gratitude to parents

Par­ents are our most impor­tant peo­ple, because they gave us life. From them, the child receives pri­ma­ry expe­ri­ence and knowl­edge, tra­di­tions, faith, they are for him a source of knowl­edge, moral­i­ty, moral­i­ty.

Many do not feel grate­ful in their hearts towards their par­ents. There are resent­ments, fears, inabil­i­ty to under­stand them, unspo­ken words on the way. And this is a big stone in the soul of a per­son. The rec­on­cil­i­a­tion process can take years. But you should be per­sis­tent, and grad­u­al­ly get rid of resent­ment and your own unfor­give­ness. Over time, you will be able to see the rea­sons and under­stand the feel­ings of the par­ents. Per­haps they had a dif­fi­cult life or also did not devel­op rela­tion­ships with their par­ents.

Try to rec­on­cile with your par­ents, improve rela­tion­ships, find pos­i­tive things, and things for which you can thank your par­ents, for exam­ple, for your own life, which is the most that they could give.

Grat­i­tude from chil­dren to par­ents can be expressed in sev­er­al ways:

  1. Men­tal­ly. Remem­ber only their good qual­i­ties and deeds. High­light the virtues and exalt them, even if oth­ers do not agree with it. Think pos­i­tive­ly about them.
  2. words. Talk about par­ents and with par­ents with ten­der­ness and love. Show them the respect and respect you have.
  3. Actions. Act decent­ly and hon­est­ly, because such chil­dren can only be with the same won­der­ful par­ents. You should help your par­ents with joy, benev­o­lence, so that they would be pleased to con­tact you.
  4. Write let­ter thanks to par­ents.

When you get rid of the neg­a­tiv­i­ty towards your par­ents, express your grat­i­tude to them, you will be sur­prised when you real­ize how much they have done for you. If you have not yet matured to go to rec­on­cil­i­a­tion, try writ­ing them a let­ter.

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How to write thanks to parents?

  1. It is bet­ter to start words of grat­i­tude to par­ents from chil­dren with gen­tle treat­ment: dad­dy, mom­my, loved ones, dear ones. Next, describe some warm mem­o­ry or fun­ny inci­dent, you can sim­ply state the pur­pose of this let­ter. Write sin­cere­ly, if you do not feel some­thing, then it is bet­ter to omit it alto­geth­er in the text.
  2. Then tell them what you are grate­ful for. Insert your feel­ings and thoughts into the text. If this is a grat­i­tude from a daugh­ter to par­ents for rais­ing chil­dren, then in the text indi­cate how they sim­pli­fied your life, that you were able to make repairs in the house at that time, or the grandmother’s class­es with her grand­chil­dren helped you raise edu­cat­ed chil­dren, while you earned mon­ey for the fam­i­ly . Even if it is a tri­fle, mark it in the text, par­ents will be pleased.
  3. Remem­ber a bright event from a com­mon life, such mem­o­ries are dear to all fam­i­ly mem­bers. When repro­duc­ing it, indi­cate what impres­sion this inci­dent made on you. Thank your par­ents that you see the sun, your loved ones, doing what you love. For the lit­tle things that are some­times so impor­tant.
  4. At the end, write how hap­py you are to have such (state their advan­tages) par­ents. Express to them the words of your affec­tion and love. You can men­tion that you regret that you caused them grief, that you could not always help, that you rarely see them. It would be use­ful to invite them to a small fam­i­ly feast. Don’t for­get to hug and kiss your par­ents. End the let­ter by sign­ing with the child­hood nick­name your par­ents used to call you. Invest a part of your­self in your grat­i­tude. The let­ter will not take much time, and the par­ents will feel need­ed and valu­able to you.
  5. Remem­ber when an edu­ca­tion­al insti­tu­tion express­es grat­i­tude to par­ents for their help or for the excel­lent upbring­ing of chil­dren, how to write thank you to parentswords are writ­ten on thick paper and, in gen­er­al, the form looks like a let­ter of com­men­da­tion, on which the fol­low­ing text is writ­ten: dear ___ (full name of par­ents), the school admin­is­tra­tion express­es grat­i­tude for the good upbring­ing of his daugh­ter (last name, first name) and for your help to the school. At the bot­tom of the sig­na­ture, next to it is a tran­script (direc­tor, head teacher, class teacher) and the seal of the school. Maybe you should do the same for your par­ents?
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To raise grate­ful chil­dren, par­ents also need to be grate­ful to oth­ers, because chil­dren copy the behav­ior of adults.