A wed­ding is a very excit­ing day for new­ly­weds. So much time and effort was spent on prepa­ra­tion, and what can we say about nerve cells! In this arti­cle Chan­fash­ion will give advice to guests at the wed­ding on how to sup­port the cou­ple and have a good time, and not become an addi­tion­al stress fac­tor for the new­ly­weds.

Don’t delay answering

When you have been sent or per­son­al­ly hand­ed a wed­ding invi­ta­tion, try to give the bride and groom a final answer as soon as pos­si­ble, whether you can come. Of course, you need to fit the date into your sched­ule and tie the wed­ding to oth­er things. But the cou­ple real­ly needs the exact num­ber of guests as ear­ly as pos­si­ble: a ton of orga­ni­za­tion­al moments depend on this. Try not to over tight­en.

Less advice

Wed­ding prepa­ra­tion is not an easy task, it is also often com­pli­cat­ed by unin­vit­ed advice and crit­i­cism from loved ones. Believe me, while prepar­ing for the wed­ding, the new­ly­weds receive rec­om­men­da­tions in the spir­it of “We know how to do it” from each iron, and they are far from always hap­py with such help from future wed­ding guests 🙂 But if they turned to you direct­ly for advice, of course, you should pro­vide all pos­si­ble help or just moral sup­port.

Don’t forget the gift

Per­haps it doesn’t even make sense to talk about the emo­tions of the new­ly­weds who received an emp­ty enve­lope as a gift from the guests at the wed­ding. We are sure that you are def­i­nite­ly a decent guest, since you are read­ing tips on how to be even bet­ter 🙂

Fail­ures with gifts hap­pen not only because of dis­hon­esty: it hap­pens that they fill up with work, and then par­ents ask for help at the dacha on the week­ends, and you also need to fig­ure out the new rules for pay­ing for com­mu­nal apart­ments, but use­ful webi­na­rs will not look at them­selves! In such a cycle, you can com­plete­ly for­get about the gift, and then in a hur­ry to choose some­thing on the eve of X‑day. Be puz­zled by order­ing a gift as ear­ly as pos­si­ble to elim­i­nate prob­lems with deliv­ery or your own for­get­ful­ness.

If wed­ding gift ideas are tight, ask the new­ly­weds what they would like, or donate mon­ey. They will def­i­nite­ly not be super­flu­ous to the new­ly-made fam­i­ly.

Chan­fash­ion has a great list of ideas that guests can give the new­ly­weds for the wed­ding. Also a list of what not to give 🙂

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Don’t be late

Spec­tac­u­lar appear­ances an hour after the start of the hol­i­day should be post­poned to anoth­er event, at a wed­ding this is only allowed for the new­ly­weds, and not for guests 🙂

Of course, we are not immune from traf­fic jams, small domes­tic dis­as­ters and sim­i­lar trou­bles that can delay at the most inop­por­tune moment. How­ev­er, try to cal­cu­late your itin­er­ary and fees so that you arrive on time, and not rush into the cer­e­mo­ny in a pan­ic while the father leads the bride to the altar. For a wed­ding guest, punc­tu­al­i­ty is extreme­ly impor­tant.

Don’t wear white

Tra­di­tion­al­ly, on the wed­ding day, the white col­or is assigned to the bride, and for guests, clothes of this col­or are mau­vais ton. Of course, there are excep­tions: for exam­ple, if the bride decides to wear a wed­ding dress of a non-stan­dard col­or, and asks guests to wear total white. But if you haven’t been told this, then wear­ing a white dress (God for­bid, it’s also long) and com­pet­ing with the bride in the pho­tographs is not the most pleas­ant ges­ture from the guest.

If, along with the invi­ta­tion to the wed­ding, you were sent wish­es accord­ing to the dress code, then we advise you to try to com­ply with them at least par­tial­ly. No one will force guests to buy new out­fits at once or rad­i­cal­ly change their usu­al style, but the new­ly­weds will be very hap­py if you lis­ten to their wish­es and pick up some­thing in the right col­or scheme and style.

No negative comments

Sure­ly, a lot of mon­ey, nerves and time were spent on prepar­ing for the wed­ding, and the cou­ple tried very hard to make the hol­i­day mem­o­rable and enjoy­able for all guests. In order not to hurt or offend the main char­ac­ters of this day, it is bet­ter not to pay their atten­tion to any short­com­ings of the orga­ni­za­tion. Nev­er­the­less, you are a wel­come guest at a fam­i­ly cel­e­bra­tion, and not a strict judge of the com­pe­ti­tion for the best event 🙂 Advice: do not aggra­vate the sit­u­a­tion and switch your atten­tion to the pos­i­tive aspects — this way you will keep your good mood as well.

The bride already has a mil­lion rea­sons to be ner­vous on such a day, you should not add anoth­er crit­i­cal com­ment to her.

Leave bad mood at home

We are all peo­ple, and a mil­lion fac­tors can spoil our mood: the day before there was a block­age at work, an unpleas­ant dri­ver got caught on the way to the restau­rant, and new shoes treach­er­ous­ly rub. The dol­lar exchange rate is an eter­nal rea­son for exis­ten­tial reflec­tions, after all 🙂 But we advise you to try to dis­con­nect from exter­nal trou­bles for one evening and focus on such an impor­tant day for your loved ones.

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Due to the ner­vous ten­sion from the wed­ding and prepa­ra­tion for it, the first thing the bride will decide is that you are unhap­py because of the taste­less snacks, dis­ap­point­ed with her dress, and the host is stress­ing you. The last thing she thinks of when she sees a sad or puz­zled face of a guest is about prob­lems that have noth­ing to do with her or the wed­ding. There­fore, we close the tab with the exchange rate on the phone, put it aside and enjoy the hol­i­day orga­nized with such love 🙂

Self control

Sure­ly, there will be a lot of high-qual­i­ty alco­hol at the ban­quet, but it is impor­tant not to over­do it with it. More­over, at wed­dings, the guests clos­est to the new­ly­weds expe­ri­ence con­sid­er­able excite­ment: surg­ing emo­tions, cou­pled with refusal to eat, fatigue from a long day and gen­er­al stress, can sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduce resis­tance to the influ­ence of alco­hol. At wed­dings, it is not uncom­mon for moth­ers of the new­ly­weds, brides­maids or espe­cial­ly sen­si­tive guests to suf­fer from one or two glass­es of cham­pagne, although they usu­al­ly endure this with­out any con­se­quences.

Here are some clas­sic tips to help keep alco­hol from sud­den­ly cloud­ing your mind:

Cau­tion at the wel­come buf­fet. Even a glass of cham­pagne can give unpre­dictable results if you did not have time to have break­fast before the wed­ding, and the hol­i­day itself takes place in the hot sum­mer. If you are not sure about your well-being, then we advise you to choose lemon­ade.

Proven drinks. Order the alco­hol whose effect on your body you already know. If you have pre­ferred dry red wine all your life, then just 50 grams of Geor­gian cognac can unset­tle you.

Don’t for­get the ban­quet. The new­ly­weds must have spent a lot of time prepar­ing the wed­ding menu for their guests, so don’t for­get to taste the dish­es. More­over, on an emp­ty stom­ach, alco­hol knocks you down.

Fol­low your feel­ings. If it seems to you that it’s already enough, then it does­n’t seem to you 🙂 It’s bet­ter to pause and raise a glass of water for a few toasts than to suf­fer from poor health lat­er.

Don’t “steal” newlyweds

No mat­ter how close you are with the cou­ple, you need to under­stand that on this day all their dear peo­ple gath­ered togeth­er who want to take the time. Do not insist on long-term com­mu­ni­ca­tion, because there is not much free time accord­ing to the pro­gram, and the new­ly­weds prob­a­bly want to chat with all the guests. Our advice: con­grat­u­late the cou­ple, take mem­o­rable pho­tos, and then enjoy the ban­quet and enter­tain­ment, they worked very hard on this in prepa­ra­tion 🙂

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Don’t initiate awkward moments

The con­stant shout­ing of “Bit­ter” at a wed­ding can be quite tir­ing, as can toasts that are too long. What can we say about the mem­o­ries of the guests from the series: “Oh, I remem­ber you when you were very young, you sad­dled the pot so skill­ful­ly!” Sure­ly, there will be invi­tees who will will­ing­ly ful­fill all three of the above points, and this is under­stand­able — it is dif­fi­cult for rel­a­tives to restrain their emo­tions on such a joy­ful day, there is noth­ing wrong with that. But it’s bet­ter not to join such a flash mob 🙂 The new­ly­weds will be grate­ful for tact.

Do not take work from the photographer

Live pho­tos on the phone, of course, are also impor­tant, and in no case do we dis­suade guests from tak­ing them! How­ev­er, dur­ing impor­tant moments in the pur­suit of the best angle, you can acci­den­tal­ly block the view or ruin the frame for the pho­tog­ra­ph­er and video­g­ra­ph­er. And it’s not a fact that they will have time to move in order to catch the right pic­ture — the moment will be missed for good.

In addi­tion, dur­ing the wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny, the new­ly­weds will be pleased to see your face and live emo­tions, and not a phone cam­era. Our advice to guests: put your smart­phone away for half an hour and then take cool self­ies togeth­er against the back­drop of the arch.

There is no need to replace oth­er wed­ding spe­cial­ists either. The dec­o­ra­tors will fix the flow­ers on the arch them­selves, the pre­sen­ter will deal with the con­tests, and the video­g­ra­ph­er knows exact­ly how he needs to shoot 🙂 Pro­fes­sion­als have gath­ered here to work, and guests to relax and enjoy the hol­i­day. Let every­one mind their own busi­ness, espe­cial­ly when you have such a pleas­ant job tonight!