Com­pli­ments toguests are becom­ing a good tra­di­tion in our coun­try, which pleas­es and inspires. Why are these mini-presents rel­a­tives and friends, don’t they have a hol­i­day? — we hear a ques­tion. This is a way for the cou­ple to express their grat­i­tude to every­one present for par­tic­i­pat­ing in the­day, for the kind words, for the sin­cere joy, and for the gift, of course. How to say thank you” and not cre­ate a hole in the­bud­get? Chan­fash­ion col­lect­ed a dozen low-cost ideas for your win­ter wed­ding.

Edible compliments to guests

Sweets have always been the most pop­u­lar gifts at any wed­ding, from a large-scale two hun­dred guests to a fam­i­ly, cozy­par­ty. Because it is easy to find an idea that will make every­one smile, gasp and be touched at once, and the taste qual­i­ties are cho­sen as uni­ver­sal as pos­si­ble, which auto­mat­i­cal­ly makes the del­i­ca­cy bud­get.

For a win­ter wed­ding, you don’t have to look for sweet ideas for a long time:

  • cocoa sets with marsh­mal­lows and choco­lates, because every­one loves hot choco­late, and such com­pli­ments do not take much time and mon­ey — just put cocoa in glass cups, jars or bowls and dec­o­rate with fir branch­es, cones or a red rib­bon.
  • marsh­mal­lows and meringue del­i­cate, vanil­la shades will delight your guests at anyin the cold sea­son. Add a red rib­bon or cute win­ter decor to your scourg­ingto make these gifts look right.
  • donuts — a cool and cheap idea that fits per­fect­ly into the for­mat of a rus­tic wed­ding, rus­tic and eco style.
  • gin­ger­bread and home­made cook­ies could be called a banal­i­ty, if it were not for the amaz­ing ideas of their paint­ing and dec­o­ra­tion, which are demon­strat­ed by con­fec­tion­ers! Works of art that you don’t even want to eat — your guests will say, care­ful­ly tak­ing such sweet com­pli­ments in their hands.

Gin­ger­bread men cook­ies are a Christ­mas clas­sic, and, of course, on the eve of the New Year hol­i­days, gin­ger­bread men will be more appro­pri­ate than ever.

  • of muffins and muffins are anoth­er super pop­u­lar dessert that just needs to be giv­en a spe­cial win­ter look. It’s pret­ty easy: with icy blue frost­ing and edi­ble sug­ar snowflakes, with frozen berries and marsh­mal­low. Of course, it is unlike­ly that you will be able to cre­ate such beau­ty with­out sig­nif­i­cant expe­ri­ence in the con­fec­tionery busi­ness, we advise you to choose a wor­thy con­fec­tion­er. In our cat­a­log col­lect­ed sweet crafts­men for every taste and bud­get!
  • pas­ta is a styl­ish, frag­ile treat that even the most selec­tive guests will appre­ci­ate. A cool con­fec­tion­er will advise you on unex­pect­ed com­bi­na­tions of fla­vors, think about col­or and decor - voilawor­thy of roy­al ban­quets, treats for guests are ready.

Mini drinks

Rumor has it that there is noth­ing bet­ter than giv­ing gifts to guests dur­ing the cold sea­son. mini bot­tles brand­ed alco­hol. Choose your favorite fla­vor and dec­o­rate the bot­tles in a way that suits your­con­cept; write your names and your wish­es on the labels. Great option!

Accessories that give warmth

Fleece blan­kets, fun­ny gloves or mit­tens, socks and snoods is a cozy and such a sym­bol­ic idea: to give warmth. Guests can use their gifts already at you­rif they want to arrange a pho­to shoot in the cold!

Christmas decorations

Fam­i­ly a good idea for a win­ter wed­ding: Christ­mas dec­o­ra­tions that are enough to dec­o­rate with com­mem­o­ra­tive inscrip­tions. Your names,date, sig­na­tures, wish­es and grat­i­tude will dec­o­rate the house of your loved ones for a long time and remind you of the­cel­e­bra­tion. Want more per­son­al­iza­tion? Make your own dec­o­ra­tions from cut wood and dec­o­rate them how­ev­er you like.


Fig­ured can­dles made by you with your own hands, or aro­mat­ic ones with win­ter smells are very atmos­pher­ic gifts for loved ones who shared your love with you. most spe­cial day.

Christmas gifts

There are always few of them, they will always find a place on the shelf: glass balls with snow, porce­lain angels and music box­es with Christ­mas melodies! Such com­pli­ments for guests require more mon­ey than oth­er ideas, and are most appro­pri­ate for a small fam­i­ly wed­ding.

tree seedlings

Ais a tru­ly inspir­ing event, it inspires and sets you in a roman­tic mood. To plant a tree? Yes, it is a won­der­ful thing, the sym­bol­ism of which is very valu­able. For a win­ter wed­ding, spruce or pine seedlings will be the best solu­tion. In hon­or of the birth of a new fam­i­ly, each of the rel­a­tives and friends of the cou­ple will plant a treeagreesounds nice!

Chan­fash­ion wish­es you the most emo­tion­al hol­i­day that you and your favorite guests will remem­ber for decades!

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