How to find out the name of the future husband

All girls dream of hav­ing a reli­able and strong per­son next to them — the man of their dreams. Even more, they dream of know­ing the name of their future hus­band. And if you are one of them and have firm­ly decid­ed to find out the name of the betrothed, then here are a few ways for you to do it.

Per­haps an ordi­nary white thread will answer the ques­tion of how to find out your future hus­band. You just need to wait until this very thread “clings” to you, and then wind it around the ring fin­ger of your right hand, nam­ing the next let­ter of the alpha­bet with each turn. On which let­ter you stop, the name of your boyfriend will begin with that one. Here is such an easy way to find out your future love.

Folk omens

It will be inter­est­ing to go out­side on Christ­mas night and wait for a man to walk past you. As soon as this hap­pens, we run up to him and ask what the name of the stranger is. The name that he will name will be your future hus­band. True, there is an opin­ion that if you meet a girl first, then you will not go down the aisle for anoth­er whole year.

Still think­ing about how to find out the name of the future boyfriend? One of the best means is con­sid­ered a cer­e­mo­ny held on the eve of the old new year. On this night, when you go to bed, take a few sheets of men’s names under your pil­low. There is an opin­ion that the more such pieces of paper there are, the more accu­rate­ly you will be able to rec­og­nize the love of your life. When morn­ing comes, first of all, take out from under the pil­low the first piece of paper with the name that comes across. Con­grat­u­la­tions, the veil of the future has opened for you, and now you know the name of the man who will def­i­nite­ly love you.

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There are for­tune telling that reveals the secret of how to find out the name of the future hus­band. And they are con­nect­ed again with Christ­mas and our favorite pil­low. On this beau­ti­ful night, comb your hair and place a mir­ror with your comb next to your pil­low. Going to bed, say the fol­low­ing: “Nar­rowed, mum­mers, come, come, comb me, name your­self.” After that, you will def­i­nite­ly see a dream with a man and find out the name of the future hus­band.

If you are not sat­is­fied with the options list­ed above, and you pre­fer some­thing more mys­ti­cal, then here is a kind of séance for you. After draw­ing a cir­cle, write the let­ters of the alpha­bet along its cir­cum­fer­ence. Place a saucer in the cen­ter. Draw an arrow in it, and put out the light in the room and light one can­dle. At mid­night, you need to call the spir­it of a his­tor­i­cal per­son, for exam­ple, Pushkin. Ask­ing him to indi­cate the name of the future cho­sen one, you will see how the saucer begins to move and the arrow points to cer­tain let­ters. Try to under­stand what name the called spir­it wants to tell you. And don’t for­get, you should be alone in the room and be com­plete­ly focused on the ques­tion.


Many girls trust all kinds of tests with the request “find out the name of the future hus­band” more, after pass­ing which you get a spe­cif­ic answer to the ques­tion posed. For this part of the female there are var­i­ous Inter­net sites, lit­er­a­ture. They help to more accu­rate­ly deter­mine the name of the man who suits you. But you need to remem­ber that such tests are based on pre-pro­grammed match­es, there­fore, the verac­i­ty of the results is extreme­ly small.

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We present to your atten­tion a test to deter­mine the name of the future hus­band.

  1. Your favorite male name starts with:
  • let­ter a; (3)
  • l; (2)
  • to; (one)
  • oth­er. (0)
  • Favorite female name:
    • to the let­ter l; (3)
    • to the let­ter d; (2)
    • on the let­ter r; (one)
    • oth­er. (0)
  • Your any place of rest:
    • coun­try house; (3)
    • a park ; (2)
    • house ; (one)
    • oth­er. (0)
  • Favorite sin­gle num­ber:
    • one; (3)
    • 2; (2)
    • 3; (3)
    • four; (2)
    • 5; (3)
    • 6; (2)
    • 7; (3)
    • eight; (2)
    • 9; (3)

    Now cal­cu­late the result by adding up the num­ber of points (indi­cat­ed in brack­ets next to each answer).

    Inter­pre­ta­tion of results:

    • from 10 to 12 points — the name of your betrothed begins with the let­ters a, n, p, s.
    • from 8 to 10 — look at a man whose name begins with the let­ter w, f, c, and.
    • from 6 to 8 points — the name begins with one of the fol­low­ing let­ters: b, e, o, t.
    • from 4 to 6 points — the let­ters m, y, p, z are ini­tial in the name of the beloved.
    • from 2 to 4 points — pay atten­tion to the one whose name begins with the let­ters d, l, x, i.
    • how to find your future husband
    • from 0 to 2 — the ini­tial let­ter u, g, h or d in the name indi­cates that fate know­ing­ly intro­duced you to this man.

    And then only one ques­tion remains, whether to believe these meth­ods, how to find out your future love?

    Remem­ber that love in a per­son­’s life comes quite unex­pect­ed­ly. Some­times she comes to those who are already des­per­ate to wait for her, some­times to those who have just real­ized that lone­li­ness needs to be learned to enjoy. You need to be able to see this bright feel­ing at the right time, clos­ing your eyes to every­day life. And when you under­stand this not with your head, but with your heart, you will real­ize that it is not nec­es­sary to know the name of your future spouse in order to be hap­py.

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