the space! If you chose a wide open space for your wed­ding cel­e­bra­tion, you will need to install poles to sup­port the light.

6 popular schemes for hanging garlands

Let­ter V — a uni­ver­sal option for any space. It’s fair­ly easy to repli­cate this pat­tern on your own, and it does­n’t require the same length of strings on both sides to look good. Keep in mind that the ver­tex point V, where both sides meet, bears the weight of the entire light struc­ture and there­fore must be as strong as pos­si­ble.

Zigzag is a fun choice when you’re look­ing to bring more light into your space and are look­ing for an inter­est­ing design. You can imple­ment such a scheme using one very long gar­land or using sev­er­al gar­lands con­nect­ed to each oth­er.

Let­ter X. This design looks espe­cial­ly good in dec­o­rat­ing wide spaces or in square-shaped rooms. If you have sev­er­al gar­lands, cre­ate sev­er­al X‑scheme in a row to make a dia­mond pat­tern. You will be very pleased with the result!

Square or grid. Gar­lands are hung in straight lines across the length and width of the space to cre­ate a grid. Or dec­o­rate only the perime­ter of your square-shaped place.

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hori­zon point - by anal­o­gy with V‑circuitbut instead of two gar­lands — five sixwhich con­verge to one cen­tral point.

Scheme of a tent or sun. Gar­lands from dif­fer­ent sides stretch from one cen­tral point. Not only will you need to find a very strong sup­port for a cen­tral point where all the streams of light will con­verge. You will also need to cre­ate a lot of sup­ports for the end points of the gar­lands. Not sur­pris­ing­ly, this scheme is com­mon­ly used by pro­fes­sion­als in restau­rants and mar­quees. How­ev­er, with good plan­ning, you can recre­ate such beau­ty your­self out­doors!


So that your gar­lands (espe­cial­ly with glass bulbs) do not get tan­gled and bro­ken, remove the bulbs them­selves from the wires. After hang­ing the wires accord­ing to any of the select­ed schemes, return the bulbs to their places.

Trust us, the gar­lands are won­der­ful and they will fill the space with light and hol­i­day mood!