how to stop being jealous of your husband

Peo­ple meet and dis­perse, quar­rel or live in peace and har­mo­ny. They are all dif­fer­ent and not sim­i­lar to each oth­er. But no mat­ter how the rela­tion­ship devel­ops for a par­tic­u­lar cou­ple, there will always be one com­mon detail between them that can ruin their whole life. Her name is jeal­ousy. At first, it is com­plete­ly invis­i­ble, then, as an insect bite, it occa­sion­al­ly begins to dis­turb, or even com­plete­ly over­shad­ows the eyes and can lead to sad con­se­quences. To pre­vent this from hap­pen­ing, we will try to under­stand one of the most press­ing issues — how to learn not to be jeal­ous of your hus­band?

Classics of the genre — the wife is jealous of her husband

A greasy dress­ing gown, lambs curlers walk­ing on the head and a rolling pin in hand. This is how most jokes depict wives who meet their faith­ful. And hus­bands are late home every now and then, come with some­one else’s lip­stick on their shirt, a lit­tle tip­sy, or don’t come at all. And it would be fun­ny if it were not true, which has long been over­grown with all sorts of jokes. And it seems that wives have always been jeal­ous and will be jeal­ous, and hus­bands have always giv­en rea­sons and will give them. How­ev­er, there is one BUT in this sit­u­a­tion. If you look into the depths of the prob­lem, hus­bands do not give rise to jeal­ousy as often as it seems. And almost every woman who com­plains: “I’m jeal­ous of my hus­band — for my moth­er-in-law, for my ex-wife, for his sis­ter,” etc., should actu­al­ly look for the caus­es of this feel­ing in her­self. And the first thing to start with, when decid­ing how to stop being jeal­ous of a hus­band, is a walk through your mind and elim­i­nat­ing self-doubt and in your lover.

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How not to be jealous of your husband?

Many ladies will sure­ly be out­raged. Indeed, how to stop expe­ri­enc­ing men­tal anguish if I am jeal­ous of my hus­band for friends to whom he devotes more time, jeal­ous of my hus­band for an ex-girl­friend who strives to spoil our rela­tion­ship, jeal­ous of my hus­band for his moth­er, who does not par­tic­u­lar­ly favor me and in gen­er­al I have a lot of rea­sons to be jeal­ous. At this stage of think­ing, it is best to stop and reflect. Jeal­ousy appears at the place where it cracks trust and self-con­fi­dence. In oth­er words, the real caus­es of jeal­ousy are not the rea­sons giv­en by the faith­ful, but the banal fear of los­ing a bread­win­ner and spon­sor, fear of lone­li­ness, fear of being left with­out sup­port, of being mis­un­der­stood, etc. How to deal with this and stop being jeal­ous of not only the real but and ex-hus­band? This will help in sev­er­al ways:

  1. The main trou­ble of all women is far-fetched images and fan­tasies. Noth­ing ter­ri­ble has hap­pened yet, and we have already drawn our­selves the worst thing that we could. The hus­band did not even have to com­mit unseem­ly acts in his head, but the pic­ture of the com­plet­ed act of trea­son is already firm­ly sit­ting in our head. To get rid of this bad habit, it is impor­tant to learn how to dis­tract your­self from jeal­ousy:
    • take a bath with herbs and deli­cious oils or a con­trast show­er. Water helps to relax and dis­tract from oppres­sive thoughts;
    • take up any sport. In the process of train­ing, you will not only be dis­tract­ed, but also let off steam and accu­mu­lat­ed anger. Even despite the fact that it was invent­ed by you;
    • meet with friends and fam­i­ly more often. But don’t tell them a word about your rela­tion­ship with your hus­band. Remem­ber that your fam­i­ly is sacred and rub­bish should not be tak­en out of the hut in any case.
  2. Put things in order in your inner world. You are jeal­ous of your man for beau­ties in short skirts with a mod­el appear­ance. Have you ever looked in the mir­ror your­self? And what do you see there? Isn’t it time to go to a beau­ti­cian, hair­dress­er, lose a cou­ple of extra pounds or update your wardrobe? If at least one point is not ful­filled by you, then do not be sur­prised that your mis­sus may turn around after a beau­ti­ful stranger. And if you do not like your­self inter­nal­ly, then why should your hus­band like you? The first and most impor­tant thing to do is gain self-con­fi­dence and love your­self. Then the fears asso­ci­at­ed with trust in your man will be an order of mag­ni­tude small­er.
  3. Anoth­er impor­tant ques­tion — what if a man real­ly gives rise to jeal­ousy and has already been almost tak­en by sur­prise more than once? In this case, look around your­self again and ask any­one you know how you look. Remem­ber how you behave and whether there is any­thing in your behav­ior that repels your loved one from you. If a how not to be jealous of your husbandit’s okay, bring your man to a frank con­ver­sa­tion. But don’t make a fuss. Talk frankly and try to fig­ure out exact­ly what he lacks in your rela­tion­ship.
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And most impor­tant­ly — try to put your­self in the place of your man. What will it be like for you to con­stant­ly feel total dis­trust and dis­con­tent? Remem­ber that each of your attacks of jeal­ousy is anoth­er step that brings a man clos­er to the action in which he is sus­pect­ed. Respect the free­dom and choice of the beloved. Love your­self and be con­fi­dent in your­self. Then the rea­sons for jeal­ousy will go away on their own, nev­er becom­ing real.