how to marry the man of your dreams

Despite the fact that mod­ern women are finan­cial­ly often much more suc­cess­ful than many men, they still strive to start a fam­i­ly in order to real­ize them­selves as a wife, moth­er, house­wife. How­ev­er, the first per­son you meet will not suit such ladies, and you can often hear the ques­tion from them — how to mar­ry the man of your dreams.

How to marry a good man?

To mar­ry a good man, a woman must first find him. Mod­ern trends are such that the main cri­te­ri­on most often becomes the finan­cial sol­ven­cy of a man, how­ev­er, focus­ing only on him, women are often mis­tak­en.

You can iden­ti­fy a good can­di­date for hus­bands on sev­er­al grounds:

  • he is free and not in any rela­tion­ship (men 40 and old­er must have a mar­riage or long-term rela­tion­ship behind them — this is nor­mal);
  • he respects women and is wor­thy of respect him­self;
  • he is hard­work­ing and prac­ti­cal.

How to marry a successful and wealthy man?

If the goal of a woman is a suc­cess­ful and wealthy man, she should start the “hunt” only after care­ful prepa­ra­tion. The lady must remem­ber that such can­di­dates for hus­bands are in high demand, so she will have to with­stand seri­ous com­pe­ti­tion.

The first thing a poten­tial bride of a suc­cess­ful and wealthy man should do is to bring her appear­ance in line with his sur­round­ings. And this means — har­mo­ny, groom­ing, ele­gance. A woman must be flaw­less, from her toe­nails to her hair. The man­ners of the lady should also be ide­al.

In addi­tion to the appear­ance, there is also work to be done on the con­tent — only intel­li­gent ladies become con­stant com­pan­ions of suc­cess­ful peo­ple. It would be use­ful to mas­ter for­eign lan­guages, to become a spe­cial­ist in any field, for exam­ple, a good design­er. This is nec­es­sary in order not to be just a beau­ti­ful toy for a man — there are enough of them near him.

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Anoth­er impor­tant qual­i­ty is fem­i­nin­i­ty. Any man longs for con­fir­ma­tion of his mas­culin­i­ty, and this is pos­si­ble only next to a charm­ing and fem­i­nine lady.

And only after pass­ing the prepara­to­ry peri­od, a woman should start look­ing for a suit­able man. Wealthy and suc­cess­ful gen­tle­men can be found at busi­ness events — con­fer­ences, meet­ings, etc. In addi­tion, there are high chances of meet­ing a rich man in elite sports clubs, in polo, golf, and horse rid­ing com­pe­ti­tions.

To ini­ti­ate an acquain­tance, psy­chol­o­gists advise to catch the eye of the cho­sen man as often as pos­si­ble. Only you need to do this nat­u­ral­ly: when vis­it­ing a store, restau­rant, gym, etc. Well, after the acquain­tance takes place, every­thing depends only on the lady and her abil­i­ty to charm a man.

How to marry the man you love?

Hav­ing met a beloved man, women soon­er or lat­er begin to dream of qui­et fam­i­ly evenings and chil­dren. How­ev­er, a man often does not even think about tying the knot. To still mar­ry a loved one, a woman needs to choose the right tac­tics of behav­ior.

The very first rule that a poten­tial bride needs to learn is that you can’t put pres­sure on a man, forc­ing him to mar­ry, or at least promise it. Such behav­ior is guar­an­teed to scare away the beloved, because the words “I want to get mar­ried” sound to him like “I want to be kept.” It is much bet­ter to repeat at every oppor­tu­ni­ty: “You are so won­der­ful and car­ing, I am so hap­py that we are togeth­er!”

how to marry the man you love

The emo­tion­al mood with which a woman is asso­ci­at­ed in a man is very impor­tant. Rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the stronger sex do not like ladies who con­stant­ly com­plain, there­fore it is unde­sir­able to load a man with his trou­bles and prob­lems at every meet­ing. A beloved woman should be pos­i­tive and cheer­ful.

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Well, one more most impor­tant rule that is rel­e­vant for all the fair sex is an excel­lent appear­ance. It doesn’t mat­ter if a woman is sin­gle or mar­ried, she should always look beau­ti­ful. And for this, stun­ning exter­nal data is not required — it is enough to be well-groomed, slim, taste­ful­ly dressed.