Guest marriage

Today, res­i­dents of big cities, peo­ple who are active­ly build­ing a career, are increas­ing­ly think­ing about such a vari­ety of rela­tion­ships as guest mar­riages. But what is a guest mar­riage?

It is also called extrater­ri­to­r­i­al, that is, the spous­es live in dif­fer­ent ter­ri­to­ries, meet­ing by mutu­al desire. It is also pos­si­ble to joint­ly spend vaca­tions, hol­i­days, not long-term cohab­i­ta­tion, but at the same time, the spous­es do not run a com­mon house­hold. At oth­er times, the spous­es are free from each oth­er and fam­i­ly oblig­a­tions, but unlike free rela­tion­ships, a guest mar­riage still implies the loy­al­ty of the par­ties, and there is also a stamp in the pass­port.

Features of life in a guest marriage

A guest mar­riage is usu­al­ly con­clud­ed when the future hus­band and wife are quite wealthy and inde­pen­dent peo­ple and do not want to lose their free­dom at all. In addi­tion, adher­ents of guest mar­riages believe that long-term cohab­i­ta­tion kills feel­ings and romance, and part­ners do not respect and do not appre­ci­ate each oth­er at all. All this can be avoid­ed in a guest mar­riage — the spous­es see each oth­er only by mutu­al desire and they do not care about domes­tic prob­lems at all. What oth­er ben­e­fits does guest mar­riage have?

  • no dai­ly rou­tine;
  • no one lim­its a per­son in pas­time, there is a large amount of free space and time;
  • there is no and can­not be con­trol “where have you been”, “why did you stay so long with friends” and so on;
  • there is no need to take care of anoth­er per­son, to adapt to his habits;
  • lack of knowl­edge of every­day tri­fles makes part­ners always desir­able for each oth­er, and sex is not an every­day neces­si­ty.
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Guest rela­tion­ships are often cho­sen by cre­ative peo­ple who need free space like air, or those who are con­stant­ly trav­el­ing. For the rest of the peo­ple, a guest mar­riage can turn into a num­ber of rather seri­ous incon­ve­niences. For exam­ple, such rela­tion­ships are pos­si­ble only if the guest wife and hus­band are healthy, wealthy peo­ple who exist in soci­ety with­out any prob­lems. After all, a guest mar­riage risks break­ing up at the slight­est dete­ri­o­ra­tion in the finan­cial sit­u­a­tion of one of the part­ners. Also, he will not with­stand ill­ness or dete­ri­o­ra­tion in the qual­i­ty of sex. In a guest mar­riage, part­ners have no spe­cial oblig­a­tions to each oth­er, and if one ceas­es to be sat­is­fied with any­thing, the rela­tion­ship ends with­out fur­ther ado.

Psy­chol­o­gists do not at all con­sid­er this type of mar­riage seri­ous — most of them call such a rela­tion­ship a hoax. Since such cou­ples only play fam­i­ly life, not dar­ing to take on oblig­a­tions for anoth­er per­son. Thus, the fam­i­ly is replaced by a base sur­ro­gate. But there is an opin­ion that guest mar­riages have the right to exist, how­ev­er, only tem­porar­i­ly. After all, if a per­son can­not let anoth­er into his ter­ri­to­ry, then he is look­ing for a bet­ter, maybe more con­ve­nient option. But be that as it may, it can­not be denied that guest mar­riages, although aimed at cre­at­ing max­i­mum com­fort for both part­ners, can also have a num­ber of dif­fi­cult moments, espe­cial­ly if the cou­ple is think­ing about chil­dren.

Children in a guest marriage

guest marriages

A guest mar­riage does not exclude the appear­ance of chil­dren, but their birth is usu­al­ly pre-agreed by the spous­es. The child is brought up either by the per­son who took the ini­tia­tive in their appear­ance, or the spous­es share duties among them­selves, although at first the moth­er will still take care of the child. But most often, upbring­ing falls entire­ly on the shoul­ders of the moth­er, the father takes a mediocre part in the lives of chil­dren — a sort of week­end dad.

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Guest mar­riages, of course, have their advan­tages, but it seems that they will nev­er be able to replace a full-fledged fam­i­ly — you want to see your loved one every day, and for this you can sac­ri­fice a piece of per­son­al com­fort.