how to have a bachelorette party

A bach­e­lorette par­ty is a tra­di­tion­al event in many cul­tures before the wed­ding. And if a bach­e­lor par­ty is asso­ci­at­ed with tra­di­tion­al­ly male enter­tain­ment (striptease, alco­hol, cig­ars), then such an event for ladies is most often a friend­ly gath­er­ing with a mod­er­ate (or not very) amount of alco­holic drinks. If you decide to hold such an event with­out being tied to any event, that is, you are not going to get mar­ried, but you want to meet your girl­friends, it will also be use­ful for you to read this arti­cle. How to spend a bach­e­lorette par­ty so that you remem­ber it, at least until the gold­en wed­ding?

Where to have a bachelorette party?

So, let’s start with the most impor­tant ques­tion — where to arrange a bach­e­lorette par­ty. If you decide to just get togeth­er with your girl­friends, chat in a relaxed atmos­phere, a cozy restau­rant, cafe or bar will do. How­ev­er, there is noth­ing orig­i­nal in this idea, since such joint out­ings can be afford­ed almost every week­end.

Danc­ing with your girl­friends in a club at a cos­tume themed par­ty is already more inter­est­ing, but still some­thing is miss­ing. If you do not need extra eyes and ears, then this option is def­i­nite­ly not suit­able.

Original ideas for a bachelorette party

In order for the sce­nario of the bach­e­lorette par­ty to real­ly please you and your girl­friends, you need to care­ful­ly think through every­thing — both the design of the bach­e­lorette par­ty, and who will be dressed how. We bring to your atten­tion some great ideas that will help you have a great time.

  1. Bach­e­lorette par­ty “in white”. Or in black. Or in pink. The essence of such an event is that all par­tic­i­pants wear clothes of the same col­or. Such a bach­e­lorette par­ty is suit­able for those who like to be in the spot­light, because the most inter­est­ing hol­i­day will take place if you cel­e­brate it in a pub­lic place — a night­club, a bar where many peo­ple gath­er. Dress­ing in this way, girls tend to attract atten­tion, so a crowd­ed place is per­fect for you.
  2. Paja­ma par­ty. A paja­ma par­ty is a great idea for a bach­e­lorette par­ty at home. If the word “paja­mas” brings to mind some­thing shape­less, we advise you to change your mind. Both a naughty tight-fit­ting suit and sexy under­wear can act as paja­mas. Nat­u­ral­ly, such a bach­e­lorette par­ty is best done at home, because a walk in a neg­ligee out­side your own apart­ment is unlike­ly to pass with­out neg­a­tive con­se­quences. To have a fun par­ty at home, don’t lim­it your­self to any­thing. Make sure that you have enough light alco­hol, snacks, orga­nize all kinds of com­pe­ti­tions, be sure to take pic­tures — in gen­er­al, have fun from the heart.
  3. Bach­e­lorette par­ty in the sauna. Where to arrange a bach­e­lorette par­ty to feel as com­fort­able as pos­si­ble? Sauna is per­fect! Here you can not only chat with like-mind­ed peo­ple, but also take care of your beau­ty togeth­er. For sin­cere con­ver­sa­tions, time will fly by unno­ticed. Don’t for­get to bring scrubs, face and body masks and, of course, your cam­era.
  4. where to have a bachelorette party
  5. Roy­al bach­e­lorette par­ty. This is a slight­ly more pre­ten­tious ver­sion of a bach­e­lorette par­ty than the pre­vi­ous ones. If you have some funds, you can rent a hall in a restau­rant and ensure a strict dress code for the par­tic­i­pants of the event. Long dress­es, evening gowns, styl­ish hair­styles — this design of a bach­e­lorette par­ty will appeal to those who like to spend time exquis­ite­ly.
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In any case, the most impor­tant secret of a fun and mem­o­rable bach­e­lorette par­ty is good com­pa­ny. Call only those whom you love and appre­ci­ate! Then the event called the bach­e­lorette par­ty will be delight­ful in any set­ting.