A long white princess dress, nat­ur­al make­up, neat heels — this is the clas­sic list of asso­ci­a­tions that arise when the word “bride” comes up. If you want to break the rules a lit­tle and make your image of the bride more unusu­al and orig­i­nal, then we will glad­ly sup­port your exper­i­ments 🙂 Chan­fash­ion pre­pared for you some ideas on how to add a touch of rebel­lion to yourat­tire. We are sure it will wow!

Leather Jacket

Let’s add a lit­tle rebel­lion to the gen­tle image of the bride? A long fly­ing­dress com­bined with a rough leather jack­et will cre­ate a very cool con­trast. A par­tic­u­lar­ly inter­est­ing effect will be obtained if the jack­et is larg­er in size, as if from a man’s shoul­der — so you will look even more ele­gant in it. This is a great option for ear­ly autumn or late spring, when the weath­er is change­able and you need to pro­tect your­self from wind and evening cool­ness.

The bride’s leather jack­et can be made unique by order­ing inscrip­tions or a sym­bol­ic print. Such a “rel­ic” will keep the mem­o­ry of your hap­py­day.

Jean jacket

If the leather jack­et looks too rough or mas­sive for you, you can replace it with a den­im jack­et. Such an ele­ment of the wardrobe will become a bright accent in the image of the bride and add a lit­tle casu­al. Just what you need if you don’t want to turn your­in­to a roy­al ball or an offi­cial recep­tion.

Fringe, embroi­dery, inscrip­tions and even flow­ers on your jack­et will be a great addi­tion.


The­dress became white not so long ago — it was intro­duced into fash­ion by Queen Vic­to­ria, as a bride in 1840. Well, rel­a­tive­ly recent­ly, giv­en the long his­to­ry of wed­dings 🙂 Before Victoria,dresses were of a wide vari­ety of col­ors and shades, with red dom­i­nat­ing. Not many brides decide on it now, right? We can say that the queen went against the grain, so why not fol­low her exam­ple!

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A black­dress looks very ele­gant and will def­i­nite­ly draw atten­tion to you. So go for it, if you are used to break­ing the rules and trust­ing only your own taste, and not lis­ten­ing to oth­er peo­ple’s “this is how it should be”.

Turn up the brightness

And in gen­er­al, why lim­it your­self to the tra­di­tion­al­palette when choos­ing a brides­maid dress? Yel­low, pink, coral, deep emer­ald, and indeed any col­ors are per­fect for adress, if they suit you and empha­size your beau­ty. Choose at least a gold­en dress with sequins if you feel like a queen in it 🙂

But in order not to get lost in the pho­to among the guests, care­ful­ly con­sid­er the dress code and ask the guests to choose a dif­fer­ent col­or for their out­fits.


Not every girl dreams of being a princess and cer­tain­ly does not have to want a long and puffy dress at her wed­ding. We are all dif­fer­ent and have every right to be. In recent years, on the back of this aware­ness, bridal design­ers are increas­ing­ly intro­duc­ing pantsuits and jump­suits for brides, instead of tra­di­tion­al long­dress­es. And what can we say: brides in trousers are wow!

Trouser suits and over­alls look very ele­gant and bold, so don’t wor­ry — you def­i­nite­ly won’t look bor­ing or ordi­nary! To add solem­ni­ty to the image of the bride, con­cen­trate on acces­sories, hair and make­up. For exam­ple, bright pumps, an extra-long veil or train, an unusu­al head­dress will add orig­i­nal­i­ty to your­suit.

Bright makeup

Nat­u­ral­ness has not left the posi­tion of a hot trend for many sea­sons, but this does not oblige you to choose the image of a bride a la “nat­ur­al” 🙂 If your soul asks for bright arrows or more high­lighter, then you need to lis­ten! Bright shad­ows, arrows of com­plex shapes and unusu­al col­ors, unusu­al shades of lip­stick and glit­ter on your face — do not be afraid to exper­i­ment with make­up if you are used to bright­ness and orig­i­nal­i­ty in every­day life.

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Let your image of the bride reflect you and your tastes, and not illus­trate fash­ion trends.

chanfashion.store/wp-content/uploads/ mini

A floor-length long­dress is not only beau­ti­ful, but also some­times extreme­ly uncom­fort­able. If you don’t want to restrict your­self in your move­ments (and show off your gor­geous legs!), the mini length will be a great option. Such an exper­i­ment with the image of the bride will def­i­nite­ly not go unno­ticed 🙂 Com­plete the image with bright high-heeled shoes and catch the admir­ing glances of the groom.

If you still don’t want to give up the defile to thearch in a long dress, then you can com­pro­mise: a long dress for a cer­e­mo­ny, a short one for a ban­quet. Trans­former­dress­es will help save the bud­get. These mod­els have remov­able ele­ments, thanks to which you, in fact, get two dress­es for the price of one.

Emphasis on shoes

If stilet­tos are not for you, then why not think about a bright alter­na­tive? Rough boots or cow­boy boots will con­trast sharply with a del­i­cate lace­dress — such options will per­fect­ly fit into a rus­tic or boho wed­ding. And what can we say about com­fort if your­will take place in nature! Com­fort­able shoes will save you from embar­rass­ing sit­u­a­tions with falls and allow you to dance non-stop, no mat­ter how flat the ground under your feet.

Anoth­er option is sneak­ers or sneak­ers for the bride. They can be cus­tomized by order­ing inscrip­tions or draw­ings to match the theme of your wed­ding.

Fancy accessories

Bright and catchy jew­el­ry can make the image tru­ly mem­o­rable and extrav­a­gant. Hair­styles with hoops have become a trend of recent sea­sons, and such orig­i­nal options with addi­tion­al ele­ments will cer­tain­ly cause a “wow” effect.

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If you doubt the prac­ti­cal­i­ty of such an acces­so­ry for the bride, but you real­ly want to try it, then use it at apho­to shoot. So you will get shots in a chic non-stan­dard look, but you will not wor­ry about dec­o­ra­tions dur­ing the cer­e­mo­ny and ban­quet.

Do not for­get that the image of the bride is only one of the com­po­nents of the per­fect wed­ding, and there is so much more to come! In order not to get lost in the avalanche of pre-chanfashion.store/wp-content/uploads/ affairs, go to our Online plan­ner: we have out­lined for you all the most impor­tant tasks and left tips that will help you with the orga­ni­za­tion.