glass wedding

A glassper­son­i­fies the puri­ty of fam­i­ly rela­tion­ships, the hap­pi­ness of a mar­ried cou­ple. And it is not for noth­ing that the sym­bol of this sig­nif­i­cant event was glass or crys­tal, which have the same beau­ty, but also fragili­ty, like love. After all, rela­tion­ships always need to be worked on. The eas­i­est way to break them is like a glass, and there­fore those lovers who man­aged to save the crys­tal of mutu­al under­stand­ing can proud­ly cel­e­brate such an event.

When is the glass­cel­e­brat­ed?

15 years of fam­i­ly life togeth­er sug­gests that through­out this peri­od the spous­es man­aged to pre­serve frag­ile hap­pi­ness, learned to pro­tect the fam­i­ly hearth, and there­fore they can safe­ly boast of the cre­at­ed strong fam­i­ly.

Tra­di­tions of a glass or crys­tal wed­ding

On this day, it is cus­tom­ary to get rid of cracked or bro­ken dish­es. After all, it is not in vain that it is believed that glass frag­ments are capa­ble of fraught with neg­a­tive ener­gy that neg­a­tive­ly affects oth­ers. True, to get rid of it on the anniver­sary of a glass wed­ding, the fol­low­ing rec­om­men­da­tions should be fol­lowed:

  • take a thick fab­ric, wear­ing shoes with thick soles;
  • togeth­er with your spouse, break the accu­mu­lat­ed unnec­es­sary kitchen uten­sils, get­ting rid of all the bad things.

No won­der they say that dish­es beat for hap­pi­ness. This will not only cleanse your home, but also bring joy to a new chap­ter in fam­i­ly life.

How to cel­e­brate a glass wed­ding, 15 years of hap­pi­ness?

Astrologers say that it is best to cel­e­brate the anniver­sary with the peo­ple clos­est to you. The patron of this anniver­sary is Sat­urn. He is a strict plan­et and will not tol­er­ate some­one else inter­fer­ing in your fam­i­ly affairs.

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When lay­ing the ban­quet table, do not for­get about glass, crys­tal glass­es, the ring­ing of which will increase the pos­i­tive ener­gy of the hearth. If you man­age to find your­dish­es, then put them out imme­di­ate­ly.

Dec­o­rate the room with glass fig­urines, can­dle­sticks and oth­er dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments.

At the fes­tive table, a place of hon­or near the heroes of the day should be giv­en to chil­dren and grand­chil­dren. This is a sym­bol of the con­tin­u­a­tion of the dynasty, the fam­i­ly fortress.


On this day, it is cus­tom­ary for spous­es to exchange small sou­venirs made direct­ly from glass and crys­tal. So, a spouse can please his betrothed with an orna­ment made of bewitch­ing rock crys­tal, dec­o­rat­ed with engrav­ing. Anoth­er option: replac­ing such an expen­sive gift with glass­ware (a box, a table lamp, the lamp­shade of which is dec­o­rat­ed with col­ored glass­es, a glass dish paint­ed with an ele­gant pat­tern, etc.). The option of a gift in the form of dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments is not exclud­ed: a vase, a fig­urine. The wife, in turn, gives her oth­er half eau de toi­lette glass or crystal weddingin a glass pack­age, a frame for a joint pho­to, a crys­tal hold­er for foun­tain pens or his favorite drink in a beau­ti­ful glass bot­tle.

As for gifts from guests, because on this day, a mar­ried cou­ple breaks dish­es, their house needs to be replen­ished with a new one. So, choose a cof­fee ser­vice, a set of crys­tal glass­es, dish­es, sal­ad bowls. A fig­urine in the form of insep­a­ra­ble swans radi­at­ing love, fideli­ty and ten­der­ness will always be appro­pri­ate.

The gift itself can be looked for not only on store shelves, but also at copy­right exhi­bi­tions of glass­ware. If you want to stand out with an orig­i­nal gift on such a sig­nif­i­cant date for lovers, the day of their glass wed­ding, look at some unusu­al cre­ation right in the exhi­bi­tion hall.

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Don’t for­get to arrange every­thing nice­ly. After all, some­times the process of unpack­ing a gift brings much more plea­sure than it does.